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G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95)

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G-30 polyimide glass laminate (aka Norplex P95 per NEMA GPY) is a high performance woven glass fabric bonded with polyimide resin. Specially developed to provide engineers with a plastics material capable of continuous long term use at 500°F and higher. Possesses excellent dimensional stability, mechanical and electrical properties which are well maintained at elevated temperatures. Has machining characteristics similar to Grades G10 and G11. G30 (aka Norplex P95-GPY) consists of woven glass fabric with polyimide resin. The product is engineered to maintain excellent physical properties at 240°C, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. It offers a low coefficient of thermal expansion, as well as high mechanical strength and consistent quality. It can be used for structural components, thermal insulators, PCB manufacture and assembly, and high-temperature gaskets in petrochemical plants. P95 complies with the requirements of IEC 60893-3-7-PI GC 301.
Features of G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95):
  • Thickness range: .004" to 1.00" thickness.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 464° F Continuous
  • Custom-Run Material - 8 Week Lead-Time May Apply
  • (G-30POLYIMIDE-P95) G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95)
    Links: Norplex P95 Data Sheet
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