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Rubylith® Masking Film

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Rubylith is used in every segment of the graphic arts and has gained such prominence that the Rubylith brand has become synonymous with masking film.
  • Standard Rubylith Film rolls are 48" wide x 25 foot (300 inch) long. Other sizes may be available upon request. Rubylith® RM3 is a high tack ruby film coated onto 300-gauge polyester.

    Rubylith® and Amberlith® brand masking films are light safe knife cut films coated onto a polyester backing sheet. These films can be cut manually or on a plotter to produce masks for film contacting and plate making and film positives for photographic stencil production. Amberlith and Rubylith have an emulsion thickness range of 1.1 - 1.2 mils.
  • Note: .005" thick Rubylith Film has been discontinued, but .003" is still available
    Rubylith is a red masking film, which is suited for use with orthochromatic films. Rubylith is safe for use with camera speed darkroom films as well as indirect gelatin stencil films and diazo, diazo acrylic, or SBQ sensitized stencil films or emulsions. Rubylith is primarily used in the camera and plate making operations for offset lithography, flexography, gravure, and screen processes where orthochromatic films and plates are used.
    (RUBYLITH) Rubylith® Masking Film
    How to use Rubylith for Exposure onto a Silk Screen
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