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Polystone® MPG (Premium UHMW)

Polystone® MPG was originally developed for the most abrasive applications in the pulp and paper industry, such as suction box covers and foil blades. However, when engineers and maintenance personnel in other industries searched for a material that could withstand severe abrasion in a corrosive environment while providing exceptional non-stick qualities, MPG emerged as the ultimate solution.

Today, MPG is used extensively as liners and wear components in all types of unit and bulk material handling applications.

Previously offered in 4 ft x10 ft sheets, Rochling has now changed the way traditional liners are designed and installed. Polystone® MPG is available in the exclusive MegaSheet™ - the huge 8 foot x 20 foot molded sheets offering better yields, significantly fewer seams and reduced labor costs all add up to a better product with superior performance.

  • Chute and hopper liners for coal, gravel, sand, fertilizer, phosphate, grain and wood chips, Conveyor liners and skirting, Dragline bucket liners, Truckbed liners, Railcar liners, Silo and bin liners, Suction box covers and foil blades, Scrapers, Wear strips, Wire sheaves
    Polystone® MPG Features:
  • Superior abrasion resistance - greater than standard virgin UHMW
  • Low coefficient of friction - promotes material flow
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • High impact strength
  • No moisture absorption - virtually eliminates sticking, even in freezing conditions
  • Easy to machine - most general power tools are sufficient
  • (POLYSTONE MPG) Polystone® MPG (Premium UHMW)
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