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Cal Am Manufacturing is a plastic injection molding company that specializes in producing products for the Power and Telecommunications and Green Industries. Founded in Southern California over 25 years ago, our focus on manufacturing high-quality electrical and irrigation fittings has given us the ability to offer our customers one of the broadest lines of molded plastic fittings available today. We take great pride in our ability to consistently manufacture high-performance plastics and apply state-of-the-art manufacturing and QC techniques that give us the confidence to stand behind every part that leaves our warehouses.

Professional Plastics distributes Cal Am products through our 19 locations in the USA, Singapore & Taiwan.

(Cal Missile Brand Duct Projectiles) Cal Missile™ Duct Projectiles
Cal Missile™ Duct Projectiles
(Clip Spacers) Clip Spacers
Clip Spacers
(Duct Centralizer) Duct Centralizer
Duct Centralizer
(Hi-Impact Utility Duct Spacers) Hi-Impact Utility Duct Spacers
Hi-Impact Utility Duct Spacers
(Kwikie™ Duct Plugs) Kwikie™ Duct Plugs
Kwikie™ Duct Plugs
(Poly Pull Plug - Temporary Plugs) Poly Pull™ Plug
Poly Pull™ Plug
(PVC Duct Couplings) PVC Duct Couplings
PVC Duct Couplings
(PVC End Caps for conduit) PVC End Caps for Conduit
PVC End Caps for Conduit
(Reducer Bushings) Reducer Bushings
Reducer Bushings
(Wedge Seal - Simplex/Multiplex Duct Plug) Wedge Seal - Simplex/Multiplex Duct Plug
Wedge Seal - Simplex/Multiplex Duct Plug

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