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Kydex® 100 Sheet

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    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International

Kydex® 100 High-Impact Fire Rated Sheet: - Aircraft Approved
Super tough, durable Kydex® 100, a proprietary alloy sheet, brings new dimensions to thermoformers in formability, rigidity, breakage resistance, chemical resistance & fire retardancy. KYDEX Sheet is a high performance thermoplastic sheet is available in a wide range of standard & custom colors, textures, & sheet sizes. Kydex® sheet is Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.® recognized for UL Std 94 V-0/5V & UL 746C and has 18 ft-lbs./in (953 J/m) Notched Izod impact resistance.
Textures: P1 = Haircell Finish (standard), PC = Level Haircell, PH = Seville Texture, PA = Smooth, P8 = Suede Texture, P3 = Velour Matte, PE = Smooth Nap, PK = Cashmere
Applications: Aircraft interior components, Mass Transit Vehicle & RV interiors, Equipment Housings, Medical Products

Features of Kydex®100 Sheet:
  • Superior Formablity: For deep or hard to form parts or where good finished detail is required.
  • Rigidity: Kydex® 100 is more rigid than most other thermoplastics resulting in parts that will deform less when loaded.
  • Breakage Resistance: High Notched Izod impact resistance, KYDEX 100 offers unsurpassed resistance to breakage.
  • Chemical Resistance: Kydex® 100 meets the highest standard for chemical resistance for thermoplastic materials.
  • Fire Retardance: Meets UL 94 V-0 and 5V and UL 746C in all gauges & colors.
  • Thermoformability: Excellent forming properties and crisp detail, plus easy machining and fabricating using conventional methods, further expanding finished part possibilities.
  • Electrical Properties: KYDEX 100 exhibits a Dielectric Strength of 565 V/mil and a Dielectric Constant of 3.13 @1000 Hz, 2.78 @1 MHz, 2.46 @800MHz, 2.42 @1.9 GHz, 2.67 @ 5GHz, and 2.7 @20 GHz.
  • Kydex is Sold in Full Sheets only (48" x 96"), but we will cut down for UPS upon request
  • (KYDEX 100) Kydex® 100 Sheet
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