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LP-509 Phenolic Specification

LP-509 (LP-509A) is a federal specification covering thermoset phenolic and glass epoxy laminate sheets, rods and tubes. This specification was superceeded by Mil-P-15035 and later by Mil-I-24768. Mil-I-24768 is the current specification covering these products. For a complete list and product links, Click Here

LP-509 Grades (all superceeded by Mil-I-24768):
XX Paper Grade Phenolic
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/11 Type PBG
(LP 509, MIL P 3115, Type PBE)
Grade XX is a hard, paper-based, reinforced laminate with a phenolic resin binder. It is moisture-resistant and has good machinability and mechanical properties. It is appropriate for most electrical applications.

XXX Paper Grade Phenolic - Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/10 Type PBE
(LP 509, MIL 3115, Type PBE)
Grade XXX has similar mechanical properties as Grade XX but is considerably better electrically because of its high resin content. This material is ideal for use at radio frequencies and under very humid conditions.

C - Canvas Phenolic - Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/16 Type FBM
(LP 509, MIL P 15035, Type FBM)
Grade C is a strong cotton-reinforced laminate (weighing more than 4 ounces per square yard) with high-impact strength. It is easily machined and outstanding for a wide variety of mechanical applications.

CE - Canvas Electrical Grade Phenolic - Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/14 Type FBG
(LP 509, MIL P 15035, Type FBG)
Similar to Grade C in weight and thread count, Grade CE has greater moisture resistance. It is tough and resilient, easily machined, and ideal for a number of electrical applications where mechanical strength is needed.

L - Linen Phenolic - Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/15
(LP 509, MIL P 15035, Type FBI)
Grade L is a fine-weave cotton cloth reinforced with a phenolic binder. Weighing not more than 4 ounces per square yard, Grade L is recommended for fine punchings or threading or for close-tolerance machining.

LE - Linen Electrical Grade Phenolic - Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/13 Type FBE
(LP 509, MIL P 15035, Type FBE)
Grade LE is similar to Grade L but with better moisture resistance and increased dimensional stability. It is also acid-resistant. Grade LE is recommended for fabricated parts that need smooth edges and good mechanical strength.

N-1 Nylon Fabric Phenolic - Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/9 Type NPG
(LP-509, MIL P 15047, Type NPG)
Grade N-1 is a staple-fiber nylon-fabric impregnated with a phenolic resin. It has good electrical properties and mechanical toughness, and it is very humidity-resistant. Grade N-1 is excellent for high-voltage electrical insulators requiring low dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, and fungus resistance.

G-9 (G-5) Melamine - Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/1 Type GME
(LP 509, MIL P 15037, Type GMG)
Grade G-9 (also known as Grade G-5) is a continuous-filament, woven-glass fabric reinforced with melamine resin. It has excellent strength under wet conditions and is ideal for applications requiring arc and flame resistance. It retains its shape and size and works well in wet environments.

G-7 Silicone Glass Laminate Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/17 Type GSC
(LP 509, MIL P 997, Type GSG)
Grade G-7 is a continuous glass fabric laminated with silicone resin. It is unequalled for high heat and arc resistance applications and can withstand humid conditions at temperatures of 460° F or higher.

G-10 & FR-4 Glass Epoxy Laminate - Order Online
Current Spec G-10 Mil-I-24768/2 Type GEE
Current Spec FR-4 Mil-I-24768/27 Type GEE-F
(LP 509, MIL P 18177, Type GEE)
Grades G-10 and FR-4 are continuous-filament, woven-glass cloth materials, permeated with an epoxy resin. These materials have good machining characteristics and good flexural, bond, and impact strength. They also exhibit excellent electrical properties over a wide variety of temperatures and have low moisture-absorption and heat-distortion characteristics.

G-11 Glass Epoxy Laminate - Order Online
Current Spec: Mil-I-24768/3 Type GEB
(LP 509, MIL P 18177, Type GEB)
Grade G-11 is similar to Grade G-10 but is self-extinguishing and exhibits a high mechanical strength up to 300° F.

LP-509 (superceeded by Mil-I-24768) products are supplied by Professional Plastics in accordance with required specifications.
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  • "Actual" Test Reports require the ordering of additional material for testing & there would be an associated Test Report Charge.
  • (LP-509 SPECIFICATION) LP-509 Phenolic Specification
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