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Nylatron® 703XL

Calculate Sheet Cost for Nylatron® 703XL

QTY Thickness Type Cut Size (inches) Price Per Piece Total Price
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Minimum Line Item.
    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calculate Cut-To-Size Cost for Nylatron® 703XL

QTY Thickness Type Cut Size (inches) Cut Tolerance Price Per Piece Total Price
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Minimum Line Item.
    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calculate Full Sheets Cost for Nylatron® 703XL

QTY Size Type Price Per Sheet Total Price
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$ 0.00
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    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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OVERVIEW of Nylatron® 703XL

Nylatron® 703XL is a new internally lubricated cast nylon for special area applications. Zero "stick slip" is its differentiating feature. Units equipped with Nylatron 703XL can accurately display smaller movements made possible by today's sophisticated control devices. Static and dynamic coefficients of friction that approximate each other at virtually every point over the Nylon product's useful range, make this possible.

The wear resistance of NYLATRON NSM with the added benefit of zero æstick-slip' makes NYLATRON 703 XL an ideal material for applications where precise motion control is required.

NYLATRON 703 XL has been prototyped in the Japanese market in Telescopic Crane Booms. NYLATRON 703 XL is the material of choice because of the virtual absence of vibrations during the movement of the boom resulting in more efficient positioning of the crane and safer working standards.


Key Benefits
  • No Stick-Slip
    NYLATRON 703 XL is the only nylon with ZERO stick-slip under all circumstances (fully tested against unpainted surfaces, but tests and field experience against painted surfaces show identical results. To be confirmed by actual testing in the different applications). The ZERO stick-slip property allows for more precise, more sensitive motion control, additionally it can increase the overall energy efficiency of a system.
  • Lowest coefficient of friction
    Comparative tests done by an independent research institute have established that NYLATRON 703 XL has the lowest dynamic and static coefficient of friction of any commercial nylon. NYLATRON 703 XL ensures more accurate smaller movements by today's sophisticated control devices or efficiency improvements in the design of the system.
  • Best wear performance
    The low dynamic coefficient of friction results in good wear resistance, which reduce or in many cases eliminate lubrication. NYLATRON 703 XL allows for longer life times of the components and mating parts.
  • Excellent mechanical strength to withstand high loads
    NYLATRON 703 XL has mechanical properties similar to other internally lubricated nylons, and the high thermal resistance as our other cast nylons.

    Wear pads; bearing blocks; wear guides; linear bearings and bushes; any load-bearing slide application especially in start / stop functions.
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