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Polycarbonate Tubing - Extruded

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Polycarbonate Tubing - Extruded Polycarbonate Tubes offer the clarity of glass and the impact resistance of metal. Polycarbonate tubes provides extraordinary design and fabrication opportunities. Made from FDA-approved materials, that are UL rated, and provide superior clarity. Polycarbonate provides high tensile strength over wide temperature range, and high impact strength - even at low temperatures. Polycarbonate offers high temperature resistance, Flame-resistance, and is self-extinguishing, Specific formulations are available for tints and colors with performance additives for ultraviolet stabilization, flame retardant (94VO) and radiation resistance
Polycarbonate Tube - Extruded Polycarbonate Tubing Features:
  • Extruded Polycarbonate can be ordered from stock in 1/4" - 3 3/4" I.D., in 8 ft. lengths.
  • Custom orders are also available in sizes up to 8" O.D. and in a variety of wall thicknesses.
  • Can be machined, drilled, cut and sawed.
  • Easily joined with solvents or adhesives
  • (Polycarb Tube) Polycarbonate Tubing - Extruded

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