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Evonik is an international industrial group with a workforce of about 41,000 and activities all over the world. Business areas include Chemicals, Energy, and Real Estate. Professional Plastics is a well-established distribution partner for Evonik offerring the full range of Acrylite Acrylic & Vestakeep PEEK products. Evonik's polymer business operates several divisions including Cyro Industries, manufacturer of Acrylite brand acrylic sheets. Evonik's High-Performance Products Group manufactures Vestakeep brand PEEK. Professional Plastics is a master distributor of Vestakeep PEEK Resins for injection molding, compression-molding and extrusion.

(ACRYLITE 249) Acrylite® 249 Sheet
Acrylite® 249 Sheet
(ACRYLITE CORRUGATED) Acrylite® Corrugated Sheet
Acrylite® Corrugated Sheet
(ACRYLITE CRYSTAL ICE) Acrylite® Crystal Ice acrylic sheet
Acrylite® Crystal Ice acrylic sheet
(ACRYLITE FF) Acrylite® FF Acrylic Sheet
Acrylite® FF Acrylic Sheet
(ACRYLITE EXOTIC EDGE) Acrylite® GP Exotic Edge
Acrylite® GP Exotic Edge
(ACRYLITE GP) Acrylite® GP Sheet
Acrylite® GP Sheet
(ACRYLITE SignFlex) Acrylite® SignFlex - LED Sign Sheet
Acrylite® SignFlex - LED Sign Sheet
(PEEK-VESTAKEEP) PEEK Resin - Vestakeep®
PEEK Resin - Vestakeep®
(VESTAKEEP-MEDICAL) Vestakeep® M2G, M4G, M4P Medical Grades
Vestakeep® M2G, M4G, M4P Medical Grades

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