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PEEK Tubes & Rings - Compression Molded

PEEK Tubes & Rings - Compression Molded PEEK Tubes are available from Professional Plastics offers a variety of sizes. PEEK Products include large compression molded tubes and rings, as well as, extruded small diameter PEEK tubing. Professional Plastics supplies a full-range of sizes from compression-molded and injection-molded rings, up to massive Compression-Molded tubes up to 16" O.D.

PEEK Tubes have a maximum service temperature of 500°F (260°C) and offers excellent abrasion and wear resistance. PEEK tubes are also USP Class VI compliant, have excellent chemical resistance and are radiation resistant. Add these characteristics to the fact that PEEK tubes offer a superior strength to weight ratio and it becomes apparent why this product has continued to grow in demand over the last few years.
  • Tubes & Rings are sold in Standard (Virgin Grade - Unfilled), Glass-Filled (typically 30% glass fibre), as well as, Carbon-Filled (typically 30% Carbon Fiber)
  • PEEK Tubes & Rings utilize either Victrex 450G or Vestakeep 4000G base resin.
    Common PEEK Tubing Applications:
  • Chemical Processing
  • Semiconductor components for processing and testing
  • Aerospace values, seals and insulators
  • Automotive seals and insulators
  • Medical & Pharmacuetical tools and diagnostic equipment
  • Gas Compressor Valves, Packings, Seals & Components
  • Down-Hole Oilfield Data Logging Tool Housings
  • (PEEK TUBES & RINGS-MOLDED) PEEK Tubes & Rings - Compression Molded
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