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FEP Roll Covers (1.25/1)

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OVERVIEW of FEP Roll Covers (1.25/1)

FEP Roll covers commonly used as pressure roll and fuser rolls in medium and high volume printers and copiers provide excellent reliability and bondability on rubber and foam rollers while extending wear life & increasing copier/printer speed.
FEP Roll Covers provide improved image resolution & paper handling. FEP also provides excellent bondability to metal, rubber and foam substrates.
FEP Roll Covers eliminate sticky build-up problems with rollers used in hot or cold applications. The sleeve can be applied to metal or rubber rollers using simple hot air gun. Down time to machine can be just minutes compared with days sending rollers away for sprayed non-stick coating. Thickness of FEP is normally 0.5mm compared with 0.005mm of a spayed on PTFE coating, and the cost is about the same or even less.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of FEP Roll Covers (1.25/1)

FEP Roll Covers Offer:
  • Conformance to conventional and non-conventional shapes
  • Almost universal chemical resistance
  • Zero moisture absorption
  • Good anti-stick/release surface possible
  • .020"/.508mm wall thickness for rollers from 1/2" to 12" in diameter and lengths up to 10 feet
  • In smaller sizes, longer length roll covers can be custom made.
  • (FEP ROLL COVERS) FEP Roll Covers (1.25/1)

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