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Wet Process - Bench Fab
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Polypropylene FR - Flametec™ CP7-D -FM 4910

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Flametec™ CP7-D is a proprietary designation for a flame retardant polypropylene formulation. CP7-D represent our version of polypropylene sheet whose flame retardant characteristics meet or exceed the most rigorous FMRC 4910 testing standards for most aspects of flame retardation, self-extinguishing characteristics and burnthrough. In addition, CP7-D FR Polypro also meets or exceeds test standards for low smoke generation and minimal toxic by-products. CP7-D is a filled PP sheet material, therefore, chemical compatibility should be verified for each application.
Flametec CP7-D Offers:
  • Impact Strength - Flexibility and strength of designs vs. other FRPP products.
  • Weldability - Easy to fabricate with conventional welding equipment.
  • Economics - An economical alternative for fire safe construction.
  • Fire Safe - Listed in accordance to FMRC 4910, fire safe materials for clean room construction.
  • Extruded Sheet - Offers the best gauge consistency, surface and tolerances.
  • (POLYPRO FR CP7D) Polypropylene FR - Flametec™ CP7-D -FM 4910
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