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PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is ideally suited for the manufacture of high-temperature seals, insulators and bearings used in semiconductor, aerospace & chemical processing industries.
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  • PTFE Balls
      PTFE Balls (Polytetrafluorethylene) Balls. - PTFE is a non-friction material which is resistant to most corrosive agents and is electrically nonconductive. PTFE is particularly suitable for use in apparatus designed to handle cryogenic liquids and acids. Commonly used in ball seal valves.

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  • PTFE - Etched
      Etched PTFE
      PTFE is an amazing non-stick material, but what about when you need to glue it to the suface of another material ? In order to bond standard PTFE to another surface such as stainless steel, a process called "etching" is required. Typical applications would include the lining of chemical process tanks or other equipment used in caustic environments. When bonding is needed, sodium ammonia etching is usually the most economical answer. This process uses of a mixture of sodium and ammonia that is formulated to create a bondable surface both quickly and efficiently. Sodium/ammonia etching service complies with all applicable commercial, military & federal specifications for the surface treatment of all fluoropolymers including: PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PCTFE, PVDF, PVF, & ECTFE.
      From microchips to full size rolls, fluoropolymers of any shape or complexity, including tape, sheet, tubing, molded shapes & machined parts of any configuration can be etched & bonded. This treatment can be accomplished on one or more surfaces, or selectively within close tolerances.
    • Note: Etched surfaces will discolor to a brown appearance.
    • May be Etched on One Side (EOS)(Standard) or Two Sides (E2S)

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  • PTFE - 25% Glass-Filled
      PTFE Glass-Filled - Milled glass fibers have the least effect on chemical and electrical properties and add greatly to the mechanical properties of unfilled PTFE. Addition of glass improves compressive properties by as much as 40% and improves wear resistance greatly. These compounds resist acids and oxidation but can be attacked by alkali.

      PTFE with 25% glass fibers for increased stability is supplied in sheets, rods & tubes.
    • Available in Standard 25% Glass Filler.
    • Also available in 15%, 20%, and other custom blends.
    • Glass-Filled PTFE has a Typical 2-3 Week Lead-Time.
    • If faster delivery is required, please contact customer service

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  • PTFE Tubes & Rings - Molded
      PTFE is renowned for its temperature resistance and slick, non-stick qualities. As an industrial material, PTFE has exceptional chemical resistance, high and low temperature durability, low coefficient of friction and superb insulating qualities. It lacks toughness for abrasive applications, however, and is not readily fastened together using adhesives unless the surface is "etched" to accept the bonding agent. PTFE properties can be improved with the addition of fillers such as glass fiber and carbon.
    • PTFE Tubes sold on this page are compression-molded as ordered.
    • Typical Lead-Time is 10-14 Business Days. Faster Delivery Upon Request.

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  • PTFE Film (.002 to .025 thick)
      PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene), it is a fluorocarbon-based polymer that exhibits astonishing chemical resistance and ultra high-purity. Self-lubricating and with a low friction coefficient, PTFE is suited for the manufacture of high-temperature seals, insulators and bearings used in semiconductor, aerospace & chemical processing industries. PTFE's mechanical properties are low compared to other plastics, and can be used over a wide temperature range of -100°F to +400°F (-73°C to 204°C). Mechanical properties are often enhanced by adding fillers. It has excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties and a low coefficient of friction. PTFE is very dense and cannot be processed by melting. PTFE must be compressed and sintered to form useful shapes.

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  • PTFE Shrink Tubing (2:1 & 4:1)
      PTFE heat shrink tubing (PTFE) is available in 2:1 and 4:1 shrink ratios, and is widely used in military applications (MIL-I-23053/12) because of its high continuous use temperature (250°C), and outstanding chemical resistance.
    • PTFE heat shrink tubing is the most difficult of the three fluoropolymer materials to shrink due to its extremely high shrinking temperature (325-340°C). You can use a heat gun or welding torch to shrink PTFE, but these methods have a tendency to cause the material to overheat in small areas, while under-heating other areas, causing uneven shrinking and potential burning of the material. The most reliable method for shrinking PTFE Teflon is the use of a controlled temperature oven; however this is impractical with large harnesses or temperature sensitive components.
    • PTFE heat shrink tubing is available in a 2:1 shrink ratio and 4:1. The 2:1 is available in up to four different wall thicknesses. Please note: when ordering our 2:1 PTFE Heat shrink, ORDER AS SIZE AFTER SHRINKING.

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  • PTFE Tubing - Convoluted PTFE
      PTFE Convoluted Tubing, ranging from 1/8" inside diameter up to a 4" inside diameter. Normally supplied in natural PTFE, we can also provide this convoluted tubing in FEP, MFA, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, or PEEK™.
    • PTFE Convoluted Tubing is available in coils or with cuffs (straight ends on each side of the tubing) that can be sized on the inside or outside diameter. Flares and flanges for fittings are available upon request.
    • Note: Please allow 4-5 weeks standard delivery time for this product.

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  • PTFE Tubing - Extruded AWG Sizes
      PTFE Tubing in AWG Sizes
      PTFE Tubing provides the ultimate in lubricity, high temperature use, chemical resistance, biocompatibility, and precision extruded tolerances.
    • AWG Sized PTFE Tubing is sold in Standard 250 ft, 500 ft & 1000 ft Spools.
    • Flexible PTFE Tubing is available in both AWG Sizes or Fractional Sizes
    • Professional Plastics also offers Large Molded PTFE Tubes & Rings.

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  • PTFE Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
      PTFE is a fluoropolymer that exhibits astonishing chemical resistance and ultra high-purity. Self-lubricating and with a low friction coefficient, PTFE sheets and rods are ideally suited for the manufacture of high-temperature seals, insulators and bearings used in semiconductor, aerospace & chemical processing industries. PTFE's low coefficient of friction makes it suitable for applications where sliding action of parts is needed: such as plain bearings, gears, and slide plates. In these applications, it performs significantly better than nylon and acetal; and is comparable to UHMW. PTFE however can be used over a far wider temperature range than these materials; -100°F to +400°F (-73°C to 204°C) and offers superior electrical insulation properties. Although its' mechanical properties are low compared to other engineering plastics, those properties can be enhanced through the use of additives such as Carbon, Graphite, Bronze, and Glass Fiber.

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  • PTFE Sheets & Rods (Mechanical Grade)
      PTFE Sheets & Rods exhibit astonishing chemical resistance. PTFE is a self-lubricating material that provides a low friction coefficient, and is ideally suited for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant gaskets & seals. Several other manufacturers make their own brands of PTFE which can often be used as substitute material. We offers various brands of PTFE, but mechanical grade PTFE (as sold here) is a reprocessed grade that may contain a variety of brands in the overall blend. The mechanical properties and purity of Mechanical Grade PTFE may also be lower than Virgin Grade PTFE. Mechanical Grade PTFE is supplied without warrantee or any gaurantees regarding minimal properties. Customers requiring material certifications and traceabilty should consider VIRGIN PTFE made from Dyneon or Daiken resins, or Chemours® PTFE specialty grades such as Chemours® 7A, Chemours® 7C, Chemours® 8A or Chemours® 9B - Chemours® PTFE specialty grades are available as a custom order only and are priced higher than Generic Virgin PTFE Shapes - Lead-Time Will Apply.
    • Chemours® PTFE is a registered trademark of Chemours

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  • PTFE Tubing -Fractional Sizes - Flexible

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  • PTFE Tubing - Fractional - Semi-Rigid Extruded
      PTFE Tubing - Fractional - Semi-Rigid Extruded Tubes have become the gold standard in industries requiring the ultimate in lubricity, high temperature use, chemical resistance, biocompatibility, and precision extruded tolerances.
    • Standard 6 Foot Lengths
    • Sold in Virgin Grade (highest purity & physical properties), as well as, Mechanical Grade (recycled)
    • Also available in Flexible, Translucent PTFE Tubing Coils (Fractional Sizes)

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  • PTFE O-Rings
      PTFE O-Rings are available from Professional Plastics.
      PTFE is a popular O-Ring material which is White in color. The PTFE O-Rings are popular for use in applications which require a chemically resistant and non-compressible material. PTFE is the chemically inert of the O-ring materials. It is resistant to most chemicals including acids, bases, oils, steam and other chemicals. It is also very tough and abrasive resistant. However the material is not easily compressed, and therefore may not seal as easily as some of the other polymers. Its outstanding tear resistnace and abrasive resistance result in its slippery surface properties that make it advantageous for use in seals in moving systems such as mass spectrometer probes and valves.

      O-Rings are available in sizes (sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3) which correspond to the diameter of the cross section of the O-Ring. Within these groups the O-Rings are classified according to their inside diameter.
    • Size 0 = Nominal Width of 0.062" (actual width = 0.070")
    • Size 1 = Nominal Width of 0.093" (actual width = 0.103")
    • Size 2 = Nominal Width of 0.125" (actual width = 0.139")
    • Size 3 = Nominal Width of 0.187" (actual width = 0.210")

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  • PTFE Ferrules
      1/16'', 1/8" & 1/4" PTFE Ferrules - PTFE ferrules have an upper temperature limit of 250° C. Ferrules have precision-drilled IDs so there are no mold imperfections. The one-piece design does not require a back ferrule. PTFE is completely inert and does not stick to glass. Ferrules come in standard 10 piece packages except as noted. Please note for all ferrules: 0.3mm ID ferrules fit 0.18mm ID and narrower capillary columns 0.4mm ID ferrules fit 0.25mm ID capillary columns 0.5mm ID ferrules fit 0.32mm ID capillary columns 0.8mm ID ferrules fit 0.53mm ID capillary columns "Straight" ferrules are used for 1/16" OD tubing

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  • PTFE - Unsintered
      Unsintered PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) film provides the inherent design features of ordinary sintered PTFE including exceptional chemical resistance, a temperature range of –450 F through +500 F, extremely low coefficient of friction and a non-stick surface, with the added advantages of greater conformability and a superior seal once it is incorporated into an assembly matrix and sintered in place. Used primarily as electrical insulation in wire and cable applications, unsintered PTFE is used for cable insulation, harness wrap and as the dielectric medium in coaxial lines. The material is also well suited for use in gaskets, expansion joints, valve seals/seats and diaphragms. Unsintered PTFE drapes over and fits the most complicated shapes, allowing it to fill the tightest corners and match the sharpest edges. Since this polymer is fibrillated the material possesses excellent tensile strength (2000 PSI nominal – on 2 mil material), concerns regarding line breakage during end-product manufacturing are alleviated.

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  • PTFE Glass Fabric
      Designed for a wide range of applications, Taconic TFE-GLASS™ Fabric is available in several grades to match specific performance requirements. Taconic utilizes two PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) formulations: TEFLON® & FLUON®. - These deliver classic PTFE high-perfomance characteristics, including: Non-stick surface. -100°F(-73°C) to 500°F(260°C) - Chemically inert. High tensile strength.

      Grades: Premium Grade TFE-GLASS™ Fabric Featuring an extra-heavy coating of PTFE, Taconic premium-grade TFE-GLASS™ fabric delivers a super-smooth surface, perfect for advanced applications, including:
    • Release sheets for cooking and baking applications
    • Laminate separator sheets
    • Specialized heat sealing
    • Demanding, non-stick applications
      Standard Grade TFE-GLASS™ Fabric: - With a smooth surface and superb non-stick properties, Taconic standard grade TFE-GLASS™ fabric serves the widest range of applications, including: Release sheets on heat-sealing machines and laminate presses Non-stick surfaces for paints, adhesives, and food products Gaskets, seals and bearings for chemicals, oils and gases Thermal insulation for high-temperature and chemical-resistant applications Covers for hot plates, platens, chutes, hoppers, troughs and rolls
      Mechanical Grade TFE-GLASS™ Fabric - Designed to deliver resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, Taconic mechanical grade TFE-GLASS™ fabric utilizes a medium coating of PTFE.
      Typical applications include: chemical-resistant laboratory aprons and protective curtains, for: Bottle washers and paint spraying curtains Food packaging Acid protection
      Economy Grade TFE-GLASS™ Fabrics: Providing a light coat of PTFE, Taconic economy grade fabrics are designed for large volume applications which require cost efficiency, yet still need high performance.
      Typical uses include: Leaders for processing paper, plastics, metallic foils and cloth Separator sheets for processing uncured rubber The manufacture of abrasive wheels Crease and Tear Resistant
      TFE-GLASS™ Fabric: Provides an unusually flexible material for use in applications which demand: high tear-strength and good flex-life.

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  • PTFE - Bronze Filled
      PTFE - Bronze Filled - This filler has better wear, creep resistance, and higher thermal conductivity than glass fiber with PTFE. The compound is easily machined, but has poor chemical resistance in the presence of acids and alkali. Bronze-filled PTFE is useful in applications which undergo high mechanical loads or high-speed rubbing contacts where the bronze filler supplies the strength and conductivity to carry away excess, unwanted heat.

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  • PTFE - Carbon-Filled
      Carbon-Filled PTFE was developed for its mechanical properties. The two basic materials used in these compounds, by themselves, are very questionable. PTFE has good frictional properties including low wear rates and good elasticity. The carbon filler is brittle and has low wear properties. Both fail at high loads and increased velocities. When both elements are formulated and properly blended together, they become an extremely good material for use as seals and rings in the reciprocating compressor industry. The properties increase several hundred times. Wear resistance is changed dramatically compared to Virgin PTFE. The type and percentage of carbon is critical to material performance. Carbon filled has a higher percentage of filler than any other PTFE blend. Therefore the two materials must be similiar in size to prevent voids in the molded billet. For optimum wear properties, the filler percentage is also important. Lower percentages are easier to machine but do not perform as well in service. AVA56 PTFE material, is designed for optimum wear properties in all suitable applications.
      The molding cycle is also important to provide proper pysical properties. At higher molding pressures the material has higher density and more filler is required. Not all carbon filled PTFE is of the same quality.

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  • PTFE - Graphite Filled PTFE
      Graphite-filled PTFE has exceptional chemical resistance and is compatible with most hydraulic fluids. Outstanding performance when used for hydraulic/pneumatic compression type rod and piston seals, bearing bands and rotary applications.

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  • PTFE Miniature Beading (Rod Coils)
      PTFE miniature beading (Small diameter PTFE Rod Coils) exhibit astonishing chemical resistance and ultra high-purity. Self-lubricating and with a low friction coefficient, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) beading is basically very small diameter rod in coils. PTFE is ideally suited for the manufacture of high-temperature seals, insulators and bearings used in semiconductor, aerospace & chemical processing industries.
    • Diameter Range: 0.28" to .150"

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