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Countertop Sneeze Guards - Plexiglass

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OVERVIEW of Countertop Sneeze Guards - Plexiglass

Countertop Sneeze Guards - Freestanding Countertop Plexiglass Sneezeguards (aka Coronavirus Shields) - Acrylic Countertop Shields protect retail workers from infectious droplets from customer sneezes & coughs. In light of the coronavirus COVID-19, we are seeing a significant jump in demand for acrylic sheets for sneeze guards. These easy-to-assemble countertop sneeze guards are used in Convenience stores, Pharmacies, Urgent Care Centers & other public sites are using these shields to protect workers from spray and airborne spread of the virus. Plexiglass acrylic is Easily Cleaned (with warm soap & water - OR Novus 1 Cleaner), Transparent (for easy visibility), and 50% the Weight of glass. Our Plexiglass Sneeze Guards are also easily assembled on-site (just slide three pieces together).

For More Information see: Countertop Sneeze Guard Images, Sizes & Specifications
  • Checkout Counter Sneeze Guards have STANDARD 12 INCH TALL x 20 INCH WIDE PASS-THRU openings to allow for checkout scanning of items.
  • Smaller 4" tall pass-thru openings are available on a custom-order basis, or by clicking here: Nail Salon Sneeze Guards - 4 inch tall opening
  • All Sizes Above are Stated in INCHES - The Professional Plastics name does NOT appear on this product.

  • Note: To Order CUSTOM-MADE SHIELDS TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS - Send us your Sizes & we will Design & Fabricate for you
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Countertop Sneeze Guards - Plexiglass

    Countertop Plexiglass Sneeze Guards from Professional Plastics:
  • Used in Convenience Stores, Pharmacies, Urgent Care Centers, Restaurant Takeout, and Retail sites.
  • Protect workers from sneeze and cough spray resulting in airborne droplet spread.
  • Acrylic is easily cleaned (with warm soap & water), transparent (for easy visibility), and 50% the weight of glass.
  • Easy to assemble - just slide the three pieces together (shield and two legs)

    Pharmacies using protective plexiglass sneeze guards (acrylic shields) and plexiglass checkout barriers include: Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Cosco, Publix, Winn-Dixie, HEB, and hospital-based pharmacies at Kaiser, Scripps, Sharp, and more. During the coronavirus outbreak, protective virus shields have become mandatory in some states for retail environments.
  • (Countertop Sneeze Guards) Countertop Sneeze Guards - Plexiglass
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    CUSTOMER REVIEWS — Countertop Sneeze Guards - Plexiglass
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    Daniel said..
    Chaska, MN

    Perfect fit for our retail countertop space. Love it.
    Michelle said..
    Broomall, PA

    Very happy with our countertop sneeze guards and received them rather quickly.

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