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C-Flex® ULTRA biopharma pump tubing

C-Flex® ULTRA biopharmaceutical pump tubing
New C-Flex® ULTRA pump tubing is the latest addition to the C-Flex family of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing. Specifically designed to meet the critical demands of the biopharmaceutical industry, C-Flex® ULTRA outperforms all other TPE materials on the market today.

Produced from the same C-Flex® materials that have been validated by biopharmaceutical companies for over two decades, C-Flex® ULTRA exceeds the industry's demands for a clear, flexible, sealable and weldable pump tubing for fluid processing applications.

C-Flex® ULTRA is available in 10 standard sizes. Custom sizes, lengths and packaging are also available upon request.

Typical Applications of C-Flex® ULTRA biopharmaceutical pump tubing:
  • Single-use assemblies
  • Pumping
  • Process filling
  • Sampling
    Features/Benefits of C-Flex® ULTRA biopharmaceutical pump tubing:
  • Complies with USP Class VI standards
  • Manufactured under strict GMP guidelines
  • Non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic
  • Chemically resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis
  • Significantly less permeable than silicone
  • Low platelet adhesion and protein binding
  • Lower spallation than any other TPE or silicone formulation
  • Exceptional pump life —still pumping after 1,400 hours of continuous operation at 600 rpms*
  • Smooth outer surface does not gum pump heads like other TPE materials
  • Excellent clarity – fluid is easily visible through the translucent tubing wall
  • Sealable and weldable either pre- or post-gamma irradiation
    * Tests performed by independent lab at 600 rpm/15 lbs back pressure
  • (C-Flex Ultra Tubing) C-Flex® ULTRA biopharma pump tubing
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