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Polystone® Matrox

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Polystone® Matrox Liners - Designed for today's most rugged wear applications
Polystone® MATROX®; is the world's premier lining product that exhibits an extremely low surface friction to promote the flow of materials in bins and hoppers. MATROX meets the needs of industry for a material that will outperform stainless steel when handling cohesive bulk materials and still provide a very acceptable life because of the product's excellent abrasion resistant properties.

In 1983 engineering / consulting firms first started to accept and use the polymer lining material in the USA (Europe was first in accepting the liner solution back in the 70s) to overcome a "slip-stick" phenomenon in a large coal silo in a southern USA power plant. The silos' 70 conical hopper was lined with type 304 stainless steel with a 2B finish. This combination of liner and wall angle did not promote mass flow which led to severe vibrations and the "slip-stick" flow. Consultants tested the flow properties of the coal using the Jenike shear tester in conjunction with the current wall liner and it was determined that a polymer lining be used to correct this flow problem because it provided a much lower surface friction than the current 304-2B stainless steel. Some engineers believed the hopper walls would eventually polish to alleviate the problem but had to be concerned the silo didn't collapse in the meantime. The polymer material was the solution which started a new industry trend in America.

Recent flowability tests using the Jenike Shear Tester according to ASTM D-6128-00 were conducted to verify the unique friction properties of MATROX; in comparison to polished stainless steel and UHMW. The MATROX material outperformed the other proposed wall liners in all categories using one of the most cohesive grades of coal under various moisture conditions.

MATROX is attached to the structure using special designed fasteners that hold the liner in place but do not hinder the flow of the bulk material because they are mounted below the liner surface. It may also be possible to drop the liner in place using the "drop-in" concept. This drop-in concept is ideal for small batch hoppers having a diameter less than 12 feet. It is not uncommon to install the MATROX liner on top of polished stainless steel or any other liner when they are not performing as expected.

Polystone® Matrox Applications:
  • Bulk Handling & Transportation
  • Mining: - Truck Bed Liners, Shovel Liners, Hopper Liners, Shute Liners, Scrapers, Bucket Liners
  • Transportation: - Ship Holds, Truck Bed Liners, Railcar Liners
  • (POLYSTONE MATROX) Polystone® Matrox
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