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Ceramatest™ 500 - Mica-Filled Ceramic

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Ceramatest™ 500 is a glass bonded sythetic mica ceramic material designed to meet the exacting demands of technical markets. This material is a versatile and efficient electrical and thermal insulating material. Ceramatest 500 is a fully inorganic material used to bridge the performance gap between high performance plastics and structural ceramics. Ceramatest 500 glass bonded mica ceramic is a simultaneous union under high pressure and temperature of finely powdered electrical quality glass and precisely defined (natural or synthetic) mica. The resulting stone-like, dense ceramic material inherits all of the insulating advantages of both components.

Ceramatest™ is available in several machinable grades suitable for processing with standard carbide tools and water (or a water based lubricant) and in moldable grades that do not require firing or sintering after molding. As a result, the material can accommodate metal inserts during molding similar to thermoplastics. CeramaTest™ does not burn or outgas. The material is dimensionally stable at elevated temperatures
  • Max. Continuous Use Temperature is 930° F (500° C)
  • Ceramatest™ 500 is LIGHT GREY in Color
    Advantages of Ceramates™ 500 - Mica-Filled Ceramic:
  • Fully inorganic, non-flammable, does not burn, outgas or carbonize.
  • Easier to machine than other machinable ceramics.
  • Can be drilled, bored or tapped with standard carbide tooling and water or a waterbased lubricant.
  • Exceptional dimensional stability throughout the usable temperature range for each material grade.
  • Molds and machines similar to plastics.
  • No post firing/sintering is required after molding or machining.
  • Can accommodate metal inserts during molding.
  • Impervious to moisture, oils and gasses.
  • Does not age and has an unlimited shelf-life.
  • Withstands thermal cycling.
  • Low thermal conductivity making Ceramatest™ an excellent thermal insulator.
  • Can be thick film metallized using metal inks or thin film sputtered.
  • High dielectric strength and low electrical loss.
  • High arc resistance.
  • Can be bonded to other Ceramatest™ pieces or other materials using epoxy, ceramic adhesive or sealing glass.
  • Vacuum tight inboth machined and molded forms without metal inserts.
  • (Ceramatest 500) Ceramatest™ 500 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
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