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Polymer Industries
Professional Plastics distributes the full range of products manufactured by Polymers Industries. These products include Densetec High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Densetec Polypropylene (PP), Densetec Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), and Polyslick Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW). All are manufactured in a modern 200,000 square foot plus facility. Cutting board sheets, Borated Polyethylene, Marine Board, playground equipment and restroom partitions are only a few of the many applications of Polymer Industries' wide range of products. Polymer Industries manufacturing capabilities include sheet extrusion, ram extrusion, and compression molding.
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    (Braxx®: Anti-Skid UHMW Sheet) Braxx® Anti-Skid UHMW Sheet
    Braxx® Anti-Skid UHMW Sheet
    (DENSETEC-HDPE-PLAYBOARD) Densetec HDPE Playground Board
    Densetec HDPE Playground Board
    (DENSETEC POST-CONSUMER) Densetec ® Post-Consumer HDPE Sheet
    Densetec ® Post-Consumer HDPE Sheet
    (Densetec Anti-Skid) Densetec® Anti-Skid
    Densetec® Anti-Skid
    (DENSETEC HDPE - BORATED SHEET) Densetec™ Borated HDPE Sheet
    Densetec™ Borated HDPE Sheet
    (DENSETEC MARINE BOARD) Densetec™ Marine Board
    Densetec™ Marine Board
    (HDPE Pipe Grade Sheet & Pipe) HDPE Pipe Grade Sheet & Pipe
    HDPE Pipe Grade Sheet & Pipe
    (Luns® Anti-Skid UHMW Sheet) Luns® Anti-Skid UHMW Sheet
    Luns® Anti-Skid UHMW Sheet
    (Polyslick CDE (aka Polyslick 501/502)) Polyslick CDE (Polyslick 501/502)
    Polyslick CDE (Polyslick 501/502)
    Polyslick UHMW
    (Polyslick™ HT (Hi-Temp) UHMW (Grey)) Polyslick™ HT (Hi-Temp) UHMW (Grey)
    Polyslick™ HT (Hi-Temp) UHMW (Grey)

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