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Fluorosilicone Rubber
Fluorosilicone, FVMQ, Fluorosilicone Rubber Products
Fluorosilicone rubber is primarily specified for gasket applications requiring the broad temperature range and age resistance of silicone rubber - along with resistance to fuels, coolants and oils that would damage silicone rubber. Custom molded fluorosilicone gaskets are available from 40 to 70 durometer Shore A. Professional Plastics has immediate access to fluorosilicone compounds that are tested and certified to meet Mil-R-25988 and AMS specifications.

Fluorosilicone Sponge
Gaskets and cushioning pads are die cut and water jet cut from St. Gobain's R10490-M closed cell fluorosilicone sponge. This product meets AMS 3323, Class 2 for moderate-firm requirements. Factory stock sheet thicknesses of R10490-M in .032", .062", .125" and .188". For fluorosilicone cushioning pads and gaskets requiring a thickness greater than .188", flexible fluorosilicone based adhesives are used to ply up layers. R10490-M has been supplied with #467 (.002" thick) and 9473 (.010" thick) acrylic adhesive.

Conductive Fluorosilicone
Electrically conductive fluorosilicone is available for EMI Shielding Gaskets and ESD Protection. Nickel-graphite filled fluorosilicone and silver plated aluminum filled fluorosilicone compounds are available in cured sheets and custom molded gaskets.

Specifications Met by Fluorosilicone Rubber
Mil-R-25988, Mil-R-25988B and AMS-R-25988 are frequently used to specify fluorosilicone rubber gaskets and materials. AMS 3325 through AMS 3331 are also used to specify fluorosilicone products. FVMQ is the ASTM type for fluorosilicone.

Fluorosilicone, Flourosilicone, Florosilicone? Fluorosilicone Rubber?
Occasionally flourosilicone or florosilicone is mistakenly used to specify fluorosilicone products. Fluorosilicone is the correct terminology and spelling. Fluorinated silicone rubber is a more technical term for fluorosilicone. Fluorosilicone rubber is a common term for Fluorosilicone, which is a synthetic material, not made from natural rubber.

FLUOROSILICONE has a high resistance to flame, weather, oxidation, ozone, silicate hydraulic fluids, alkalis, alcohol and synthetic lubricants.
   (Fluorosilicone Rubber) Fluorosilicone Rubber

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