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Military Specifications List

  • MIL-P-77 Cast Polyester OD Diallylpthialate sheet & rod
  • MIL-P-78A Engraving Stock Rigid Laminated sheets
  • MIL-P-79C Thermoset Rod & Tube, Melamine & Phenolic Glass, Cotton & Paper Reinforced
  • MIL-P-80 Acrylic Sheet, Anti-Electrostatic coated
  • MIL-I-631 Electrical Insulation, Tubing, Film, Sheet & Tape, Vinyl, Polyethylene & Polyester
  • MIL-I-742C Fiberglass Thermal Insulation board
  • MIL-P-997C Thermoset Silicone Resin Sheets, Glass Reinforced
  • MIL-Y-1140E Fiber Glass Yam, Cord Sleeving, Tape & Cloth
  • MIL-P-3054A Polyethylene Special Material
  • MIL-P-3088 Non-Rigid Polyamide (Nylon) Resin
  • MIL-P-31158 Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, Paper Reinforced
  • MIL-P-3158C Insulation Tape & Cord Glass, Resin Filled
  • MIL-I-3190B Insulation Sleeving, Flexible, Treated
  • MIL-I-3825A Insulation Tape, Electrical, Self-Fusing
  • MIL-P-4640A Polyethylene Film for balloon use
  • MIL-P-54258 Acrylic Sheet, Heat Resistant
  • MIL-P-5431A Phelonic, Graphite Filled Sheet, Rods, Tubes & Shapes
  • MIL-P-62848 Vinyl Copolymers, Unplasticized unpigmented & unfilled
  • MlL-I-74448 Insulation Sleeving, Flexible Electrical
  • MIL-I-7798A Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive
  • MIL-P-8059A Thermoset Phenolic Resin Sheets & Tubes Asbestos Paper & Cloth Reinforced
  • MIL-P-8184 Acrylic Plastic Sheet, Modified
  • MIL-P-8257 Polyester Base, Cast Transparent Sheet, Thermosetting
  • MIL-P-8587A Cellulose Acetate Sheet Colored, Transparent
  • MlL-P-8655A Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, Post-forming Cotton Reinforced
  • MIL-P-9969 Polyurethane, Rigid, unicellular, Foam ln-Place for packaging
  • MIL-P-13436A Filled Phenolic Sheet, Uncured
  • MIL-P-13491 Polystyrene Rod & Tube
  • MIL-P-13949D Copper-Clad, Laminated Plastic Sheets (Paper Base & Glass Base)
  • MIL-P-14591B Plastic Film, Non Rigid, Transparent
  • MIL-P-15035C Thermoset Phenolic Sheet, Cotton Reinforced
  • MIL-P-15037E Thermoset Melamine Resin Sheet, Glass Reinforced
  • MIL-P-15047B Thermoset Phenolic Resin Sheet, Nylon Reinforced
  • MIL-P-15126F Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive & Thermoset Adhesive
  • MIL-P-16413 Methyl Methacrylate Molding Materials
  • MIL-P-16414 Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Molding Material
  • MIL-P-16416 Cellulose Acetate Molding Material
  • MIL-P-17091B Polyamide (Nylon) Resin Rods, Sheets & Parts
  • MIL-P-17276 Cellulose Acetate Sheet
  • MIL-P-17549C Fibrous Glass Reinforced Plastic Laminates for Marine Applications
  • MIL-P-18057A Insulation Sleeving, Flexible Silicone Rubber Coated Glass
  • MlL-P-18080 Vinyl, Flexible, Transparent, Optical Quality
  • MIL-P-18177C Thermoset Epoxy Sheet, Glass Reinforced
  • MIL-P-18324C Thermoset Phenolic, Cotton Reinforced, Moisture Resistant
  • MIL-N-18352 Nylon Plastic, Flexible Molded or Extended
  • MIL-I-18622A Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive Silicone Rubber Treated Glass
  • MIL-I-18748A Insulation Tape, Glass Fabric TFE Coated
  • MlL-M-19098 Molding Plastics, Polyamide (Nylon) - & Molded & Extruded Polyamide Plastic
  • MIL-I-19161A Plastic Sheet, Teflon TFE & Glass Cloth Laminated
  • MIL-I-19166A Insulation Tape Electrical, Pressure Sensitive, High Temperature Glass
  • MIL-P-19336C Plastic Sheets, Polyethylene, Virgin & Borated Neutron Shielding
  • MIL-P-19468A Plastic Rods Molded & Extruded Teflon TFE
  • MIL- P-19735B Molding, Acrylic, Colored & White Heat Resistant for Lighting Fixtures
  • MIL-P-19833B Glass Filled Diallyipthlalate Resin
  • MIL-P-19904 Plastic Sheet ABS Copolymer, Rigid
  • MIL-M-20693A Plastic Molding Material, Rigid Polyamide
  • MIL-P-21094A Cellulose Acetate, Optical Quality
  • MIL-P-21 105C Plastic Sheet, Acrylic, Utility Grade
  • MIL-P-21347B Plastic Molding Material, Polystyrene, Glass Fiber Reinforced
  • MIL-M-21470 Polychlorotrefluoroethylene Resin for Molding
  • MIL-I-21557B Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, Flexible Vinyl Treated Glass Fiber
  • MIL-P -21922A Plastic Rods & Tubes Polyethylene
  • MIL-P-22035 Plastic Sheets, Polyethylene
  • MIL-P-22076A Insulation Sleeving Electrical, Flexible Low Temperature
  • MIL-P-22096A Plastic, Polyamide (Nylon) Flexible Molding & Extrusion Material
  • MIL-I-22129C Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, Non-Rigid Teflon TFE Resin
  • MIL-P-22241A Plastic Sheet & Film, Teflon TFE
  • MIL-P-22242 Cancelled-Refer to MIL-P-22241
  • MIL-P-22270 Plastic Film, Polyesterm Polyethylene Coated (For I.D. Cards)
  • MIL-P-22296 Plastic Tubes & Tubing, Heavy Wall, Teflon TFE Resin
  • MIL-P-22324A Thermoset Epoxy Resin Sheet, Paper Reinforced
  • MIL-T-22742 Insulation Tape, Electrical, Pressure Sensitive, Teflon TFE Resin
  • MIL-P-22748A Plastic Material for Molding & Extension, High Density Polyethylene & Copolymers
  • MIL-I-23053A Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, Flexible, Heat-Shrinkable
  • MIL-T-23142 Film Tape, Pressure Sensitive
  • MIL-P-23536 Plastic Sheets, Virgin & Borated Polyethylene
  • MIL-I-23594A Insulation Tape, Electrical, High Temperature, Teflon, Pressure Sensitive
  • MIL-I-24204 Nomex Film
  • MIL-P-24191 Plastic Sheet, Acrylic, Colored
  • MIL-I-24768 Insulation, Plastics, Laminated, Thermosetting
  • MIL-P-25374A Plastic Sheet, Acrylic, Modified Laminated
  • MIL-P-25395A Heat Resistant, Glass Fiber Base Polyester Resin, Low Pressure Laminated Plastic
  • MIL-P-25421A Glass Fiber Base - Epoxy Low Pressure Laminated Plastic
  • MIL-P-25518A Silicone Resin, Glass Fiber Base, Low Pressure Laminated Plastic
  • MIL-P-25690A Plastic Sheets & Parts, Modified Acrylic Base, Monolithic, Crack Propagation Resistant - Covers Stretched Acrylic .060" Thru .675" in Thickness
  • MIL-P-25770A Thermoset Phenolic Resin Sheet, Asbestos Reinforced
  • MIL-P-26692 Plastic Tubes & Sheeting, Polyethylene
  • MIL-P-27538 Plastic Sheet FEP Fluorocarbon unfilled, Copper clad Tape, Anti-Seizing, Teflon TFE
  • MIL-P-40619 Plastic Material, Cellular, Polystyrene
  • MIL-P-43037 Thermoset Phenolic Resin Rod, Nylon Reinforced
  • MlL-T-43036 Tape, Pressure Sensitive, Filament Reinforced Plastic Film
  • MIL-P-43081 Plastic Low-Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • MIL-P-43036 Chlorotrefluoroethlene Polymer- Sheets, Rods & Tubes (plaskon)
  • MIL-P-46040A Phenolic Sheet, Heat Resistant, Glass Fabric Reinforced
  • MIL-P-46041 Plastic Sheet, Flexible Vinyl
  • MIL-P-46060 Plastic Material Nylon
  • MIL-P-46112 Plastic Sheet & Strip, Polyamide H-Film
  • MIL-P-46115 Plastic Molding & Extrusion Material, Polyphenylene Oxide PPO
  • MIL-P-46120 Plastic Molding & Extension Material Polysulfone
  • MIL-P-46122 Plastic Molding Material, Polyvinylidene Fluoride-Kynar
  • MIL-P-46129 Plastic Molding & Extension Material, Polyphenylene Oxide, Modified-Noryl
  • MIL-P-46131 Polyphenylene Oxide, Modified, Glass Filled
  • MIL-P-52189 Thermoset Phenolic Resin Tube, Nylon Reinforced
  • MIL-P-55010 Plastic Sheet, Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • MIL-P-81390 Plastic Molding Material, Polycarbonated, Glass Fiber Reinforced
  • MIL-P-82540 Polyester Resin, Glass Fiber Base Filament Wound Tube
    Hundreds of Mil Spec materials are available from Professional Plastics.
  • Also See Specifications page for ASTM, LP, Fed & other specs
  •    (MIL SPECS) Military Specifications List



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