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PTFE Spring Energized Seals

OVERVIEW of PTFE Spring Energized Seals

PTFE Spring Energized Seals - High performance spring energized seals - SES - are manufactured from high performance polymers. These include PTFE, PTFE Compounds, 3M™ Dyneon™ TFM™ modified PTFE and other suitable high performance polymers - HPP.

Spring energized seals are precision machined parts, both the seal diameter as well as the seal section are function critical. The U-cup shape or jacket allows the system pressure to assist in maintaining a certain seating load. The high precision metal spring, located in the jacket creates the initial seating load needed to create positive sealing. PTFE Spring Energized Sealsare available in a wide variety of designs, each with a spring designs optimized to handle the most demanding applications.

Most of these require a different approach regarding jacket material and spring characteristics. Some applications require critical low spring load, other require higher ones.

Aero hydraulics & pneumatic systems - Coolers - Cryogenic swivels - Diesel engines - Filling machines - Flange connections - Fuel control systems - Gas turbine engines - HPLC pumps - Laboratory equipment - Low friction pneumatics - Medical & laboratory instrumentation - Oil field equipment - Pumps - Robotics - Rotary joints - Semiconductor processing equipment - Swivels - Vacuum equipment - Valves, cryogenic, high temperature - Valves, gate, ball, control

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of PTFE Spring Energized Seals

PTFE Spring Energized Seals are designed to function from extreme low temperatures, -270°C up to very high temperatures, sometimes exceeding 300°C. Specific designs can withstand extreme HTHP combinations (high temperature - high pressure). PTFE Spring Energized Seals are available in radial design as well as face sealing design, both for static as well as dynamic applications.

The available sizes cover all possible combinations from as small as a few mm up to +2 meter diameter. For low friction applications both seal design and spring selection are equally important.

PTFE Spring Energized Seals are virtually inert to all chemicals except molten alkali metals, fluorine gas at high temperature and chlorine trifluoride. The available spring materials range from stainless steel like 1.4301 up to high alloys such as Elgiloy®, Hastelloy® and Inconel 718.

Data and information given here are the result of our considerable experience they are only intended as a guide line and Professional Plastics can accept no responsibility either for the results obtained from this information or for situations in conflict with any existing patents.
(PTFE Spring Energized Seals) PTFE Spring Energized Seals
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