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Create your own engraved signs with our materials specifically suited for engraving and labeling.

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    • The GravoTech M20 Engraver is convenient, easy-to operate and can replace your manual machine or the need to outsource your marking tasks.
    • Complete system includes engraving machine and software, tools,accessories and tutorial.
    • Choose from two user-friendly software programs, delivered standard, that will enhance your creativity:
    • The KwikClick™ PC based engraving software - Easy yet professional.
    • The KwikPocket™ user friendly software, PDA based – no PC required to operate the machine.
    • Easy clamping of plates and other objects with self-centering vice.
    • Integrated vice and pen attachment provides quick change-over and increases productivity.
    • Depth nose allows for constant depth engraving, particularly on uneven surfaces.
    • Error-free engraving lets you simulate your job before you engrave using the integrated red laser pointer – no measuring required.
    • Effortless Cutter Setup - Integrated Automatic Z reference function included standard.
    • Acrylite® POP Touch acrylic sheet has a slightly frosted texture on one side and a smooth surface on the opposite side. Specially developed to meet the needs for ADA compliant interior signage, Acrylite® POP Touch sheet yields optimal anti-glare properties necessary for ADA compliance.
    • Sheet Sizes: 48" x 96" and 61" x 97"
    • Thicknesses: .060"(1.5mm), .080" (2mm), .098" (2.5mm), .118" (3mm), .177" (4.5mm) & .220" (5.6mm)
    • G-10/FR-4 Multicolor Sheets are a unique product combining the high-performance of G-10/ FR-4 epoxy sheet, with the attractiveness of a consumer directed product.

      Board Fins made from this glass epoxy multicolor sheet are used extensively on high-end surfboards & windsurfing boards.
    • Also used by the electronics industry as an engravable G-10/FR-4 laminate.
    • Special Order Only: 8 week lead-time
    • Gravofoil® labeling film
    • Sold in sheet form, this .008" thick adhesive backed product is only for use with a rotary engraver. It creates an industrial strength permanently engraved sticker. Its very malleable PVC construction allows it to conform to many product applications.
    • Surface: Matte
    • Engraving depth: .001"
    • Standard Size: 18" x 25"
    • Composition: PVC
    • Gravoply 1® is constructed with a standard .010" cap layer and perfect for most any indoor application. Coming standard with a satin surface finish, Gravoply 1 now has many matte and textured color options available as well.
    • Interior signage
    • Industrial identification
    • Satin finish for Gravoply 1
    • Matte finish for Gravoply Decor
    • Engraving depth .012" - .014"
    • 2-ply or 3-ply
    • Many colors and thicknesses
    • HDPE ColorBoard® - King ColorBoard® a High-Density Polymer Sheet, Environmentally Stabilized in Bright Primary Colors for Use in Signage, Industrial, Playground and Recreational Applications

      If you want to keep your bright ideas looking bright for years, King ColorBoard polymer sheets are versatile, durable and colorfast for the competitive edge you're looking for. Environmentally stabilized for a lifetime of worry-free use in harsh outdoor environments, King ColorBoard is available in several gauges and comes in six vibrant colors. So, whether you're building playground equipment, park benches, picnic tables, school lockers or marine accessories, you won't find a building material that looks better or lasts longer than King ColorBoard. Accelerated color weather tests performed by independent labs and several independent R&D departments show that King ColorBoard retains its color better and longer, thanks to the stringent standard of environmental protection built into every sheet. For high traffic areas use King ColorBoard® along with King ColorCore®, our engraveable sheet to give your project that additional appeal.

      Colors:Red, Blue, Yellow, Tan, Green & Orange
    • HDPE ColorCore® Sheet is environmentally stabilized high-density polyethylene which has been developed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. It can be used in wet areas that need to be washed often for cleaning, or are regularly exposed to moisture. It can be fabricated using common woodworking tools and techniques. Its thin cap layers and bright primary colors make it ideal for signage, marine, playground and recreational applications. For maximum versatility, standard colors are made to coordinate with King ColorBoard®. We have improved King ColorCore® so it is now easier than ever to engrave. We have made the cap consistent in thickness for all three gauges of King ColorCore®, for a very uniform appearance. So when your project calls for different gauges of material, you can be confident the at your engravings will have the same quality look from sheet to sheet. Base materials are FDA approved as are most pigments. It is made with high-impact-resistant polymer to handle more abuse than conventional sign materials. King ColorCore is a superior homogeneous sheet, made with a unique state-of-the-art continuous process called PolyFusion®. It is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

      King ColorCore® is upgradable with our exclusive antimicrobial additive King MicroShield®. The latest technology for protecting the product surface against a broad spectrum of damaging bacteria, algae, and fungi by reducing the amount of microbes by 99.99% and killing the microbes on contact.

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