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Corner Guards - Polycarbonate

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Corner Guards - Lexan Polycarbonate Plastic Corner Guards are are crystal clear which makes them adaptable to any decor. These protective corner gaurds can be placed over wallpaper, paint or paneling without obscuring the pattern or color. These Tri-Guard™ Polycarbonate Corner Guards will not chip, crack, break, discolor or shrink. They prevent damage or soiling to the wall. Ideal for long-term protection of Hotels, Office Buildings & Apartment Buildings where accidental impact commonly occurs.
  • Standard Type (CLEAR WITH NO HOLES) - unless otherwise specified by part number
  • Also available in Self-Stick Adhesive Backed (see product overview - different part numbers)
  • Also available in Colors (see product overview - different part numbers)
    Corner Guards are easily installed in minutes and are guaranteed to last years without cracking, chipping, warping or yellowing. Maintenance is a simple soap and water operation.
  • Ideal for Hotels, Office Buildings & Apartment Buildings.
  • Wholesale or Retail - Contractors Welcome - we can ship to your job site.
  • (CORNER GUARDS) Corner Guards - Polycarbonate
    Tri-Guard™ Part Numbers
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