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Playground Equipment
Playground Equipment - Today modern playground equipment has evolved from a few metal pipes being welded together to scientifically designed play equipment that provide children with fun, fresh air and exercise. Today's playground equipment includes multi-play systems that have various modules ...
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Laminations Inc.

Laminations Inc. manufactures a diverse range of high performance and standard olefin sheet products for major industries worldwide. Founded in 1950 by Michael J. Lynch, Sr., the company continues its growth as a family-run business built on customer service and innovation. Today the company has three major divisions: Laminations Industrial Products, dedicated to olefin sheet, Lamcorr High Performance Plastics, which focuses on high performance corrosion resistant sheet and fabric backed laminates.

In January 2014, Laminations was purchased by Simona Americas Inc. Professional Plastics distributes both Laminations Inc and Simona products through our 19 locations in the USA, Singapore & Taiwan
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