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DuraSurf UHMW TFB (treated for bonding)

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OVERVIEW of DuraSurf UHMW TFB (treated for bonding)

DuraSurf™ TFB (Treated For Bonding)
DuraSurf™ is the registered trade name of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) products, most notably sintered base materials for snowboards and skis. For over a decade, Crown Plastics has supplied every major snowboard manufacturer with DuraSurf™ products.

DuraSurf™ is known for its tremendous durability, along with the other well known advantages of sintered base, which include speed, wax absorption and retention, impact resistance and consistency in extreme temperatures. Our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to provide a flatter, clearer, less stressed material to manufacturers, with lead times far shorter than our competitors.

DuraSurf™ treated for bonding is supplied with one side abraded for use with a contact cement or epoxy. This bonding method is used where adhesive demands exceed the performance range of pressure sensitive adhesive systems due to load, substrate, climate, or temperature change.

DuraSurf™ TFB is compatible with most adhesive systems designed to bond to plastic materials with adhesive selection based on substrate and application requirements. The treated side of the DuraSurf™ must be kept clean and handled carefully (gloves recommended) to avoid surface contamination. The substrate should be prepared per recommendations of adhesive selected.

DuraSurf™ has a long list of properties that make it ideal for applications in a wide range of fields. It combines the greatest impact strength of any thermoplastic, with a low coefficient of friction and tremendous abrasion resistance. It is extremely stable in temperatures ranging from 220°F, down to cryogenic lows. It is an excellent electric insulator, and is easily machined, punched, sawed, and drilled.

The low coefficient of friction, tremendous abrasion resistance, and non-absorbing nature of DuraSurf™ makes for an outstanding running surface for snowboards and skis. Its impact resistance and machinability allow for DuraSurf™ to be used as tip fill and sidewalls, and the bondability and light weight makes for a great top sheet. Similar requirements are creating new opportunities for DuraSurf™ in the wakeboard and kite board industries.

DuraSurf™ can be supplied with an adhesive on one side for use as a buzz, squeak and rattle tape (BSR) in the automotive industry. These tapes are also used in the furniture, appliance and material handling industries. DuraSurf™ tapes and films can be die cut into washers, gaskets and various other wear parts for use in machinery components, and countless other anti-friction / anti-wear applications.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of DuraSurf UHMW TFB (treated for bonding)

DuraSurf™ Treated For Bonding (TFB) UHMW has been the favorite choice of snowboard manufacturers worldwide for running surface (base) material due to the incredible abrasion and impact resistance.
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  • (DURASURF-UHMW) DuraSurf UHMW TFB (treated for bonding)

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