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FEP Shrink Tubing 1.3:1 & 1.6:1

OVERVIEW of FEP Shrink Tubing 1.3:1 & 1.6:1

FEP heat shrink tubing is a common alternative to PTFE, with similar electrical and friction properties and chemical resistance. FEP heat shrinkable tubing conforms to Mil-I-23053/11, and UL 94 (V0, VW-1), and is suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 204°C. FEP heat shrink tubing is used in cases where temperatures are not as extreme, and very high shrink ratios are not necessary. It is also widely used when components cannot handle the extreme shrink temperature of PTFE. It is available in 1.6:1 and 1.3:1 varieties, shrinks at around 190-210°C, and has found widespread use and appeal.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of FEP Shrink Tubing 1.3:1 & 1.6:1

  • Continuous operating temperature 400°F (204°C)
  • Outstanding chemical resistance is extreme environments
  • FDA and USP Class VI approved
  • Lower gas permeability than PTFE
  • Increase in translucence compared to PTFE
  • Excellent transmission of UV rays
  • Excellent electrical insulation values
  • Flame rating: UL94 V0 and VW-1
  • Limiting oxygen index greater than 95
  • Gamma, ETP, e-beam and autoclave sterilizable
  • Mil Spec approved (23053/11)
  • (HSFEP) FEP Shrink Tubing 1.3:1 & 1.6:1
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