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Nylotube® Nylon 11 & 12 Tubing

NYLOTUBE® Nylon Tubing is offered in two formulations: Nylon-11 and Nylon-12.
While both types exhibit similar physical properties and performance, nylon-11 is available in a food grade version made of FDA-approved materials (semi-rigid style, natural color). Nylon-12 is typically used in various industrial applications and is somewhat less expensive than Nylon-11. Nylon's elastic memory is exceptional and can withstand repeated flexing over a long period of time without fatigue or fracture. This makes it a popular choice for retractable coils. NYLOTUBE also offers high-impact resistance, even at subfreezing temperatures, and low moisture absorption to minimize dimensional instability.
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red & Yellow
    Suggested Applications:
    Air Conditioning Systems - Appliances - Automotives - Chemical Transfer - Compressed Air - Dispensing Equipment - Food & Beverage (with nylon-11, FDA Grade) - Fuel and Oil Transfer - Grease Lines - Housewares - Hydraulic Lines - Instrumentation - Laboratories - Manufacturing Equipment - Paint Supply - Pneumatic Controls - Refrigeration & Cooling Systems - Well Pumps & More.
    Features of Nylon-11 & Nylon-12 Tubing
  • Very low moisture absorption: 1.4% maximum (at 73° F)
  • Will not become brittle or swell because of water
  • Nylon-11, semi-rigid grade, natural color made with FDA-approved ingredients for use with food contact surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to flexural fatigue, tube vibration, and movement
  • Lightweight with excellent bend radii and pressure ratings
  • Resists crushing, abrasion, and cracking
  • Standard availability in metric sizes and colors
  • (NYLOTUBE-NYLON) Nylotube® Nylon 11 & 12 Tubing
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