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Polyimide Microbore Tubing
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Polyimide Tubing (aka Kapton®) Micro Tubing features include: superior pushability and tractability, flexibility, ink resistance, and column strength. Polyimide Microbore Tubing is ultra-smooth and chemically inert.
Typical Applications include: Electrical Wire Insulation (for probe test equipment), Cardiovascular Catheters, Urological Retrieval Devices, Electrical Applications, Fiberoptics, Intravascular Drug Delivery, Balloon Angioplasty, and Stent Delivery. This Polyimide medical tubing is used extensively in the medical device market. Polyimide tubing transmits torque, and is transparent.
  • Industry Standard for Wire Insulators in Probe Test Equipment.
  • Stocked in AWG # 12 through AWG # 40
  • Standard Lengths: 12" Long
  • Additional custom lengths available upon request (up to 72" long)
    Polyimide Tubing from Professional Plastics is:
  • USP class VI compliant
  • Stocked in AWG # 12 through AWG # 40
  • Thermal Rating @ 20,000 Hours : 220 °C Minimum
  • Thermal Endurance : 400 °C Minimum
  • Tensile Strength : 20,000 PSI Minimum
  • Chemical Resistance : Excellent, most solvents/solutions
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion : 4.0 X 10-5/°C
  • Standard 12 inch lengths - sold in 100 lghs per case
  •    (POLYIMIDE TUBING) Polyimide Microbore Tubing
  • Polyimide Tubing Sizes
  • Polyimide Tubing Properties

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