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Probe Card - Probe Test (3825-PC)
Probe Card - Probe Test
A probe card is an interface between an electronic test system and a semiconductor wafer. Typically the probe card is mechanically docked to a prober and electrically connected to a tester. Its purpose is to provide an electrical path between the test system and the circuits on the wafer, thereby ...
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Vycom Plastics (CPG-Vycom Scranton)

Vycom Plastics, Inc. (formerly Compression Polymers Group (CPG), Vycom Products & Scranton Products) are recognized leaders in the production of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic sheets for semiconductor & chemical process industries. Professional Plastics stocks a wide range of Vycom products for fast delivery. Brands such as Flametec®, Celtec®, Sanatec®, Kytec® PVDF, Playboard®, Seaboard® Hitec® HDPE, Protec® PP, Vintec® PVC, Corrtec®, and Corzan® CPVC are produced in a state-of-the-art facility of more than 1 million square feet under one roof. Professional Plastics has partnered with Vycom for more than 25 years to provide world-class service to our global customer base.
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