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Fishpaper - Vulcanized Fibre Sheet

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Fish Paper (aka Fishpaper - Vulcanized Fibre) is a strong paperboard insulation used primarily for its excellent electrical insulating properties. Fish paper is a vulcanized fiber and is very flexible. Used frequently for electrical insulation, fishpaper is commonly die cut and machined. Fishpaper is extremly durable and is available both in sheet stock and custom parts.

Vulcanized Fibre is made between .0078" and .375" thick. It is made in several colors, and several grades. The most common grade is Standard Electrical Grade which is commonly referred to as Fishpaper.
  • Standard Electrical Grade Vulcanized Fibre (aka Fish Paper - Fishpaper): is made only in thinner gauges, typically from .0078" to .062" thick. It has very good electrical insulating properties, and is more flexible with good forming capabilities for applications such as slot wedge insulation.
  • Standard Color is Grey

    Vulcanized Fibre (Fishpaper) is sold under various tradenames including; Peerless, Vulcanex, Forbon, and Armite.
    Fish Paper - Fishpaper - vulcanized fibre offers:
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Can be die cut or machined
  • Flexible
  • Available in Grey (standard), Black, Blue, Brown, Red & White
  • (FISH PAPER) Fishpaper - Vulcanized Fibre Sheet

  • Fishpaper Data Sheet
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