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Pool Equipment & Supplies (5091-PE)
Pool Equipment & Supplies
Pool Equipment & Supplies - Companies in this industry primarily sell aboveground swimming pools and hot tubs as well as swimming pool equipment, including pool chemicals, cleaning and maintenance equipment and recreational items intended for swimming pool use. Plastics are used in various ...
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Vycom Plastics (CPG-Vycom Scranton)

Vycom Plastics (CPG-Vycom Scranton)
Vycom Plastics, Inc. (formerly Compression Polymers Group (CPG), Vycom Products & Scranton Products) are recognized leaders in the production of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic sheets for semiconductor & chemical process industries. Professional Plastics stocks a wide range of Vycom products for fast delivery. Brands such as Flametec®, Celtec®, Sanatec®, Kytec® PVDF, Playboard®, Seaboard® Hitec® HDPE, Protec® PP, Vintec® PVC, Corrtec®, and Corzan® CPVC are produced in a state-of-the-art facility of more than 1 million square feet under one roof. Professional Plastics has partnered with Vycom for more than 25 years to provide world-class service to our global customer base.
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