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Excelon® Clear PVC Pipe & Fittings

Excelon F1000, R2000, the 4000 Series & 8000 Series of Clear & Rigid PVC Pipe, Tube & Fittings
Our product line includes Excelon R-2000 rigid tubing, Excelon R-4000 rigid schedule 40 pipe, sweeps and fittings and Excelon R-8000 rigid schedule 80 pipe. Completing the core of the Excelon System are Excelon F-1000 clear flexible fittings.

Today, the Excelon System presents new alternatives with an exciting twist...Flexible PVC pipe. TPI unites both rigid and flexible technology to bring the broadest and most extensive clear piping product mix in the industry. Manufactured with the same material and quality as our rigid PVC and under the same FDA and 3-A sanitary standards, Excelon Flexible PVC pipe provides new possibilities in system integrations and configurations. System design can now allow for flexible sweeps, serpentine construction, goose necks, bend radiuses, expansion/contraction that provide less friction and restriction in moving product through a piping system.

Applications: Food Processing, Laboratory and Chemical Applications, Electrical Conduit, Photofinishing Equipment, or any Solid, Powder, Liquid, Semi-Pneumatic and Pneumatic Systems.

Excelon Types:
  • Excelon F-1000 - Clear Flexible PVC Fittings
  • Excelon R-2000 - Clear Rigid Tubing
  • Excelon R-4000/R-8000 - Clear Rigid Schedule 40/80 PVC Pipe
  • Excelon F-4000/ F-8000 - Clear Flexible Schedule 40/80 PVC Pipe
  • Excelon PB-4000/PB-8000 - Photo Black, UV resistant, Rigid Schedule 40/80 PVC Pipe
  • Excelon DR-4000 - Clear Schedule 40 DR Acrylic Pipe
    Features of Excelon® Clear PVC Pipe & Fittings
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Extensive range of chemical resistance
  • Non-contaminating
  • Smooth surface for unrestricted flow
  • Lower sediment accumulation
  • Non-conductive
  • Strong pressure bearing capability
  • Fast and reliable solvent welded fittings
  • Ease of handling and installation.
  • (Excelon Clear PVC Pipe & Fittings) Excelon® Clear PVC Pipe & Fittings
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