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Dowel Rods - High-Strength

Dowel pins made from high-strength synthetic materials such as PVC, Nylon, Extren & phenolics allow designers & builders to push the limiitations of construction & cabinet building. These pins are very strong, stable & are manufacturered to much tighter tolerances than standard wooden dowels. Diameters are supplied to +.003"/-000.
  • PVC Dowel Pins are Dark Gray in color & offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and is very economical.
  • Nylon Dowel Rods are Light Yellow in color & have high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity.
  • Extren Dowel Rods are White in color & are lightweight, extremely rigid & strong. They are made from fiberglass polyester.
  • Canvas Phenolic Dowel Rods (pictured here) are Brown in color & have good mechanical and impact strength. Canvas is durable, stable & looks similar to wood but has a strength that is many times stronger than any hardwood.
  • Note: These Dowel Rods do not have chamfered edges. You may need to chamfer the edge prior to use for easy insert. Rods are standard 48" long, rather than 36" long as is standard with wooden dowels.
  • Options:
  • 1/4" dia x 48" long Dowel Rods (10 per pkg)
  • PVC: $ 30.00 per pkg
  • Nylon: $ 30.00 per pkg.
  • Extren: $ 35.00 per pkg.
  • Canvas Phenolic: $ 65.00 per pkg.
  • 3/8" dia x 48" long Dowel Rods (10 per pkg)
  • PVC: $ 35.00 per pkg
  • Nylon: $ 35.00 per pkg.
  • Extren: $ 45.00 per pkg.
  • Canvas Phenolic: $ 90.00 per pkg.
  • 1/2" dia x 48" long Dowel Rods (10 per pkg)
  • PVC: $ 45.00 per pkg
  • Nylon: $ 45.00 per pkg.
  • Extren: $ 70.00 per pkg.
  • Canvas Phenolic: $ 110.00 per pkg.
  • (DOWELS) Dowel Rods - High-Strength
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