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ProtoPEEK® 5025 Bearing Grade PEEK

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ProtoPEEK® 5025 is a proprietary, bearing grade PEEK (polyetheretherketone) material, reinforced with carbon fibers and internally lubricated with different proprietary lubricants to improve dry running capabilities. Tribological evaluations under dry running conditions have shown its friction coefficient and wear rate to be much lower than other bearing grade composite materials available in the market. Its extremely low wear rate along with low coefficient of thermal expansion properties make this material an ideal candidate for replacing metal wear components.
ProtoPEEK® 5025 Bearing Grade PEEK is especially suited to centrifugal pump components such as impeller/case wear rings, throat bushings, and line shaft bearings. In addition to improved reliability and increased MTBR (mean time between repair), these features allow for 50% tighter clearance gaps than API recommended values, thereby increasing pump efficiency resulting in substantial savings.
(PROTOPEEK 5025) ProtoPEEK® 5025 Bearing Grade PEEK
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