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DAP per MIL-M-14

Diallyl Phthalate per MIL-M-14 Diallyl Phthalate (D72/6120F) is a short glass fibre filled, flame retarant, general purpose diallyl ortho phthalate molding compound which is processed into compression-molded shapes. It has passed NASA outgassing tests. It can be molded at 300° to 3807deg; F and 250 to 1000 psi. Properly cured parts show excellent dimensional stability, as well as good electrical and physical properties.
  • Applications include: connectors, interconnecting devices, terminal boards, potting cups, headers, switches, and circuit breakers.

    DAP possess superior electronic insulation, even under the most adverse environmental conditions. These compounds are easy to mold and have no out gassing. DAP compounds are non-corrosive to inserts and resistant to weathering, fungus, and most solvents. Fully cured parts possess unsurpassed dimensional stability, even under load. They withstand solder temperature and will not creep after curing. That is why this state of the art material is used extensively in the space program, the connector and the electronics industries.
  • Offered in a variety of colors and flows, DAPs do not require cold storage and have an average shelf life of one year at 23° C.
    Features of Diallyl Phthalate per MIL-M-14:
  • Flame Retardant
  • Excellent Stability
  • Good Electrical & Chemical Properties
  • DAP Properties - Material Data Sheet
  • (Diallyl Phthalate per MIL-M-14) DAP per MIL-M-14

  • DAP Data Sheet
    Dially Ortho Phthalate Grades:
  • D62 Mil GDI-30F Long Glass filled
  • D69 Mil GDI-30 Long Glass filled
  • D33 Mil SDG Short Glass filled
  • D72 Mil SDG-F Short Glass filled
  • D44 Mil MDG Mineral filled
  • D45 Mil MDG-F Mineral filled

    Dially Iso Phthalate Grades:
  • K61 Mil GII-30/GDI-30
  • K6 Mil GII-30F/GDI-30F
  • K31 Mil SIG/SDG
  • K77 Mil SIG-F/SDG-F
  • K43 Mil MIG/MDG
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