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NylaSteel™ Gear Stock

OVERVIEW of NylaSteel™ Gear Stock

NylaSteel™ composite stock shapes reduce the slippage and fabrication costs associated with press-fitting a nylon component and mechanically fastening onto a steel core. With NylaSteel™ composites, the nylon component is cast directly onto a specially treated steel shaft. In the case of NylaSteel™ billets, the steel core diameter can be from 1.5 to 4.5 in. Overall diameter of the NylaSteel™ billets can be up to 10.5 in. The material, supplied in billet form, can be saw-cut and machined as homogeneous rod stock. DSM has found the nylon face width for a gear blank can be cut as thin as a half inch, without any lateral shifting during use.

The nylon covering for NylaSteel™ stock shapes, which provides wear resistance, resilience and quiet operation, is made of Nylatron® cast nylon. Quadrant offers NylaSteel™ composites with several different types of Nylatron® cast nylon: NSM (maximum wear resistance) and GSM (maximum impact resistance) are the standard materials; and MC®901 (heat resistance to 260°F) and MC®907 (a food-grade material) are available as custom materials.

The standard steel core of the NylaSteel™ composites, which provides high strength and hardness, is 1117 cold-rolled steel. Stainless steel (303) also is available. The core is solid, permitting the purchaser to machine the desired inside diameter and configuration.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of NylaSteel™ Gear Stock

  • Nylon Stock Shapes with Steel Cores Reduce Costs for Making Gears, Sprockets, Rollers and Pulleys
  • NylaSteel™ composite billets are available in lengths up to 24 in. NylaSteel™ cast blanks, ideal for larger diameters (up to 15 in.) and face widths up to 6 in., are available to meet individual requirements. The blanks also are available with extended and custom designed steel hubs.
  • (NYLASTEEL) NylaSteel™ Gear Stock
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