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King Plastic Corporation began as a small, family enterprise. Now with more than 120 employees manufacturing polymer products around the clock for worldwide distribution, it hardly qualifies as a ôsmall business. However, the King family maintains independent ownership and control. The same values that made the company so successful in the past still prevail today.

King Plastic Corporation pioneered the first marine-grade polymer sheet, King StarBoard®, which remains the dominant brand in the marine industry today. Since then, King has produced dozens of breakthrough products for a wide variety of industries, from food service to signage to giant slabs weighing more than 6,000 pounds. King continues to raise the bar with new products, new production techniques and new standards of excellence.

King's recognized products include materials such as StarBoard®, StarLite®, ColorBoard®, ColorCore®, HyPact®, MicroShield® and PlastiBal®. Professional Plastics offers a full-range of products offered by King Plastics and delivers them through our 15 warehouse distribution centers in the USA and SE Asia.

HDPE ColorBoard®
(HDPE Color Core Sheets) HDPE ColorCore® Sheet
HDPE ColorCore® Sheet
(KING CUTTING BOARD) King CuttingBoard®
King CuttingBoard®
(King CuttingBoard XL) King CuttingBoard® XL
King CuttingBoard® XL
(KINGCUTCOLORS) King CuttingColors®
King CuttingColors®
(BORATED-PE-KING) King Plasti-Shield® Borated Polyethylene
King Plasti-Shield® Borated Polyethylene
(Starboard® AS (anti-skid)) StarBoard® AS (anti-skid)
StarBoard® AS (anti-skid)
(STARBOARD) StarBoard® HDPE - Marine Sheet
StarBoard® HDPE - Marine Sheet
(StarBoard ST) StarBoard® ST Sheet
StarBoard® ST Sheet
StarBoard® XL
(STARLITE XL) StarLite® XL Lightweight Marine Board
StarLite® XL Lightweight Marine Board
(VHMW - King Hy-Pact® VHMW-PE) VHMW - King Hy-Pact®
VHMW - King Hy-Pact®

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