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Axson has acquired CASS Polymers of Michigan, Inc. This acquisition will further strengthen the position of AXSON as a global leader in high performance polymers formulations. CASS polymers of Michigan Inc. will be integrated into Axson US, Inc. and Axson Technologies will manage the acquired business and brands, which include Tool Chemical Composites (TCC), ADTECH Plastic Systems, ADTECH Marine Systems, and SPARTITE.

The acquisition fortifies the focus of Axson Technologies on providing high performance polymer formulations to the tooling, prototyping, structural adhesive and composite markets globally and in North America, more specifically. Axson will continue to offer the Tool Chemical Composites (TCC), ADTECH, ADTECH Marine and Spartite lines which include well known products such as Model Plank, Pattern Plank, DiePlank, Fixture Plank, Probuild and other ADTECH Marine products. The current Axson Technologies product line also includes Prolab, Lab 850, SC Modeling Paste, Adekit Adhesives, PX Series prototyping urethanes, APF Series polyester putties and the Wood & Stone Company products
  • Axson Complete Product Range Details & Selection Guide

    (DP-1051 Aluminum filled Die Plank) DP-1051 Aluminum filled Die Plank
    DP-1051 Aluminum filled Die Plank
    (FP-1050 Fixture Plank) FP-1050 Fixture Plank®
    FP-1050 Fixture Plank®
    (High Temperature Honeycomb Panels) High Temp Honeycomb Panels
    High Temp Honeycomb Panels
    (Marine Fairing Compounds) Marine Fairing Compounds
    Marine Fairing Compounds
    (MP-1055 Model Plank) MP-1055 Model Plank
    MP-1055 Model Plank
    (MP-1065 Salmon) MP-1065 Salmon Modeling Board
    MP-1065 Salmon Modeling Board
    (P-17, P-77, P-15-3 Polyester Filler Pastes) Polyester Fillers Pastes
    Polyester Fillers Pastes
    (Polyurethane Foam Boards TCC-6012, 6015, 6020, 6030) Polyurethane Foam Boards TCC-6012, 6015, 6020, 6030
    Polyurethane Foam Boards TCC-6012, 6015, 6020, 6030
    (PP-1052 HD Pattern Plank) PP-1052 HD Pattern Plank
    PP-1052 HD Pattern Plank
    (PP-1052 Red Stuff) PP-1052 Red Stuff Tooling Board
    PP-1052 Red Stuff Tooling Board
    (ProBuild Epoxy Fiberglass Repair Kit) ProBuild Epoxy Fiberglass Repair Kit
    ProBuild Epoxy Fiberglass Repair Kit
    (TCC-401 Room Temperature Mass Casting System) TCC-401 / TCC-104, TCC-104-5, TCC-105
    TCC-401 / TCC-104, TCC-104-5, TCC-105
    (TCC-5220 Patch Paste) TCC-5220 A/B Fast Patch Paste
    TCC-5220 A/B Fast Patch Paste
    (Tooling Compound EL-323) Tooling Compound EL-323
    Tooling Compound EL-323

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