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Saint Gobain Meldin® Division


Meldin® 7000 Series, Meldin® 2000 Series & Meldin® 6000 Series Polyimide Shapes from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. Saint-Gobain is an industry leader in advanced-technology polymer products for the most demanding industrial applications. Advanced bearing & seal materials such as Meldin® polimide shapes provides engineering solutions to hundreds of industries worldwide. Meldin® 7000 Series Polyimide Shapes are the most advanced polyimide shapes available in the marketplace today. Meldin 7000 products exhibit extremely high geometric stability at elevated temperatures. Meldin 7000 grades meet many standard specifications for polyimide, such as; MIL-P-46198, ASTM D 6456-99, and SAE Aerospace Material Specification AMS 3644E. Meldin 7000 products offer Temperature from Cryogenic to 315°C (600°F) , Intermittently up to 482°C (900°F), Self-lubricating properties.
  • Meldin 7000 Design Guide
  • Meldin 7000 Series Overview
  • Meldin Machining Guidelines
  • Note: Meldin® 2000 & Meldin® 6000 products are NOT suitable replacements for Meldin® 7000 series.

    (MELDIN 2000) Meldin 2000 Series Shapes
    Meldin 2000 Series Shapes
    (Meldin 6000 Series) Meldin 6000 Series Overview
    Meldin 6000 Series Overview
    (MELDIN APPLICATIONS) Meldin 7000 Series Application Profiles
    Meldin 7000 Series Application Profiles
    (Meldin 2001) Meldin® 2001 - Discontinued
    Meldin® 2001 - Discontinued
    (Meldin 2021) Meldin® 2021 - 15% Graphite
    Meldin® 2021 - 15% Graphite
    (Meldin 2030) Meldin® 2030
    Meldin® 2030
    (MELDIN 6001) Meldin® 6001 Polyimide
    Meldin® 6001 Polyimide
    (MELDIN CLAMP RING) Meldin® 7001 Clamp Rings
    Meldin® 7001 Clamp Rings
    (MELDIN 7001) Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)
    Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)
    (MELDIN 7003) Meldin® 7003 Polyimide (15% MD Filled)
    Meldin® 7003 Polyimide (15% MD Filled)
    (MELDIN 7021) Meldin® 7021 Polyimide (15% Graphite Filled)
    Meldin® 7021 Polyimide (15% Graphite Filled)
    (MELDIN 7022) Meldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
    Meldin® 7022 Polyimide (40% Graphite-Filled)
    (MELDIN 7211) Meldin® 7211 15% Graphite + 10% PTFE
    Meldin® 7211 15% Graphite + 10% PTFE
    (MELDIN-SCREWS) Meldin® Polyimide Screws
    Meldin® Polyimide Screws


  • MELDIN® 7001, Unfilled Grade
    A thermosetting polyimide, MELDIN® 7001 is our unfilled base resin. This grade offers the maximum mechanical properties and high chemical resistance. The MELDIN® 7001 grade is ideal for electrical and thermal insulating applications. More ductile than ceramics, and lighter weight than metals, MELDIN® 7001 is a popular choice for structural parts in aerospace and other applications where metal replacement is desirable.

    MELDIN® 7021, 15% by Weight Graphite Filler<
    Our self-lubricating grade, MELDIN® 7021, has 15% by weight graphite fillers, encapsulated by the base polyimide resin. With its low coefficient of friction and high heat resistance, MELDIN® 7021 provides our customers the best all-around choice for high temperature bearings, seals, and other low-wear applications.

    MELDIN® 7211 - 15% Graphite + 10% PTFE Fillers by Weight
    MELDIN® 7211 is 15% by weight graphite and 10% by weight PTFE fillers. It has the lowest coefficient of friction of all the MELDIN® 7000 grades. However, above 300°F, we typically use MELDIN® 7021, which has a very similar coefficient of friction to 7211 at temperatures above 300°F, and the wear factor of 7021 is lower than 7211 at temperatures above 300°F.

    MELDIN® 7022 - 40% by weight graphite filler
    MELDIN® 7022 is 40% by weight graphite filler. It is similar to the 7021 for wear and friction, but it has the best overall dimensional stability (thermally), and the 7022 has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion – due to the relatively high graphite filler content.

    MELDIN® 7003 - 15% molybdenum disulfide lubricating filler
    Meldin® 7003 includes 15% molybdenum disulfide lubricating filler for wear applications that operate in a vacuum or in very dry conditions where graphite actually becomes abrasive. Typical applications of Meldin 7003 include seals, bushings, bearings, gears, and other wear surfaces in outer space, ultra-high vacuum or dry gas applications.

    Meldin 7000 meets :

  • Mil-P-46198 Military Specification (now obsoleted)
  • ASTM D6456-99 Standard Specification
  • SAE AMS 3644G Aerospace Material Specification
  • CPW411 Rev. H Pratt & Whitney Specification
  • MCS 5016 Honeywell Specification
  • UL V0-5VA flammability rating

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