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Polystone® M XDT (X-Ray Detectable UHMW)

OVERVIEW of Polystone® M XDT (X-Ray Detectable UHMW)

Polystone® M XDT (X-Ray Detectable UHMW-PE)
Röchling Engineering Plastics continues to set trends and provide solutions in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries when it comes to product safety and quality assurance – announcing the first X-ray detectable UHMW-PE available in the market.

Repeated handling, cleaning and normal wear and tear of plastic component parts on food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing machinery increases the risk of a fragment breaking off and contaminating the product during processing.

The need for traceable plastics, especially machined parts for filling, sorting and packaging machinery is critical due to strict FDA regulations regarding foreign materials and contaminants. Since we introduced our line of Metal Detectable engineering plastics (Polystone M MDT (UHMW-PE) and Sustarin C MDT (Acetal)) more than two years ago, these unique products continue be an effective solution for plastic parts used in open product zone applications.

However moving forward, we quickly realized a demand for X-ray detectable plastic parts for today's high speed machinery as processors turn to X-ray inspection equipment especially for post-package inspection. Working together with one of the world's largest food processors and a leading manufacturer of X-ray inspection systems, our Polystone M XDT has proven to be detected with a particle size as small as a 3mm cube. Running at speeds as fast as 250 feet-per-minute, this product can be detected and automatically sorted to a product hold area for further inspection. It works effectively with various types of packaging including metal cans, plastic and composite containers and glass jars.

Applications: - Scraper blades - Mixer Components - Baffles - Filler plates - Wear plates - Pillow blocks - Pocket fillers - Volumetric fillers - Cups & Sleeves - Piston fillers - Hopper guides - Dividers

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Polystone® M XDT (X-Ray Detectable UHMW)

  • Polystone® M XDT can be detected as small as a 3mm cube.
  • Polystone® M XDT - the industry's first X-ray detectable UHMW-PE

    It is the responsibility of the user to test and approve the detection of this product due to variations in x-ray detection systems and required sensitivity settings.
  • Available as: Rods: .500" to 6" diameter (12.7mm to 152mm) and Sheets: 3/8" to 4" thick (9.52mm to 101mm)
  • (POLYSTONE M XDT) Polystone® M XDT (X-Ray Detectable UHMW)
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