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Painting, Coating & Hot Dipping of Metals
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Nylon Balls - Solid

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Nylon Balls are used in a variety of bearing, and seal applications. These balls are precision ground for tight tolerance & are made of solid, high-quality thermoplastic. Nylon 6/6 offers high strength (especially at elevated temperatures), toughness at low temperatures, stiffness, wear and abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and good chemical resistance. All Nylons absorb moisture; this increases flexibility and impact resistance. Use for high impact application requiring strength and rigidity. UV light results in degradation over time. Resists hydrocarbons, aromatics, aliphatic solvents, automotive oils and fuels, and refrigerants. Attacked by strong acids, bases, and phenol. Gradually attacked by hot water. Lightweight -- approximately 1/8 the weight of bronze, 1/7 the weight of cast iron, and 1/2 the weight of aluminum -- which reduces both the inertial and static loads and eases the handling of large components during maintenance or replacement procedures.
  • Color: Natural (yellow-cream color)
    Nylon Balls Offer:
  • Extremely good wear resistance & High impact resistance
  • High tensile strength and modulus of elasticity.
  • High heat distortion temperature
  • Wear, Abrasion & Vibration Restance
  • Resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, alkalis, dilute acids or oxidizing agents.
  • Lightweight & Economical
  • (NYLON BALLS) Nylon Balls - Solid
    Solid Nylon Balls
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