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PVDF - Conductive (Kynar CN-F and CN-P)

OVERVIEW of PVDF - Conductive (Kynar CN-F and CN-P)

Conductive Kynar® PVDF - Conductive PVDF is made in two formulations; Kynar CN-F (Carbon-Fiber Filled) and Kynar CN-P (Carbon-Powder Filled)
Kynar® PVDF has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance and performs in many applications up to 300°F (149°C). It is used extensively in chemical processing applications because of its unique combination of properties. PVDF possesses excellent chemical resistance, is tough and durable, and is easily fabricated into finished parts.

By adding special conductive materials to the resin, the conductivity of PVDF is increased to control static electricity formation or conduction. These additives may be in the form of either carbon fibers (PVDF CN-F) or carbon powder (PVDF CN-P). Some properties of the original PVDF material are modified by the addition of fillers, but chemical resistance, strength, and manufacturability remain generally the same.
  • Resistivity generally between 103 and 106 ohms per square.
  • Both PVDF CN-F and PVDF CN-P are available in BLACK color only.
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of PVDF - Conductive (Kynar CN-F and CN-P)

    Attributes of Conductive Materials:
  • Resistivity generally between 103 and 106 ohms per square.
  • No initial charge, provides path for charge to bleed off.
  • (PVDF - Conductive) PVDF - Conductive (Kynar CN-F and CN-P)
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