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Excelon RNT® 1065 Vinyl Tubing

OVERVIEW of Excelon RNT® 1065 Vinyl Tubing

Excelon RNT® 1065 tubing is a clear, flexible, non-toxic, vinyl plastic tubing of purest content and extreme durability, corrosion resistant, tasteless and odorless. It is a medical grade clear tubing. Excelon® RNT 1065 has been extensively tested and is in accordance with FDA standards, 178.3740, 178.2010 and 175.300. It also complies with the criteria in 3-A Sanitary Standards for Multiple-Use Plastic Materials Used As Product Contact Surfaces for Dairy Equipment, Number 20-11.

This tubing meets NSF Standard 51 specifications. It is in accordance with U.S. Pharmacopeia Standards in heavy metal content (5 ppm), U.S. Pharmacopeia, vol. XIX, class VI, pg. 644-647: Implantation - Systems Injection and Intracutaneous Injection, and National Formulary, vol. 14, pg. 880-882 Containers For Injection. .

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Excelon RNT® 1065 Vinyl Tubing

Typical applications of Excelon® RNT 1065 Vinyl Tubing:
  • Food processing
  • Beverage dispensing & filling machines
  • Surgical and laboratory uses
  • Distilleries and milking machines.
  • (Excelon RNT 1065 Vinyl Tubing) Excelon RNT® 1065 Vinyl Tubing
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