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Kydex® 6503 Pearlescent Aviation Sheet

Kydex® 6503 Integral pearlescent low heat release aviation sheet
Kydex® 6503 is a proprietary, high performance thermoplastic sheet specifically formulated to meet the safety needs of the aviation industry. Integrally pearlescent, this sheet is perfect for use with LED lighting or on its own.

General Information:
Kydex® 6503 meets all fire retardancy requirements set forth in Federal Aviation Regulations 25.853 paragraphs (a) and (d) (old (c)) including low heat release (65 / 65) in the OSU rate of heat release test. Its excellent properties make it the ideal material to form 2 and 3-dimensional aircraft components.

Suggested Applications:
  • Aircraft Interiors
    Features of Kydex® 6503 Pearlescent Aviation Sheet:
  • Highlighted in a collection of 28 developed colours, colour matching also available
  • Available in P-3 and P-K textures and thicknesses from 0.71mm (0.028") to 3.18mm (0.125")
  • Easy to clean with aggressive cleaners such as Soft Scrub®, Fantastic®, and citrus-based cleaners, such as Citri Kleen® (avoid ammoniated cleaners)
  • Meets the stringent requirements of FAR 25.853 paragraph (d) in all thicknesses and colours
  • Forms deep draws with low forces when heated to the upper end of forming temperature range
  • Crisp detail, minimal rejects
  • Can be formed on all standard presses and cut on all standard die-cutting machines
  • Secondary operations are easily performed and include: machining, sawing, blanking, punching, etc.
  • (KYDEX 6503) Kydex® 6503 Pearlescent Aviation Sheet
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