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Natglas Sleeving

OVERVIEW of Natglas Sleeving

Natglas consists of a tightly braided fiberglass sleeving designed as Class 240C insulation. Natglas is heat annealed to remove organic impurities, improve handling and reduce end-fray. The sleeving is compatible with varnishes, epoxies and bonding agents where maximum reinforcement between the glass and encapsulant is needed. Natglas-TD is similar to Natglas with the addition of a saturant of clear or colored high temperature resin. This treatment affords additional fray resistance and firmness required for cutting and installation.
  • Natvar Natglas is recognized by UL under File Card #E-51635 as FR-1 sleeving.
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Natglas Sleeving

    Natglas Sleeving Applications: Motors, generators, transformers and engines where superior dielectric protection at elevated temps up to 240 C are critical. Suitable for automotive engines, aircraft engines and other aerospace applications where it satisfies electrical and thermal barrier requirements while providing the added benefit of light weight. Primary and secondary insulation for motor leads, Small appliances, Brush assemblies, Electric resistance heating elements and similar low voltage applications, Ideal for abrasion and cut through protection over insulated leads.
    Flammability meets NEMA VS-1 - Non-Combustible
    Meets NEMA VS-1 - 240 °C
    (NATGLAS SLEEVING) Natglas Sleeving
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