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Last-A-Foam® FR-4500 Tooling Board Series

Last-A-Foam® FR-4500 Tooling Board Series - Tough, grain-free FR-4500 foam tooling boards are ideal for tooling applications or as modeling foam. Rely on consistently uniform material from sheet to sheet and within each block. The high-density foam is easily worked using the simplest woodworking tools or sophisticated CAD/CAM routers and CNC machines. Excellent machining characteristics make it effortless to create precise, intricate designs for styling and design models, master models, masters for composite and layup tools, and for mold and foundry patterns. Their higher heat-deflection temperature rating also makes these products suitable for use in vacuum-forming applications where other urethane products may soften or deform.

Because it allows crisp cutting and excellent edge definition, the FR-4500 HDU foam material serves as an excellent wood alternative in three-dimensional outdoor sign boards and display manufacturing. With their superior cell structure, these tooling boards readily support very fine surface finishes with virtually any coating system. This high-density foam formulation can be securely bonded with a wide variety of adhesive systems to add thickness or build larger pieces.

Last-A-Foam® FR-4500 Tooling Board Series polyurethane foam sheets are always flat, stable and consistent in density. When machined, the anti-static foam board material breaks into shavings that fall safely to the floor. Less dust creates less mess and risk. Densities extend to 50 lbs. per cubic foot, so you can match the right foam board to your job requirements while controlling costs.
The last two digits of FR-4500 product numbers describe foam density in pounds per cubic foot.
  • For example: FR-4520 is a 20-lb. per cubic foot foam.
  • Please advise density when requesting a quote for this material.
  • Standard Densities: 10 lb, 12 lb, 15 lb, 18 lb, 20 lb & 25 lb

    Applications:Master models, Styling and design models, Mold and foundry patterns, Composite tooling, Layup tool masters, Outdoor sign board, Outdoor displays
    Advantages of Last-A-Foam® FR-4500 Tooling Board Series:
  • Machined anti-static foam boards create shavings that fall to the floor, not dust
  • Excellent consistency and uniformity throughout entire mass of material
  • Easily finished with nearly any resin or coating system
  • No glass-bead fillers to damage cutting tools âÇô material cuts with HSS cutters!
  • Long-term durability and dimensional stability ,li>Always flat and stable âÇô sheets will not warp, bow or twist
  • Individual densities color-coded for easy identification
  • (Last-A-FoamĀ® FR-4500 Tooling Board Series) Last-A-Foam® FR-4500 Tooling Board Series

  • FR-4500 Sizing Chart

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