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Meldin 2000 Series Shapes

Meldin® 2000 Series: 2001, 2021, 2030, 2211
  • Note: Meldin 2001 has been replaced by Meldin 6001
    Principal Features of Meldin® 2000
    Excellent Tensile Strength and Elongation
    Meldin® 2000 materials exhibit superior tensile strength and elongation properties, even at elevated temperatures, providing the mechanical integrity necessary for the most demanding applications.

    High Compressive Strength
    With an ultimate compressive strength of over 40,000 psi and a usable limit of 34,000 psi at 10% strain, Meldin® 2001 provides the highest resistance to compressive failure of any of the Meldin 2000 compositions. The additional formulations, however, also offer excellent compressive properties.

    High Modulus
    Meldin® 2000 materials have inherently high moduli and yield points in tension, compression, and flex. These combined features provide non-brittle materials for use in applications where extreme rigidity is essential.

    Superior Creep Resistance
    These materials all display minimal deformation under load. Meldin® 2030 provides additional ductility and conformability without sacrificing load carrying capacity when a sealing surface is required. These characteristics allow for dry-running bearing operation at high PVs and high-static loading without concern for deflection.

    Superb Dimensional Stability Meldin® 2000 products have no observable melting point. This feature, combined with an extremely low thermal expansion, high resistance to deformation under load, and low hysteresis, provides excellent dimensional stability. Even under the most severe conditions of harsh chemicals and temperature extremes, Meldin® 2000 retains its dimensional quality and functionality.

    Balanced Electrical Properties
    Both Meldin® 2001 and Meldin® 2030 have high dielectric strength, a stable dielectric constant, and very high volume and surface resistivity. Meldin® 2001, with its balance of physical and electrical properties, is ideal for stationary electrical insulating applications. Bearings made of Meldin® 2030 provide dry self-lubrication in addition to electrical insulation.

    Low Outgassing
    In independent testing to ASTM R595, Meldin® 2000 exhibited remarkably low outgassing. Other than absorbed water, Meldin® 2000 materials showed negligible mass loss and collectible condensables. This feature allows for trouble-free, clean operation in ultra-high vacuum environments.

    Low Friction, High Resistance to Wear
    Meldin® 2021, Meldin® 2211, and Meldin® 2030 bearing grades are all capable of carrying high loads at temperature extremes. Specially designed for optimum friction and wear properties, these Meldin® products provide smooth interaction and zero abrasion when operating against both ferrous and non-ferrous mating surfaces.
    Meldin® 2000 Series Compounds
  • Meldin® 2001 - REPLACED BY MELDIN 6001 - This material is best suited for thermal and electrical insulation and radiation resistance. Meldin 2001 had the highest compressive properties of any material in the 2000 series. Black in Color
  • Meldin® 2021 - A multi-purpose bearing grade for high temperature and high load applications, Meldin 2021 maintains its strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures. Black in Color
  • Meldin® 2030 - The Meldin 2030 bearing compound operates with extremely low friction in both dynamic and static applications and provides thermal and electrical insulation. Chocolate Brown in Color
  • Meldin® 2211 - Meldin 2211 offers the balanced properties of low friction, high strength and resistance to compressive creep.

    Meldin® 2000 Material Uses and Applications
    Bearing Applications

    Meldin® materials can be used for very demanding bearing applications in motors, general industrial equipment and machinery, and business machines.

    Glass Handling Equipment
    In glass bottle production, Meldin® take-out inserts and grippers are used for mold removal and transfer of red-hot bottles. Meldin® components improve bottle quality and production yield. Due to their low thermal conductivity, they reduce microcracking caused by rapid, non-uniform cooling.

    Welding or Plasma Cutting Equipment
    Because of their high temperature capabilities, Meldin® materials improve wear life of welding and plasma cutting equipment.
  • (MELDIN 2000) Meldin 2000 Series Shapes

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    Meldin 2001 has been replaced by Meldin 6001
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