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Glastic Corporation provides a variety of stock products, sheets, shapes, materials and custom pultrusion capabilities. For over 50 years, the Glastic name has become synonymous with engineered composite materials that provide excellent dielectric, thermal, corrosion, abrasion and structural properties. Glastic products are proudly offered by Professional Plastics thorugh our 19 stocking warehouse locations throughout the USA, Singapore & Taiwan.

(DUROSTRONE UTR1494) Durostone®  UTR Fiberglass Products
Durostone® UTR Fiberglass Products
(GLASGUARD1130SHT) GlasGuard 1130 Corrosion-Resistant Panels
GlasGuard 1130 Corrosion-Resistant Panels
(GlasGuard 1120) GlasGuard® 1120
GlasGuard® 1120
(GLASGUARD1130) GlasGuard® 1130 Angles & Channels
GlasGuard® 1130 Angles & Channels
(FIBERGLASS RODS-BARS) GlasRod® Fiberglass HIR Rod & Shapes
GlasRod® Fiberglass HIR Rod & Shapes
(Glastherm HT200) Glastherm HT200
Glastherm HT200
(CBC PALLET MATERIAL) Glastic CBC Wave Solder Pallets
Glastic CBC Wave Solder Pallets
(GPO1) GPO-1 Sheet
GPO-1 Sheet
(GPO2) GPO-2
(GPO-3 ANGLE) GPO-3 Angle
GPO-3 Angle
(GPO-3 CHANNEL) GPO-3 Channel
GPO-3 Channel
(GPO-3 SHEET) GPO-3 Sheets
GPO-3 Sheets
(SG200 SHEETS) SG-200 Sheets
SG-200 Sheets

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