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Hot Runners (3559-HR)
Hot Runners
A hot runner system is an assembly of heated components used in plastic injection molds that inject molten plastic into the cavities of the mold. (The cavities are the part of the mold shaped like the parts to be produced.) In hot runner mold generally used pinpoint gate. By contrast, a cold ...
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Polyurethane Tubing (Braided)

Braided Polyurethane Tubing (sold under the brand name Urebrade®) is a Braid Reinforced Polyurethane Hose (PUR - PU Hose). Where applications involve repeated flexing, heavy vibration, or abrasion, Braided Polyurethane Tubing offers superior service life over other materials. Polyurethane tubing (also know as PUR hose) is supplied in an ether formulation, making it resistant to attack from moisture and fungi. Polyurethane tubing also resists attack from ultra-violet rays making it a good material for outside use. The compound used in Urebrade Polyurethane tubing is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 61).

Abrasive Powder Transfer - Agricultural Lines - Air Tools - Cement Slurries - Granular Transfer - Hydraulic Lines - Lubricated Air Feeds - Lubrication Lines - Nuclear Power Facilities - Oil & Fuel Lines - Petroleum Products Transfer - Robotics - Transfer Lines for Clean Liquids - Transfer Lines for Internal Contamination Fluids - Well Pipe & Cable Jacket

Physical Properties:
  • Max. Operating Temperature 175° F
  • Brittle Temperature -90° F
  • Hardness, Shore A ±5 85
  • Tensile Strength, psi 5500
  • Elongation at Break, % 580
    Featured of Braided Polyurethane Tubing:
  • Open mesh polyester braiding incorporated within the walls of flexible, ether-based polyurethane
  • Transparent ether-based polyurethane is made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards and is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 61) for use with potable water
  • Offers much greater pressure capability than unreinforced polyurethane tubing
  • Resistant to weathering^, tearing, impact, abrasion, and radiation exposure, oils, greases, & fuels^^
  • Wide range of temperature resistance; -90°F to 175°F
  • Contains no plasticizer which can migrate and cause flow contamination or tube hardening
  • Naturallly transparent for visual contact with the flow
  • (Polyurethane Tubing (Braided)) Polyurethane Tubing (Braided)
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