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Precision Board Plus (PBHT) - HDU Tooling Board

Precision Board Plus PBHT High Density Urethane Tooling Board/Modeling Board
High Density Urethane Precision Board Plus High Temp HDU. Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (PBHT) is a "closed cell" rigid urethane foam board made specifically for applications of up 300° F continuous exposure. PBHT High Density Urethane foam board is available in a wide range of standard sheet sizes and standard densities and can be cut or bonded into a variety of shapes for final machining or shaping.

Common Applications for High Density Urethane:
  • Prototype Machining, Thermoforming, Prepreg Composite Layup Tooling, Vacuum Form Tooling, Tool Proofing, Pattern Making, Master Model Making, Soft Tooling (All Types)

    Choosing The Proper PBHT Density
    Density is typically selected according to application or specific job requirements. The primary difference between various densities of our PBHT High Density Urethane is the thickness of the cell wall. The thicker the cell wall, the higher the density. The higher the density of Precision Board Plus PBHT, the stronger, tougher and heavier the product is. Density also directly relates to how much raw material is required to manufacture the product and therefore directly relates to its cost. The wide variety of densities available for PBHT means that material cost can be managed according to application-specific performance requirements.

    Available Densities (lbs per ft3)
  • PBHT-15 = 15 lb/ft3 , PBHT-18 = 18 lb/ft3 , PBHT-20 = 20 lb/ft3 , PBHT-30 = 30 lb/ft3 , PBHT-34 = 34 lb/ft3 , PBHT-40 = 40 lb/ft3 , PBHT-48 = 48 lb/ft3 , PBHT-60 = 60 lb/ft3 , PBHT-70 = 70 lb/ft3 , PBHT-75 = 75 lb/ft3
    Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane Features
  • Less Dust- More Chips for a better working environment. View our sand blasting, carving and routing tips
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not out-gas and will not affect prepreg cure. See autoclave ramping procedures.
  • Closed Cell Structure- Won't absorb anything
  • Easily cut or machined with standard cutting tools. For help with high density urethane cutter recommendations and machine setup, visit Onsrud.
  • Meets flammability burn test requirements of ASTM D-1692-74, Far 25.853, Mil-P-26514 & ASTM D635
  •    (High Density Urethane Tooling Board) Precision Board Plus (PBHT) - HDU Tooling Board


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