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Makrofol┬« DE and Bayfol® PC polycarbonate films are available in a wide variety of surface textures, including glass-clear with both sides gloss.
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  • Bayfol® CR Polycarbonate Film
      Bayfol® CR is a blend film of polycarbonate and polyester. This grade has outstanding cold-forming properties e.g. by the high-pressure forming (HPF) process and has become established in the in-mold decoration process. Bayfol® CR has excellent chemical resistance and flexibility. The latter makes Bayfol® CR the optimum grade for producing film keypads and membrane switches.

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  • Bayfol® CREC PC/PBT Blend Film
      Bayfol® CREC is an extruded film based on a PC/PBT blend. It comprises good forming properties and chemical resistance as well as color stability at elevated temperatures. Bayfol® CREC is perfectly suitable for printing applications. Available surface qualities are gloss/fine matte (1-4) and fine velvet/very fine matte (6-2). The thickness range is between 75 and 750 ìm. Bayfol® CREC is used in particular for membrance switch overlays, homeplates, keypads and touch panels.

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  • Bayfol® AS-A Anti-Static PC/PBT Film
      Bayfol® AS-A is an anti-static, black-colored film made from a PC/PBT blend. Due to its anti-static properties (surface resis tance: 105 Ohm), this film, which is normally supplied as narrow cut rolls from 10 mm in width, is suitable for the packaging of electronic components. Bayfol® AS-A is available in thicknesses between 200 and 400 ìm.

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  • Makrofol® Polycarbonate Film Overview & Links
      Polycarbonate Films
      Makrofol ® DE and Bayfol® PC polycarbonate films are available in a wide variety of surface textures, including glass-clear with both sides gloss. These films offer high light transmittance, excellent surface uniformity, and ease of processing. All films use pure Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate resin. Most meet FDA approval and have the necessary UL ratings.

      Makrofol® DE
      Makrofol® DE is a transparent or colored extruded film made of Bayer MaterialScience's Makrolon® polycarbonate. Makrofol® DE is noted for its outstanding graphic quality. Various surface finishes are avail able, ranging from high gloss on both sides (1-1), through fine matte (2 or 4) to velvet (6 or 7). The thickness range is between 125 and 750 μm, in some cases between 50 and 1,000 μm. The high gloss surfaces are masked from scratching by a protective film (C = cling masking film, S = adhesive masking film). Makrofol® DE is used in particular for nameplates, facings and displays.

      Makrofol® ID
      Makrofol® ID is a range of special films for cards such as ID cards. In this segment, polycarbonate is favored particularly where high demands exist with regard to service life and expo sure to mechanical and thermal loads. Special security features can be integrated, and modifications can be made to guarantee a high-contrast laser printing. White Makrofol® ID grades are mostly used printed as opaque (light-impermeable) inlay films.

      Makrofol® BL
      This light-diffusing film has been developed as a special grade for automotive instrument panels (illuminated dials, scales and displays). Makrofol® BL is dazzle-free and scratch-resistant and has a fine matte or velvet surface (2-2 or 6-2). The light-diffus ing effect is achieved through the use of a light-scattering pigment, as a result of which this film can also be produced in thicknesses of up to 125 μm. Makrofol® BL is noted above all for giving even illumination over a large surface area from a point light source, making it ideal for creative designs, e.g. in the lighting segment.

      Makrofol® LT
      Makrofol® LT is also a light-diffusing film, except that here the light-scattering effect comes from the incorporation of fine glass fibers. Makrofol® LT films are extruded in thicknesses of between 425 and 750 μm. Because of its fiber content, this film has high dimensional stability and strength.

      Makrofol® FR
      Makrofol® FR 7-2 flame retardant film is a clear polycarbonate film with a velvet first surface and a fine matte second surface. Makrofol® FR 7-2 is available in thicknesses of between 250 and 750 μm. With UL 95 V-O rating, Makrofol® FR 7-2 is designed for many applications such as trade show displays and memoplates.

      Bayfol® CR
      Bayfol® CR is a blend film of polycarbonate and polyester. This grade has outstanding cold-forming properties e.g. by the high-pressure forming (HPF) process and has become established in the in-mold decoration process. Bayfol® CR has excellent chemical resistance and flexibility. The latter makes Bayfol® CR the optimum grade for producing film keypads and membrane switches.

      Bayfol® CREC
      Bayfol® CREC is an extruded film based on a PC/PBT blend. It comprises good forming properties and chemical resistance as well as color stability at elevated temperatures. Bayfol® CREC is perfectly suitable for printing applications. Available surface qualities are gloss/fine matte (1-4) and fine velvet/very fine matte (6-2). The thickness range is between 75 and 750 μm. Bayfol® CREC is used in particular for membrance switch overlays, homeplates, keypads and touch panels.

      Bayfol® AS-A
      Bayfol® AS-A is an anti-static, black-colored film made from a PC/PBT blend. Due to its anti-static properties (surface resis tance: 105 Ohm), this film, which is normally supplied as narrow cut rolls from 10 mm in width, is suitable for the packaging of electronic components. Bayfol® AS-A is avail able in thicknesses between 200 and 400 μm.

      Bayfol® DF-A
      Bayfol® DF-A is a high-grade extruded film made of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene polymer). The films are colored black (other colors also possible in principle) and, because of their excellent surface finish on both sides, are used as carrier film for coating and decorative film, e.g. also in the hot-embossing process. Bayfol® DF-A is extruded as standard in thicknesses between 425 and 500 μm.

      Marnot XL® clear & Marnot XL® matte
      The scratch-resistant Marnot film has a one-sided coating on a straight polycarbonate film (Makrofol® DE) with an extremely scratch-resistant protective coating. The coating can be either high gloss (MarnotTM XL clear) or slightly matte to make it dazzle-free (MarnotTM XL matte) at various gloss levels. This film is also manufactured in a standard thickness range between 175 and 750 μm. Laminated film protects the surface on both sides.

      ProTek® MaxDraw
      PC film with formable hardcoat. Easy to deep draw with abrasion and scratch resistance far superior to uncoated substrates. Excellent chemical resistance to common household chemicals.

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  • RoHS Compliance Statement
      RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
    • Professional Plastics RoHS Compliance Statement

      Declaration on Substances Hazardous for Health (RoHS).
      To the best of our knowledge none of our raw material suppliers use the below stated items or their production process.
      Professional Plastics states that the listed plastics we distribute DO NOT CONTAIN Cadmium or Cadmium compounds, Lead, Mercury or hexavalent Chromium,Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and Polybrominated Diphenylethers (PBDE), according to Directive 2002/95/EC (ôRoHS Restrictions of hazardous substances in waste from electrical and electronic equipment") also 2000/53/EC (End of life vehicles).


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  • Tradenames of Plastic Materials
      Tradename Material Manufacturer
      Aardalloy POM alloy Aardvark Polymers
      Aarlon Rotational molding PA 6, PA66 Aardvark Polymers
      Aarolene PE, PS, PP Aaron Industries
      Aaroprene SBS, SEBS, TPV Aaron Industries
      Aarpol PBT, PET, TPE Aardvark Polymers
      Aartel Rotational molding POM Aardvark Polymers
      Abbex PE ZAO "PO" POLYMER"
      Abifor ABS Develop Thermoplastic Resins
      Abistir ABS Celanese So.F.teR.
      Absolac ABS Styrolution
      Absolan SAN Styrolution
      Absoloy ABS/PBT Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Abson ABS/PVC alloy PolyOne
      Abstrene ABS Martogg &Company
      ABStron ABS, ABS/PMMA, PC/ABS, SAN Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd.
      Absylux ABS Westlake Plastics Company
      Acarb PC Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd
      Acella Polyolefin Benecke-Kaliko AG
      Accucomp Blended compounds Aclo Compounders
      Accuguard Flame retardant compounds Aclo Compounders
      Acculoy Alloyed resins Aclo Compounders
      Accutech Engineering resins Aclo Compounders
      Acester PBT Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Acetron POM Quadrant EPP
      Achieve mPP Equistar Chemical Company
      Achilles PMMA, Foamed PS, PUR Achilles Corporation
      Aclam Fluoropolymer film Honeywell Specialty Films
      Aclon Fluoropolymer Honeywell Specialty Films
      Acmos PC, PS, PVC Acmos Chemie KG
      Acmosan PMMA Acmos Chemie KG
      Acmosil PA, TPU Acmos Chemie KG
      Acnor PPO/PPE Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Acoustiflex PU foam Flint Hills Resources
      Acrigel PMMA Unigel Plasticos S/A
      Acriglas PMMA sheet Acrilex
      Acriglo PMMA sheet Acrilex
      Acrolex PC/PMMA/PS alloy Ferro
      Acronal PMMA BASF
      Acroplast PMMA sheet JSC Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteclo
      Acryalloy PMMA/PVC alloy Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Acrycal PMMA Martogg & Company
      Acrycast PMMA sheet Calsak Corporation
      Acrycol PMMA Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Acryester PMMA/PVC alloy Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Acryft EMMA Sumitomo Chemical
      Acryl PMMA sheet JSC Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteclo
      Acrylloy PMMA sheet Professional Plastics, Inc.
      AcryliMax ABS S&E Specialty Polymers LLC
      Acriplex PMMA sheet Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Acrylite PMMA sheet Evonik Industries
      Acryma PMMA sheet JSC Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteclo
      Acrymid PMMA Evonik Industries
      Acrypet PMMA Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Acryplen PMMA film Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Acryrex PMMA Chi Mei Corporation
      Acrysteel PMMA Aristech Acrylics
      Acrytex MBS Chi Mei Corporation
      Acsium Chlorosulfonated PE DuPont
      Acstyr ABS Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Actimer TPE Riken Technos
      ActiTuf PET M&G Polymers
      Acudel PPSU Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Acutech PEEK Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
      Akurate ABS, PA, PP Rajiv Plastic Industries
      Acvitron Flexible PVC Actiplast
      Adell Thermoplastic resin Adell Plastics
      Adene PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Aderf PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Adflex PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Adifran SBS/PS VTC Franceschetti Elastomeri
      Addilene PP Addiplast
      Addinyl PA 6, PA 66 Addiplast
      Adiprene Solid PU elastomers Chemtura Corporation
      Adlas PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Adlen PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Admer Modified polyolefin adhesive resin Mitsui Chemicals
      Adnyl PA PLUSS Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd.
      Adpro PP Flint Hills Resources
      Adref PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Adstif Olefin Copolymer LyondellBasell Industries
      Adstir Recycled PS AD Compound S.p.A.
      Adsyl Seal resins LyondellBasell Industries
      Advanced PP Advanced Petrochemicals Company
      Advanced N PPA BASF
      Advantic Syntatic foam Cornerstone Research Group
      Advex Extrusion PVC PolyOne
      Aegis PA 6 nonocomposite Honeywell Specialty Polymers
      Aero-Lite PEI Azdel
      Afdene BR Karbochem Pty. Ltd.
      Affinity Metallocene ULDPE Dow Chemical
      Aflas PTFE Asahi Glass Company Ltd.
      Aflon PTFE Asahi Glass Company Ltd.
      Afpol ESBR Karbochem Pty. Ltd.
      Afsol SSBR Karbochem Pty. Ltd.
      Agiflex PEBA Agiplast
      Agility LDPE Dow Chemicals
      Agimid PA 11, PA 12 Agiplast
      Agriplas PP A. Schulman
      Agriplast HDPE, PP Biowert Industrie GmbH
      Agroresin Biopolymer Grenidea Techologies
      Aida ABS, HIPS, PC, PMMA, PP sheet Noavaran Aida Plastic
      Aidmer PTFE JiangXi Aidmer Seals & Packing Co., Ltd.
      AIE ABS, PA, PBT, PC, PET, PP Asia International Plastics (Hong Kong) Ltd.
      Aim HIPS Dow Chemical
      AI Polymer PAI Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company
      Airex Linear PVC foam Alcan Airex
      Akbonat PC Akay Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akdur PPB Akay Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akestra Copolyester Perstorp Group
      Akilen PET Kolon Industries
      Aklamyd PA 6, PA 66 Akay Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akmaryl ABS Akay Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akpylen PP Akay Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akretan TPU Akay Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akrolen PP Akro-Plastic GmbH
      Akroloy PA PA Akro-Plastic GmbH
      Akromid PA 6, PA 66 Akro-Plastic GmbH
      Akril SAN Akai Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akron HIPS Akay Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akrylon PMMA Quinn Plastics
      Akrylon XT PMMA Policasa
      Aksetal POM Akay Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
      Akufil PE, PP Rajiv Plastic Industries
      Akulon PA 6, PA 66 DSM
      Akuloy PA 6, PA 66 DSM
      Akuplene PP Rajiv Plastic Industries
      Akurate GPPS, HIPS Rajiv Plastic Industries
      Akylux PP sheet Kaysersberg Plastics
      Akyplen PP sheet Kaysersberg Plastics
      Akyver PC sheet Irpen Group
      Alamid PA 6, PA 66 LEIS Polytechnik GmbH
      Alastian PE, PP Alastian
      Alathon HDPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Albis-Polyamid PA 6, PA 66 Albis Plastic GmbH
      Alcom PA 6, PA 66, PBT, PC, POM, PP Albis Plastic GmbH
      Alcryn TPE Ferro
      Alcudia EVA Repsol YPF
      Alcupol PU foam Repsol YPF
      Alfacarb PS Alfaline S.r.l.
      Alfanyl PA 6, PA 66 Alfaline S.r.l.
      Alfater PBT Alfaline S.r.l.
      Alfater XL TPV Albis Plastic GmbH
      Algoflon PTFE Solvay Solexis
      Alkathene LDPE, LLDPE Qenos Pty. Ltd.
      Alkatuff LLDPE rotational molding Qenos Pty. Ltd.
      Alkex Aramid fiber Hyosung
      Alkorfol PCV film Renolit
      Alkorplan PCV film Renolit
      Alkortec EVA film Renolit
      Alkortop TPO film Renolit
      Allruna ABS, PC, PP, TPE Allod Werkstoff GmbH
      Almatex PMMA Mitsui Chemicals
      Alphacan PVC, PE, PP tubes Arkema Group
      Alphalac PS LG Chemical
      Alphalen PE, PP Alpha Calcit GmbH & Co. KG
      Alphalon PA ATT Polymers GmbH
      Alphapet PET La Seda De Barcelona
      Alpha Seal TPE Alpha Gary
      Alphatec TPE Alpha Gary
      Alpolic PE Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
      Altech ABS, PA, PC, POM, PP Albis Plastic GmbH
      Altek Polyester resin AOC LLC
      Altuglas PMMA sheet Arkema Group
      Alveobloc Closed cell polyolefin foam Sekisui Alveo
      Alveocel Closed cell polyolefin foam Sekisui Alveo
      Alveolen Closed cell polyolefin foam Sekisui Alveo
      Alveolit Closed cell polyolefin foam Sekisui Alveo
      Alveolon Crosslinked polyolefin foam Sekisui Alveo
      Alveolux Polyolefin foam Sekisui Alveo
      Alveosoft Closed cell polyolefin foam Sekisui Alveo
      Alyacarb PC Polymeres S.A.
      Alyadur PBT Polymeres S.A.
      Alyalene PP Polymeres S.A.
      Alyamid PA 6, PA 66 Polymeres S.A.
      Amalloy Clear polymer Amco Plastic Materials
      AmberGuard PET Eastman
      Ambicat PE Borealis AG
      Amidene PA 6, PA 66 Martogg & Company
      Amidroll PA film Kolon
      Amilan PA Toray Industries
      Amilus POM Toray Industries
      Amodel PPA Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Amorvon PPS Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Ampblend PC/ABS Amplas Compounding
      Amplon PA 6, PA 66 Amplas Compounding
      Amploy PC/PBT Amplas Compounding
      Anjablend PC/ABS, PC/PBT Almaak International
      Anjacom PA 6 Almaak International
      Anjacryl PMMA Almaak International
      Anjadur PBT, PET Almaak International
      Anjaflor PVDF Almaak International
      Anjaform POM Almaak International
      Anjalin ABS, SAN Almaak International
      Anjalon PC Almaak International
      Anjamid PA 6, PA 66 Almaak International
      Anjapur TPU Almaak International
      Anjatech PA 66 Almaak International
      Ansablend PC/ABS, PC/PBT ANSA Termoplastici
      Ansaglass PMMA ANSA Termoplastici
      Ansalac ABS ANSA Termoplastici
      Ansalene PP ANSA Termoplastici
      Ansalon PC ANSA Termoplastici
      Ansamid PA 6 ANSA Termoplastici
      Antaeus PC film Jiangmen Antaeus Technology & Industry Co.,Ltd
      Antiflex PMMA TTV GmbH
      Antron PA fiber DuPont
      Anwidur PVC Anwil S.A.
      Anwipor PVC Anwil S.A.
      Anybes PA 12 Shin-Ho Petrochemical Ltd.
      Anypol EPS Shin-Ho Petrochemical Ltd.
      Aparene SBR Apar Industries Ltd.
      Apec PC Bayer MaterialScience
      Apel Cyclo-olefin copolymer Mitsui Chemicals
      A-Pet Polyester sheet Teijin Ltd.
      Apex PVC Teknor Apex
      Aphalon PA 6 Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH
      API PS American Polymers
      Apical PI film Kaneka
      Apiflex PVC API s.p.a.
      Apigo TPO API s.p.a.
      Api L TPEE API s.p.a.
      Apilon TPU API s.p.a.
      Apinat Biopolymer API s.p.a.
      Apizero PU API s.p.a.
      Aplax PP Ginar Technology Co. Ltd.
      Apolhya TPE Arkema
      Appcol Colored masterbatches APPL Industries Ltd.
      Appcon PP APPL Industries Ltd.
      Appeel EVACE DuPont
      Appet PBT APPL Industries Ltd.
      Applene PE APPL Industries Ltd.
      Appnate PC APPL Industries Ltd.
      Appet PBT APPL Industries Ltd.
      Applac ABS/PMMA APPL Industries Ltd.
      Applon PA APPL Industries Ltd.
      Apploy PC/ABS, PC/PBT APPL Industries Ltd.
      Appryl PP APPL Industries Ltd.
      Appstrolon ABS/PA APPL Industries Ltd.
      Appstron PS APPL Industries Ltd.
      Aptiv PEEK film Victrex
      Aqua-Link Polyolefin compounds AT Plastics
      Aqualor PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Aqualoy PP A. Schulman
      Aquamid PA 6, PA 66 Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Aquanyl cast PA Nylacast Ltd.
      Aquarel PA 6, PA 66 Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Aquasol PVOH A. Schulman
      Aquathene Polyolefin copolymer LyondellBasell
      Aramica PPTA film Asahi Kasei Company Ltd.
      Arathane PUR Huntsman International
      Arbelac ABS Arbe Indonesia
      Arbepor EPS Arbe Indonesia
      Arbesan SAN Arbe Indonesia
      Arboblend Bio-polymer Technaro GmbH
      Arbofill Bio-polymer Technaro GmbH
      Arboform bio-polymer (wwod) Technaro GmbH
      Arc ABS, PC, PA, POM, PET ARC Resin Corporation
      Arcel PS/PE alloy Nova Chemicals
      Arcomid PA 6, PA 66 Arcoplex Trading SPA
      Arcoplen PP Arcoplex Trading SPA
      Ardel Polyarylate Westlake Plastics Company
      Argonium Composite resins Epic Polymer
      Aricon PBT, PBT/PET Technical Polymers LLC
      Arlen PA 6T Mitsui Chemicals
      Arlon PEEK Greene Tweed
      Armaflex PUR foam Armacell GmbH
      Armamid PA 6 Polyplastics-Technopol
      Armlen PP, TEEE Polyplastics-Technopol
      Armor-X TPE Quadrant EPP
      Armos Aramid fiber JSC Kamenskvolokno
      Arnipol NBR Interquimica
      Arnite PBT, PET DSM
      Arnitel TEEE DSM
      Aron PVC Toagosei Co. Ltd.
      Aropol Low styrene polyester resin Ashland
      Arotran SMC Ashland
      Arpak Expandable PP bead JSP International
      Arpol SBR Interquimica
      Arpro Expandable PP bead JSP International
      Artec Aramid yarn JSC Kamenskvolokno
      Artenius PET La Seda De Barcelona
      Articon Masterbaches Ovation Polymers
      Artlex PPE Sumitomo Chemical
      Artley PPE Sumitomo Chemical
      Arton Norbornene polymers JSR Corporation
      Arucell CA, CAP Rotuba
      Arylmax PAEK, PEKK Polymics Ltd.
      Aryphan Polyarylate film Dr. Dietrich MüGmbH
      Asadene BR Asahi Kasei
      Asaflex SB Block Copolymer Asahi Kasei
      Asaprene SB TPE Asahi Kasei
      Asapryl PPO Tiu Plast a.s.
      Ascend PA film, filament Ascend Performance Materilas
      Asepsys PET Hyosung
      Ashlene PA, PBT, PC, PET, POM, PPE Ashley Polymers
      Asnyl PVC PT Asahimas Chemical
      Aspect PET Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Aspet PET South Asian Petrochem Ltd
      Asprene SBS Astra Polimer Sanayi ve Ticaret AS
      Aspun PE Dow Chemical
      Asrene LLDPE, HDPE PT Chandra Asri
      Astablend ABS/PA Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astadur PBT Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astaflex TPE Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astaglas PMMA Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astalac ABS, ASA Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astalon PC Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astaloy ABS/PC Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astamid PA 6 Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astapet PET Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astaprop PP Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astaryl mPPE Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astasan SAN Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astatal POM Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astavin PVC Marplex Australia Pty Ltd
      Astem PPE Sumitomo Chemical
      Astrol PET film Kolon
      Astryn PP, TPO LyondellBasell Industries
      Asyblend PC/ABS Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asyglass PMMA Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asygum TPE Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asylac ABS Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asymid PA 6, PA 66 Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asypol PC Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asyril PPO Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asysan SAN Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asytal POM Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asyter PBT Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asytron PPS Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Asyvic PVC Altex Tecnopolimeri
      Atech ABS, PC/ABS sheet Arla Plast
      Ateva EVA copolymer Celanese Corporation
      Athpol ABS sheet Athalone Extrusions
      Atlac Premium BMC DSM Composite Resins
      Atlas PA Lanxess
      Atoglas PMMA, PC Arkema Group
      Atrate SMMA Nippon A&L
      Atron PA 6, PA 66 Applied Thermoplastic Resources
      Atryl SMC (Sheet Molded Composite) AOL LLC
      Attane ULDPE Dow Chemical
      Auracell CA Rotuba
      Auroblend PC/ABS Aurora Kunststoffe
      Aurocril ABS Ansa Termoplastici S.r.l.
      Aurodur PBT Aurora Kunststoffe
      Auroform POM copolymer Aurora Kunststoffe
      Aurolon PC, PP Aurora Kunststoffe
      Auromid PA6, PA 46, PA66, PA12 Aurora Kunststoffe
      Auroran ABS Aurora Kunststoffe
      Aurorin POM homopolymer Aurora Kunststoffe
      Aurum PI Mitsui Chemicals
      Aurum CNT carbon nanotubes reinforced PI Mitsui Chemicals
      Austrex PS Flint Hills Resources
      Autofroth PUR BASF
      Autothane PU cellular elastomer Dow Hyperlast
      Avalon PTFE Greene Tweed
      Avantra PS Ineos Styrenics
      AvaSpire Modified PEEK Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Aveolen Polyolefin foam Alveo
      Aveolit Polyolefin foam Alveo
      Aveolux Polyolefin foam Alveo
      Aviform PVC film Avi Vinyls Pty. Ltd
      AVP Various GE Polymerland
      AWP Elastex TPE A. Westensee und Partner Rohstoff GmbH
      AWP Polymaster PP, PE A. Westensee und Partner Rohstoff GmbH
      AWP Polycompound PP A. Westensee und Partner Rohstoff GmbH
      Axfoil PS sheet Axion Polymers
      Axolene PP Indelpro S.A. de C.V.
      Axonil PA 6, PA 66 Nord Color S.p.A.
      Axpet PET sheet Bayer MaterialScience
      Axpoly Recycled PS Axion Polymers
      Axtrolac ABS Arcoplex Trading SPA
      Axtrolon PC Arcoplex Trading SPA
      Axtromid PA 6, PA 66 Arcoplex Trading SPA
      Axtroplen PP Arcoplex Trading SPA
      Azdel PP Azdel
      Azloy PC, PPO/PA, PC/PBT Azdel
      Azdel PBT, PET, PBT/PET Azdel
      Azmet PBT sheet Azdel
      Badadur PBT Bada AG
      Badaflex TPE-S Bada AG
      Badalac ABS, ABS/PA, ABS/PC Bada AG
      Badalon PC Bada AG
      Badamid PA Bada AG
      Badaprene PP/EPDM Bada AG
      Badatron PPS Bada AG
      BAK Biodegradable polyester Momentive Performance Materials Inc
      Bakelite Phenolic molding compound Hexion GmbH
      Baling SEBS DZBH New Materials Corporation
      Bangkok PET Bangkok Polyester Public Co., Ltd.
      Bapolan PS, SAN, ABS Bamberger Polymers
      Bapolene PP, PE Bamberger Polymers
      Barex Acrylonitrile copolymer Ineos USA LLC
      Barrialon Barrier resin Asahi Kasei
      BasicPet PET La Seda De Barcelona
      Bayblend PC/ABS Bayer MaterialScience
      Bayco PET Bayer MaterialScience
      Baydur Structural foam PUR RIM Bayer MaterialScience
      Bayfill PU foam Bayer MaterialScience
      Bayfol PC/PBT Bayer MaterialScience
      Baymod EVM Arlanxeo Holding B.V.
      Bayon PVF antistatic Kureha Chemical Industry Co.
      Baypren CR Arlanxeo Holding B.V.
      Baytron Inherently conductive polymers Bayer MaterialScience
      Baytubes Carbon nanotubes Bayer MaterialScience
      Bayvision PC Bayer MaterialScience
      Bearee PPS NTN Engineering Plastics
      Beetle PBT, PET Teknor Apex
      Beetle PA PA 6, PA 66 Teknor Apex
      Beiwa Aliphatic resin DZBH New Materials Corporation
      Bellac PMMA Belland
      BellEx PMMA Belland
      BellStx PMMA Belland
      BellTuff PMMA Belland
      BellOasis PMMA fiber Teijin Ltd.
      Benlonate PC, PC/ABS, PET Shenzhen Quanda Plastic Co., Ltd.
      Beneron PVC/ABS film Benecke-Kaliko AG
      Benvic PVC Solvay Benvic
      Bergadur PBT PolyOne
      Bergaflex TPE-S PolyOne
      Bergaform POM PolyOne
      Bergamid PA PolyOne
      Bergaprop PP KP Bergmann
      Bestdur PBT/PET Triesa Plastics
      Bestnyl PA Triesa Plastics
      Bestpolux PC/ABS, PC/PET Triesa Plastics
      Bestpom POM Triesa Plastics
      Bestran PP Triesa Plastics
      Betafoam PU foam Dow Chemical
      Beta PP PP Borealis AG
      Bewi EPS Bewi Styrochem
      Bexloy Ionomer DuPont
      Bialon PA film Wipak Group
      Bicor Oriented PP film ExxonMobil Chemical
      Bioceres PLA FuturaMat
      Bioceta Biodegradable CA Mazzucchelli
      Bio-Flex PLA FKur Kunststoff GmbH
      Biofoam Biodegradable EPS Synbra Holding B.V.
      Biograde Biodegradable cellulose FKur Kunststoff GmbH
      Biogreen Biopolymer Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company
      Biolen PLA AD Compound S.p.A.
      Biolice Biodegradable polymer Limagrain Cereales Ingredients
      Biolloy ABS/PLA, PLA Techno Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Biomax Biodegradable PET DuPont
      BiomeClear PLA Biome Bioplastics
      Biomer PolyHydroxyButyric acid Biomer Technology
      Bionate Shape memory PC/Urethane DSM
      Bionelle Biopolymer DSM
      Biopar PLA BIOP Biopolymer Technologies AG
      Biophan PLA film Trespaphan GmbH
      Bioplast PLA Biotec GmbH
      Biopol PHA (biopolyester) Metabolix
      Biopropylene PLA Cereplast Inc.
      BioSpan Shape memory PU DSM
      BioSteel Synthetic spider silk fiber Nexia Biotechnologies
      Biovinyl PVC Teknor Apex
      Bioware PLA film Huhtamaki Oyj
      Bipex PBT Ginar Technology Co. Ltd.
      Blendfor PC/ABS Celanese So.F.teR.
      Bluestar POM Shanghai Blue Star Chemical Materials Factory
      Boltaron PVC, PMMA/PVC sheet Boltaron Performance Products
      Bonset PET, PS, PVC C.I. Kasei Co., Ltd.
      Boracarb PC Nylonbor Sp. z o.o.
      Boracetal POM Nylonbor Sp. z o.o.
      Boraflon PTFE, PVDF Nylonbor Sp. z o.o.
      Boralen PE, PP Nylonbor Sp. z o.o.
      Boralyte PET Nylonbor Sp. z o.o.
      Boramid PA 6, PA 12 Nylonbor Sp. z o.o.
      Borapeek PEEK Nylonbor Sp. z o.o.
      Boraphen PPE Nylonbor Sp. z o.o.
      Borcoat Bimodal HDPE Borealis
      Borcom Micro-composite PP Borealis
      Borecene Rotomolding PE Borealis
      Borpact Clarified PP Borealis
      Borplus LLDPE Borealis
      Bormed PP Borealis
      Bormod PP Borealis
      Borotron HDPE Quadrant Engineering Plastic
      Borpure PP Borealis
      Borstar LLDPE, LDPE Borealis
      Bovlon PVOH film Nippon Gohsei
      Bralen LDPE Slovnaft Petrochemicals
      Braskem LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PET Braskem
      Bras-Tec PP Braskem
      Bretene PE, PP Breplast S.p.A.
      Bripet PET Brilen
      BST PBT Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd.
      Bulex NBR Lukoil Bulgaria Ltd
      Bulfast PUR foam Eurofoam
      Bulksam High heat ABS UMG ABS Ltd.
      Bulpren PUR Eurofoam
      Buna E-SBR Lanxess
      Buplen PP Lukoil Bulgaria Ltd
      Bustren PS Lukoil Bulgaria Ltd
      Butaclor CR, CR latice Polimeri Europa
      Bynel LDPE, PP DuPont
      Cabelec Conductive polymers Cabot
      Cabofor PC Celanese So.F.teR.
      Cabot Thermoplastic resin Cabot
      Cabotex PC Kotec
      CADCO plastic shapes Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Cadillac Plastics plastic shapes Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Cadon ABS + SMA Bayer MaterialScience
      Calalyan HDPE film Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
      Calaumid Cast PA Licharz GmbH
      Calibre PC Trinseo
      Calo-Mer Shape-memory thermoplastics DSM
      Calp HDPE, LDPE, PP Calp Corporation
      Calprene SBS, SEBS Dynasol
      Calthane Urethane elastomer Cal Polymers
      Canevasite Phenol resin Von Roll Holding Ltd
      Capa PU elastomer Perstorp Group
      CAPA Caprolactones biopolymer Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Capex PC Ginar Technology Co. Ltd.
      Capilene PP Carmel Olefins
      Capran PA films Honeywell Specialty Polymers
      Capron PA 6, PA 66, PA6/66 BASF
      Caradol Polyether polyols Shell Chemicals
      Carbem PC EMAS Plastik Sanayive Ticaret AS
      Carbine PC Martogg & Company
      Carboblend PC/PBT Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Carbo Glass PC SP Pacific Co.,Ltd
      Carboloy PC/ABS Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Carboprene PP Celanese So.F.teR.
      Carbo-Rite Carbon filled ABS, PC, POM, PP, PPS, PS Lubrizol Corporation
      Carbotex PC Kotec Corporation
      Carbothane TPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Carmelstat Conductive PP Carmel Olefins
      Carmeltech PP Carmel Olefins
      Cascomel PUR Hexion Specialty Chemicals
      Catalloy TPO LyondellBasell Industries
      Cawiton TPE-S Wittenburg B.V.
      CBT PBT Cyclics
      Ceelon PTFE Ludowici Platics Ltd.
      Ceelene UHMWPE sheet Ludowici Platics Ltd.
      Cefor PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Celanex PBT Celanese Corporation
      Celazole PBI Quadrant EPP
      Celblen Biopolymer Daicel Polymer
      Celcon POM Celanese Corporation
      Celdrive Recycled PET Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Celex ABS Dow Chemical
      CelGreen Biodegradable polymer Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd.
      Cellasto Cellular PU elastomer BASF Polyurethanes GmbH
      Cellidor CAB, CP Albis
      Cellobond Phenolic resin Hexion Specialty Chemicals
      Cellolux CA LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Cellophane Cellulose film Innovia Films
      Cellotherm Cellulose film Innovia Films
      Celpet PET Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.
      Celroot ABS Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Celstran Long fiber reinforced resin Celanese Corporation
      Celtec PVC expanded foam CPG-Vycom
      Centrex ABS, ASA A. Schulman
      Centrocarb PC Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centrodal POM Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centroflon PVDF Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centrolab PP Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centrolen PE, PP Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centrolyte PET Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centromid PA Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centropeek PEEK Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centrophen PPE Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centrosol ABS Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centrotron PPS Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH
      Centron SBS, SBS/EPDM, SBS/PP Centerplast s.r.l.
      Ceralene HDPE, LDPE EuroCeras Sp. z o.o.
      CeramaPEEK Ceramic-Filled PEEK Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Ceramatest Glass-Mica Composite Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Ceramer PPS Ceramer GmbH
      Ceranyl PA Godiplast GmbH
      Ceranpor EPS Sunpor Kunststoff GmbH
      Cerenol Biopolymer DuPont
      Certavin PVC Heritage Plastics Group
      Certene ABS, PE, PET, PP, PS Muehlstein
      Cestidur PE Quadrant EPP
      Cestilene HDPE Quadrant EPP
      Cestilite PE Quadrant EPP
      Cet SA copolymer Resirene
      Cevian ABS, SAN Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Celvol PVOH Celanese
      C-Flex TPE Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
      ChampLine LDPE, HDPE Quadrant EPP
      Chemcast PMMA sheet Plastiglas de Mexico
      Chemigum TPE Eliokem
      Chemiton SEBS/SEPS Franplast s.r.l.
      Chemlon PA 6, PA 6/10, PA 66 Teknor Apex
      Chirulen UHMW-PE Quadrant EPP
      Chloroprene TPE Showa Denko K.K.
      Chronoflex PU AdvanSource Biomaterials
      Chronoprene TPO AdvanSource Biomaterials
      Chronothane TPU AdvanSource Biomaterials
      Cilcast PU elastomer Compounding Ingredients Ltd.
      Cilon PA Calco Poly Technik Private Ltd.
      Ciplas EVA, LDPE Itochu Plastics Pte. Ltd.
      Claradex ABS Shinho Petrochemical
      Clarex PMMA sheet Nitto Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
      Clarix Ionomer resin A. Schulman
      Classic Engineering resin compounds polymer Resources Ltd.
      Clealite PVC sheet Mitsubishi Rayon
      Cleapact PS Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Clearblend SMMA/SBC Styrolution Group GmbH
      Clearflex LLDPE, VLDPE, ULDPE Versalis
      Clearstat PMMA Cyro Industries
      Cleartuf PET M & G Polymers
      Clyrell High clarity PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Cobitech Foamable PET M & G Polymers
      Cobiter PET M & G Polymers
      Cogefill PE Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Cogegum PE Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Cohpol Biopolymer VTT (Findland Research Center)
      Colacryl PMMA Lucite International
      Collimate ABS, ABS/PC Techno Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Colorado PC sheet Arla Plast AB
      Combitherm PP film Wipak Group
      Comoglass PMMA sheet Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      COMP Talc filled PP Putsch Konststsoffe
      Compadur PBT DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Compafon PSU DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Compaket PEEK DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Compalen ABS Grafe Advanced Polymers GmbH
      Compalmid PEI DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Companat PC DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Compamid PA 6, PA 66 Compotec S.p.A.
      Comparol ABS DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Compatal POM DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Compater PESU DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Compatron PPS DimeLika Plast GmbH
      Compel PP Celanese Corporation
      Compgoper PP China XD Plastics Company Ltd.
      Complet Long fiber reinforced polymers PlastiComp LLC
      Compocel PVC Compoflex
      Compocet POM Compotec S.p.A.
      Compodic PA 6, PA 66, PA 12, PPS Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Compolac ABS Compotec S.p.A.
      Compole PLA Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd.
      Compolon PC Compotec S.p.A.
      Composafe PVC Compoflex
      Compotene HDPE, PP Compotec S.p.A.
      Compovinil PVC Compoflex
      Compur PE/PP Converta GmbH
      Comshield PP A. Schulman
      Comtrex Flexible PVC Comtrex LLC
      Comtuf Impact resistant resins A. Schulman
      Conathane PUR Cytec Industries
      Conductomer Conductive polymer Synthetic Rubber Technologies
      Continuum Bimodal PE Dow Chemical
      CoolMax Polyester fabric DuPont
      CoolPoly Thermally conductive resins (LCP, PC, PA) Cool Polymers
      Copec TPE Kraiburg TPE GmbH & Co. KG
      Coperflex TPE Petroflex North America
      Copol PETG sheet Quinn Plastics
      Copro PP Ohio Valley Plastics Group
      Copylene PP ConocoPhillips Specialty Products Inc.
      Cordura PA fiber DuPont
      Corecell SAN Gurit Holding AG
      Coromide PA IAC Plastics
      Corroplas PVC IAC Plastics
      Corrothene UHMWPE IAC Plastics
      Cortera PTT Shell Chemicals
      Corton PP Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
      Corzan CPVC Quadrant EPP
      Cosmic Thermoset Cosmic Plastics
      Cosmolex LLDPE The Polyolefin Company PTY Ltd.
      Cosmonate PUR Kumho Mitsui Chemical
      Cosmoplene PP The Polyolefin Company PTY Ltd.
      Cosmothene LDPE, EVA The Polyolefin Company PTY Ltd.
      Cotene PP, PE rotational molding A. Schulman
      CPGSeaboard HDPE sheet CPG-Vycom
      CPP PBT, PET Chang Chun Plastics Ltd.
      CP Pryme ABS, PA 6, PA 66, PC, POM Chase Plastics
      CR-39 ADC (Allyl Diglycol Carbonate) PPG Industries
      Crastin PBT, PBT/ASA, PBT/SAN DuPont
      Creablend ABS/PC, PC/PBT Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Crealen PP Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Creal0n PC Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Creamid PA Teknor Apex Company
      Creamod PA Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Creamon PA 66 Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Createc PBT Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Creolex HDPE Asahi Kasei
      Cress-Alon PA6, PA 66 CP Polymers
      Cressalox PBT CP Polymers
      Cress-Atal POM CP Polymers
      Cristal PS Petrobras
      Cristamid PA 11, PA 12 Arkema Group
      Cronar PET film DuPont
      Crossflon PTFE Beldam Crossley Ltd.
      Crossvinil PVC Cross Polimeri
      Crylon PMMA Polycasa
      Crylux PMMA Polycasa
      Crystal PS Nova Chemicals
      Crystal Dew Cyclo olefin copolymer Topas Advanced Polymers GmbH
      Crystallex PC Film Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Crystar PET DuPont
      CTI PA 66 PolyOne
      Curv Self reinforced PP Propex Fabrics
      Cuyolen PP Petroquimica Cuyo
      Cyclocene Cyclic olefin Optatech
      Cycoele ABS UBE Industries
      Cycogel ABS Nova Chemicals
      Cycolac ABS, ABS + PBT Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Cycolin ABS/PBT Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Cycoloy PC/ABS Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Cyglas TS polyester Cytec Industries
      Cymel Melamine formaldehyde Cytec Industries
      Cyrex PMMA/PC Cyro Industries
      Cyrolite PMMA Cyro Industries
      Cyrolon PC sheet Cyro Industries
      Cyrovu Multipolymer compound Cyro Industries
      Cytop PTFE Asahi Glass Company Ltd.
      Cytra ABS/PBT alloy Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Dacron PET fiber DAK Americas
      Daelim Poly PP, HDPE Daelim Chemical Ltd.
      Daesan EVA, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP LG Chemical
      Dafneblend PC/ABS, PP/PA, PC/PBT Nord Color S.p.A.
      Dafnelac ABS, SAN Nord Color S.p.A.
      Dafnelan POM Nord Color S.p.A.
      Dafnelen PP, PE Nord Color S.p.A.
      Dafneloy PBT, PC Nord Color S.p.A.
      Dafnemid PA 6, PA 66 Nord Color S.p.A.
      Dafnestil HIPS Nord Color S.p.A.
      Daialac ASA/PMMA, ASA Mitsubishi Rayon
      Daiamid PA 12 Daicel Evonik
      Daicel PP PP Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Daicel Styrol PS Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Dai-El Fluoroelastomers Daikin Industries Ltd.
      Daiso DAP Diallyl phthalate thermoset resin Daiso Co. Ltd.
      Daisolac Chlorinated PE Daiso Co. Ltd.
      Daitoplex PC Daito Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
      Dakril PMMA JSC "DOS"
      Danachem PP Dynachem Co., Ltd.
      Danamid PA 6, PA 66 Qualchem RT
      Danaprop PP Qualchem RT
      Daplen PP Borealis AG
      Daploy PP Borealis AG
      Dapure PP Ducor Petrochemicals B.V.
      Daulen PP Daunia Trading s.r.l.
      Daunyl PA 6, PA 66 Daunia Trading s.r.l.
      Dawnflex TPV Shandong Dawn Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Dawnprene TPE, TPV Shandong Dawn Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Decarglas PC Evonik Industries
      Decelith PVC Polyplast Compound Werk GmbH
      Decoprene TPE DZBH New Materials Corporation
      Degalan PMMA Evonik Industries
      Deglas PMMA Evonik Industries
      Dehoplast UHMWPE Simona AG
      Deiflex TPE Deifel GmbH & Co KG
      Delaglas PMMA sheet Asahi Kasei
      Delchi Phenol resin Elchi s.r.l.
      Delgra Phenol resin Elchi s.r.l.
      Dellite Phenol resin Von Roll Holding Ltd
      Delmat PET Von Roll Holding Ltd
      Delmore PMMA Asahi Kasei
      Deloxen PPO Vamptech
      Delpet PMMA Asahi Kasei
      Delrin POM DuPont
      Delta ABS Grand Pacific Petrochemical Corp.
      Deltacom ABS, PE, PP, PS Delta Kunststoffe
      Deltaplast EVA, PBT Delta Tecnic S.A.
      Deltavinil PVC Delta Tecnic S.A.
      Deniblend PA/PP, PC/ABS, PC/PBT alloys Vamptech
      Deniform POM Vamptech
      Denilen PP Vamptech
      Denisab ABS Vamptech
      Denistyr HIPS Vamptech
      Deniter PBT Vamptech
      Denka Styrol SB/MMA Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
      Densetec HDPE, LDPE, PP sheet Polymer Industries
      Denyl PA 6, PA 66 Vamptech
      DEP PP Kokoku Intech
      Derakane Epoxy vinyl ester Ashland
      Descom Custom masterbatches Desco Co. Ltd.
      Deslen PP Desco Co. Ltd.
      Deslon PA 6, PA 66 Desco Co. Ltd.
      Desloy PC/ABS Desco Co. Ltd.
      Desmoderm TPU Covestro
      Desmodur Polyisocyanates Covestro
      Desmoflex TPU/TPE alloy Covestro
      Desmopan TPU Covestro
      Desmophen Polyester resins Covestro
      Desmovit TPU geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Desox PBT, PET Desco Co. Ltd.
      Dessilon PE GME-Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd.
      Destron PPA Desco Co. Ltd.
      Dexflex TPO LyondellBasell Advanced Polyolefins
      Dexpro PP LyondellBasell Advanced Polyolefins
      Dia-Alloy ASA/PC, ASA/PBT Mitsubishi Rayon
      Diablend PC/ABS alloy DTR s.r.l.
      Diafoil PET film Mitsubishi Polyester Film Group
      Diaflora Elastic monofilament Toyobo Company Ltd
      Diakon PMMA Lucite International
      Dialac ASA, ASA/PMMA UMG ABS Ltd.
      Dialamy PET sheet Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Dialloy ASA/PC Mitsubishi Rayon
      Dialon PC DTR s.r.l.
      Diamaloy PC/PET Diamond Polymers
      Diamat PMMA Kolon Industries
      Diamond ABS A. Schulman
      Dianal Acrylic resin Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Dianite PET Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Dianium PPE Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Diapet ABS Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Diarex PS Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
      Diastat ABS Mitsubishi Rayon
      Diaterm PA 6, PA 66, PC DTR s.r.l.
      Dicomp PA 66, PSU Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      DicPPS PPS, PSU DIC Corporation
      Dicstyrene PS Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Dielux PTFE filled POM Westlake Plastics Company
      Diene Polybutadiene rubber Firestone Polymers
      DigiLyte Oriented PP film ExxonMobil Chemical
      Dijmex PC, POM Dijmex Europe
      Dilamid PA 6, PA 66 Dilaplast
      Dinablend PC/ABS Grupo Repol
      Dinadur PBT Grupo Repol
      Dinaform POM Grupo Repol
      Dinalen LDPE Dioki Organska Petrokemija
      Dinalon PA 6, PA 66 Grupo Repol
      Dinalloy TPE GLS, a PolyOne company
      Dinaplen PP Grupo Repol
      Dinarex ABS Grupo Repol
      Dinatron PPS Grupo Repol
      Dinaxan PC Grupo Repol
      Dintex TPU film Ding Zing Company
      Diofan PVDC Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Diofort PPS yarns Polyamide High Performance
      Diolen PET yarns Polyamide High Performance
      Dipolen HDPE, LDPE, PP mtm plastics GmbH
      Diprane PU Dow Hyperlast
      DN-Flex PP DN Plastics Corp
      Doeflex Vinyl Doeflex-Vitapol
      Doki PS Dioki Organska Petrokemija
      Dolder PA, PET Dolder AG
      Domamid PA 6, PA 66 Domo Chemicals
      Domolen PP Domo Chemicals
      Dow PP Dow Chemical
      Dowflow PDVF Chenguang Fluoro & Silicone Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Dowlex LLDPE, MDPE Dow Chemical
      DPE PE DuPont
      Dracron Polyester fiber Invista
      Driscoplex PE Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Dryflex SBS, SEBS The Hexpol Group
      Drystar Copolyester Eastman
      Duclear PP Ducor Petrochemicals B.V.
      Ducor PP Ducor Petrochemicals B.V.
      Ductel ABS, PA 6, PA 66, PBT, PP Nanjing Lihan Chemical Co.
      Dunalon PE sheet Dunam Plastics Ltd.
      Dunapol PUR Duna Corradini s.r.l.
      Duothane PU elastomer Compounding Ingredients Ltd.
      DuPure PP Duror Petrochemicals BV
      Durabio Biopolymer (seaweed) Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers
      Duracarb PC Ohio Valley Plastics Group
      Duraclear PS Ohio Valley Plastics Group
      Duracon POM Polyplastics Company Ltd.
      Duradene SBR Firestone Polymers
      Durafide PPS Polyplastics Co. Ltd.
      Duraflex Polybutylene Shell Chemicals
      Duraflon PTFE Pragati Plastics PVT Ltd.
      DuraGrip TPE Advanced Polymer Alloys
      Dural PVC Alpha Gary
      Duralac ABS First In Colors Inc.
      Duralene LDPE Ohio Valley Plastics Group
      Duralite Phenol resin Elchi srl
      Duralon PA 66 Ohio Valley Plastics Group
      DuraMax TPV A. Schulman
      Duranex PBT Polyplastics Company Ltd.
      Duraplex PMMA impact modified sheet Plaskolite
      Durapol Epoxy resin Von Roll Holding Ltd
      DuraStar Copolyester Eastman Chemical Company
      Durastat Antistatic masterbatches PMC Group
      Duratel POM Custom Resins
      Duratherm CPVC Vikas Global One Ltd.
      Duratron PI DSM
      Duratuf POM Technical Polymers LLC
      Durelast PU elastomer Dow Hyperlast
      Durethan PA 6, PA 66 Lanxess
      Durez Thermoset resin Durez Corporation
      Duripol  Polyester resin Elchi s.r.l.
      Durlex PBT Teknor Apex
      Durmax PBT, PC, POM PolyOne
      Durogloss ABS/PMMA film Athlone Extrusions Ltd.
      Durolon PC Unigel Plasticos
      Durolux PC/ABS LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Durosan PMMA film Athlone Extrusions Ltd.
      Durostone PP, HDPE, UHMWPE Roechling Engineering Plastics KG
      Dutral EPDM Polimeri Europa
      Dyblend PC/ABS, PC/PBT Hoffmann + Voss
      Dycel PA yarn Kolon Industries
      Dyflor PVDF Evonik Industries
      Dyform POM Hoffmann + Voss
      Dylac ABS Hoffmann + Voss
      Dylark SMA copolymer Nova Chemicals
      Dylene PS Nova Chemicals
      Dylex PC Hoffmann + Voss
      Dylite EPS Nova Chemicals
      Dylox PBT Hoffmann + Voss
      Dymid PA 6, PA 66 Hoffmann + Voss
      Dynacom ABS, PA, PBT, PC Dynachem Co., Ltd.
      Dynaflex SBS, SEBS GLS, a PolyOne Company
      Dynalloy TPO GLS, a PolyOne Company
      Dynaprene TPV, TPO, TPE-S Nantex Industry Ltd.
      Dynaron TPE JSR Corporation
      Dynathane PU Dow Hyperlast
      Dyneema PE fiber DSM
      Dyneon PTFE 3M Company
      Dynex LLDPE Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Dyril PPO Hoffmann + Voss
      Dytron TPE ExxonMobil Chemical
      EarthFirst PLA film Plastics Suppliers Inc
      Eastabond PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastacryl Acrylic Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastalloy PC+Polyester Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastapak PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastar Various polyesters Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastar Bio Biodegradable polymer Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastman Thermoplastic resin Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastman Aqua PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastoflex Amorphous polyolefins Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastone Polyester Eastman Chemical Company
      Eastpetro ABS, EVA, PC, POM, SAN Eastpetro International Ltd.
      Ecctreme ECA Fluoropolymer Chemours Company
      Eccoh Polyolefin Eastman Chemical Company
      Ecdel COPE elastomer Eastman Chemical Company
      Eceval Ethylene-vinyl acetate Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Echo Recycled PP Ravago
      Ecilon PA Calco Poly Technik Private Ltd.
      Eclen PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      ECMaxx PV A. Schulman
      Ecoamid PA 6 Grupo Repol
      Ecobarrier TPO Noble Polymers
      Ecobase TPU Austin Novel Materials Co. Ltd.
      Ecocarb PC Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      EcoClear PET Wellman
      Ecodear PLA Toray
      Ecoflamer TPE Showa Denko K.K.
      Ecoflex Biodegradable copolyester BASF
      Ecoflon PTFE Economus Austria GmbH
      Ecoflon PTFE Ecoflon NPK
      EcoFlow FEP Lined Tubing Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Ecoform POM Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Ecofreps EPS Unipol
      Ecogehr PA, PLA Gehr GmbH
      Ecogran ABS, PA 6, PA 66, PE, PP, PS Eurocompound Polymers
      Ecollent ABS, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC, PBT, PP A. Schulman
      Ecolac ABS Soredi s.r.l.
      Ecoloju PLA Mitsubishi Plastics
      Ecolon PA Wellman Engineering Resins
      Ecolvin PVC Petroquimica Colombiana SA
      Ecomann PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) Shenzhen Ecomann Biotechnology CO., LTD.
      Ecomass PA PolyOne
      Ecomid PA 66 NILIT
      Ecomix PET Unitika Ltd.
      Ecomp PHA, PLA Kafrit Industries Ltd
      Econeige PP film Mitsui Chemicals
      Econol PP film Mitsui Chemicals
      Eco Ninja PLA Kitamura Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      Econyl PA 6, PA 66 Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Ecopaek PEEK Economus Austria GmbH
      EcoPaxx PA DSM
      Ecopellet ABS UBE Industries
      Ecopet Recycled PET Teijin Ltd.
      Ecö PET Alco-Naphtha
      Ecoplan PLA SK Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      Ecoplast Biopolymer Groen Granulaat
      eco Plastic PLA Plantic Technologies Ltd.
      Ecopur TPU Economus Austria GmbH
      Ecorene PLA rotational molding resin ICO Polymers
      Ecoshield TPO DN Plastics Corp.
      Ecotal POM Economus Austria GmbH
      Ecotan PA66 Soredi s.r.l.
      Ecotran PPS A. Schulman
      Ecotuf TPO Vi-Chem Corporation
      Ecovil Recycled PVC Ineos Compounds
      Ecovin PVC Vi-Chem Corporation
      Ecovio PLA BASF
      Ecovylopet PET Toyobo Company Ltd
      Ecoya PA, PET yarn Libocon
      Edgetek sPS, PEEK, PC PolyOne
      Edistir PS Versalis
      Eeonomer PPY, PAni Eeonyx Corporation
      Efalon PTFE Polikim AS
      Eeontex PPY fabric Eeonyx Corporation
      Effar Flame retardent PP Ferro
      E-Flex SEBS, TPV E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Egyeuroptene PE Egyptian European Company
      Egyptene HDPE Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Company
      EHLabend PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET ERG EHL Rohstoff GmbH
      EHLcom PPS, PC, ABS, PEEK, LCP ERG EHL Rohstoff GmbH
      EHLaflex TPE ERG EHL Rohstoff GmbH
      EHLaform POM ERG EHL Rohstoff GmbH
      EHLamid PA ERG EHL Rohstoff GmbH
      EHLaprop PP ERG EHL Rohstoff GmbH
      Ekadur PBT, PET Sattler KunststoffWerk GmbH
      Ekalit PMMA Sattler KunststoffWerk GmbH
      Ekalon PC Sattler KunststoffWerk GmbH
      Ekaloy PC/ABS alloy Sattler KunststoffWerk GmbH
      Ekamid PA Sattler KunststoffWerk GmbH
      Ekanyl ABS Sattler KunststoffWerk GmbH
      Ekatal POM Sattler KunststoffWerk GmbH
      Ekolon PET, PET/PTFE St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      Ekono LCP Sumitomo Chemical
      Ekonol Aromapic polyester St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      Ektar PET, PBT, PCT polyester Eastman Chemical Company
      Ektar FB TPE Eastman Chemical Company
      Elan PP Putsch Kunststoffe
      Elana PET fibers Boryszew S.A. Elana Branch
      Elaslen TPE Showa Denko K.K.
      Elasmod TPE Astra Polimer Sanayi ve Ticaret AS
      Elastage TPE Taihei Chemicals Ltd.
      Elastalloy TPE GLS Corporation
      Elastamax Metallocene TPO PolyOne
      Elastamide RIM PA Elastomer Engineering Inc.
      Elastan PUR BASF
      Elastane TPU Technical Polymers LLC
      Elastemp TPE Technical Polymers LLC
      Elastex TPE Technical Polymers LLC
      Elasthane Shape memory PEU DSM
      Elastichem PVC Colorite Polymers
      Elastoblend Impact modified PA, PBT TP Composites
      Elastocell TPU BASF
      Elastocon TPE Elastocon TPE Technologies
      Elastoflex PU foam system BASF Polyurethanes GmbH
      Elastofoam Flexible PU integral foam BASF Polyurethanes GmbH
      Elastofran SEBS Vita Thermoplastic Compounds
      Elastokam TPE Niehnekamskneftekhim Inc.
      Elastolit PUR BASF
      Elastollan TPU BASF
      Elastollan X-Flex x-TPU BASF Polyurethanes GmbH
      Elastopan PU foam BASF
      Elastopor PUR BASF
      Elastopreg PP BASF
      Elastosil Silicone rubber Wacker
      Elastoskin PU BASF
      Elastotec TPU BASF
      Elastoterm PUR BASF
      Elastron TPV, TPO, SBS, SEBS Elastron Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret AS
      Elasturan PU system BASF
      Elbond PET Elana
      Electrablend EMI ABS, PA TP Composites
      Electrafil Electrically conductive resins Tehmer Lehvoss Compounds
      Electriplast Highly conductive compounds Integral Technologies
      Elegante PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Elektralene Conductive compounds Martogg & Company
      Elenac PE LyondellBasell Industries
      Elite Enhanced PE Dow Chemical
      Elium Liquid theroplastic acrylic Arkema
      El-Lene LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP SCG Chemicals Co.,Ltd
      Elevate EVA Westlake Chemical
      Elexar SEBS Teknor Apex
      Elifran SEBS Vita Thermoplastic Compounds
      Elite Enhanced PE Dow Chemical
      Elitel PET Unitika Ltd.
      Elix ABS, SAN, PC, PC/ABS Elix Polymers
      Elixir PET Sempra Plastics Ltd.
      Ellas TPU Kolon Industries
      Elmech PC film Kaneka Corporation
      EL-Pro PP Chemical Commerce Co., Ltd.
      Elpet PET Elana
      Eltex HDPE Ineos Polyolefins
      Eltex P PP Ineos Polyolefins
      Eltimid PAI A. Handtmann Elteka GmbH & Co. KG
      Elvacite PMMA Lucite International
      Elvacon PMMA Lucite International
      Elvaloy Ethylene acrylic copolymer DuPont
      Elvamide PA copolymer DuPont
      Elvax EVA copolymer DuPont
      Emaloy PC/ABS EMAS Plastik Sanayive Ticaret AS
      Emarex PA 6, PA 66 MRC Polymers
      Emblem PA film Unitika
      Emblet PET film Unitika
      Emblon PA film Unitika
      Emdicell TPU BASF
      Emerge PC, PC/ABS Trinseo
      Emicon PPE, PS Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
      Emi-X Various Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Emlon PA 6, PA 66 EMAS Plastik Sanayive Ticaret AS
      EmmiTex PTFE yarn Filtec W Hermanns GmbH
      Emmon PA yarn Rhodia
      Emoplen PP EMAS Plastik Sanayive Ticaret AS
      EmPBT PBT EMAS Plastik Sanayive Ticaret AS
      Empera PS, EPS Styrolution Group GmbH
      Empilon TPE Hotai Industrial Co. Ltd.
      Emylen PP Gantzkow & Mohr GmbH
      Enathene Ethylene butyl acrylate Quadrant EPP
      Encore Recycled POM, PET, PPS, LCP Ticona
      Endex PE Plasticos Novacor
      Endolign Carbon filled PEEK Invibio Biomaterial Solutions
      Endur TPE Rogers Corporation
      Endure PA66 BASF
      Endura ABS, PP PMC Group
      Enduran PBT, PBT/PET, PBT/PC/PET Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Enerbond PU Dow Chemical
      Enester PBT Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Enflen PP Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Enflex-O TPO Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Enflex-V TPV Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Engage TPE Dow Chemical
      Enka PA 66 Polyamide High Performance GmbH
      Enkalon PA 6 Polyamide High Performance GmbH
      Enlac ABS, SAN Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Enlite Glass reinforced PP Trinseo
      Enloy ABS/PC Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Enmat PHB, PLA TianAn Biologic Materials Co., Ltd.
      Enplac PBT Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      EnPol Biodegradeble polyester IRe Chemical Ltd.
      En-Prene SBS thermoplastic elastomer En Chuan Chemical Industries
      Ensamble Etch stop film Dow Chemical
      Ensicar PC Ensinger GmbH
      Ensidur ABS Ensinger GmbH
      Ensifone PSU Ensinger GmbH
      Ensikem PVDF Ensinger GmbH
      Ensilon PA Ensinger GmbH
      Ensital POM Ensinger GmbH
      Ensitep PET, PBT Ensinger GmbH
      Ensituf Rod and sheet PU Ensinger GmbH
      Ensoft-S SEBS Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Ensoft-T SBS Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Enstiren PS Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Enviraloy Recycled ABS, PA, PC, TPO ACI Plastics
      Enviromax ABS, HIPS, PC, PC/ABS Polymer Options
      EnviroABS ABS West Michigan Compounding
      EnviroABSPC PC/ABS West Michigan Compounding
      Environylon PA6, PA66 West Michigan Compounding
      EnviroPC PC West Michigan Compounding
      EnviroPOM POM West Michigan Compounding
      EnviroPro PP West Michigan Compounding
      Enylon PA 6, PA 66 Enplast Plastik Kimya San. Ve Tic. A.S.
      Epalex Rubber modified PP Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
      Eperan PE, PP Kaneka Corporation
      Epiblend PC/ABS Epichem srl
      Epigum TPE Cross Polimeri
      Epikote Resin transfer molding Momentive
      Epilac ABS Epichem srl
      Epilen PP Epichem srl
      Epilon PC Epichem srl
      Epimax ABS, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, SAN Engineered Polymers Industries
      Epimix PBT, PBT/PET Epsan Plastik San Tic Ltd Sti
      Epinyl PA 6 Epichem srl
      Epiryl PPO Epichem srl
      EpiSpire High temperature sulfone LyondellBasell Advanced Polymers
      Epitec PA, PC/PBT Engineered Polymers Industries
      Epiter PBT Epichem srl
      Epival PC, PS Engineered Polymers Industries
      Eplak PP sheet Cartonplast S.p.A.
      Eplamid PA 6, PA 66 Epsan Plastik San Tic Ltd Sti
      Eplon PA 6, PA 66 Epsan Plastik San Tic Ltd Sti
      Epocyl Carbon nanotubes filled epoxy resin nanocyl
      Epofriend TPE-S Daicel Polymer
      Epolac Polyester Nippon Shokubai Ltd.
      Epolene PE, PP Westlake Chemical
      E-Poly HXPE Biomet
      Epoplen PP Epsan Plastik San Tic Ltd Sti
      Eporex HIPS, PS Eternal Plastics Co., LTD
      Eprene SEBS TPO Felix Composites
      Epsylon PA Tecnopol s.p.a.
      EPSeal TPE The Hexpol Group
      Equate PP Equate Petrochemical Company
      Equistar PP PP LyondellBasell
      Eraclene HDPE Versalis
      ErcrosBio PLA, PHA Ercros S.A.
      ErgoFlex PA/EVOH/PA barrier block film Buergofol GmbH
      ErgoLam PP barrier block film Buergofol GmbH
      ErgoRigid PET film Buergofol GmbH
      Ertacetal POM Quadrant EPP
      Ertalon PA Quadrant EPP
      Ertalyte PET P Quadrant EPP
      Esalloy PMMA Nippon Steel Chemical
      Esamid PA 6, PA 66 Tragetto Ltd.
      Esan SAN EMAS Plastik Sanayive Ticaret AS
      Esbarrier ABS Nippon Steel Chemical
      Escor Acid terpolymer ExxonMobil Chemical
      Escorene PP/PE ExxonMobil Chemical
      Esenttia PP Polipropileno del Caribe S.A.
      Eslen EPS Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.
      Eslon PET Saehan Group
      Eslon Green Biodegradable polymer Saehan Group
      Eslon Plate PVC sheet Sekisui Chemical Ltd.
      Esmo PET Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Esmofil HDPE Vitasheet Group
      Espel Polyester Hitachi Chemical
      Espet PET film Toyobo Co. Ltd.
      Esplene EPDM Sumitomo Chemical
      Espolex TPE-S Sumitomo Chemical
      Esprene TPO Sumitomo Chemical
      Espree ABS, HIPS, PA 6, PA 66  Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Espreee Synthetic rubber Sumitomo Chemical
      Establend PC/ABS Cossa Polimeri
      Estacarb PC Cossa Polimeri
      Estacril PMMA Cossa Polimeri
      Estadiene ABS Cossa Polimeri
      EstaGrip TPE Lubrizol Corporation
      Estal PBT Lubrizol Corporation
      Estalene PE Cossa Polimeri
      Estaloc PUR Tekno Polimer AS
      Estaloc RETPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Estane TPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Estaprop PP Cossa Polimeri
      Estasan SAN Cossa Polimeri
      Estastir PS Cossa Polimeri
      Ester PET film Toyobo Co. Ltd.
      Estoplast PBT Ester Industries
      Estyrene PS Nippon Steel Chemical
      Esun PLA Shenzhen BrightChina Industrial Co., Ltd.
      Etamid PA JSC Grodno Kkhimvolokno
      E-Tec PE Colloids Ltd.
      Ethafoam PE foam Dow Chemical
      Ethavin TPE Vi Chem Corporation
      Ethene PE Sasol Polymers
      Ethylplus PE Fainplast S.r.l.
      Ethylux HDPE Westlake Plastics Company
      Ethyprene SBS/PE Bennet Europe
      Eticourt Oriented PP film Trespaphan GmbH
      Etilgum NBR modified PVC Cross Polimeri
      Etilinas LLDPE, HDPE Petronas
      Etinox PVC Ercros S.A.
      Ethavin TPO Vi-Chem Corporation
      Etoma Conductive ABS, PP Polyalloy Inc.
      Euroblend PC/ABS MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Eurokril SAN MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Eurolac ABS MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Eurolen PP, TPE-S, TPE-V, TPE-U MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Eurolon PC MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Euromid PA 6, PA 66 MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Europlex PSU Evonik Industries
      Europom POM MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Europrene ESBR, SSBR, BR, SBS, SEBS, NBR/PVC Versalis
      Europrop PP MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Eurostat PUR Eurofoam
      Eurostyr PS MTG Deutschland GmbH
      Eval EVOH barrier resin Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Evalcite PMMA Lucite International
      Evatane PE Arkema Group
      Evatate EVA copolymer Sumitomo Chemical
      Evatech EVA Fainplast S.r.l.
      Evateno EVA Braskem
      Evathene EVA USI Far East Corporation
      Evazote PUR Eurofoam
      Evercap PE Dow Chemicals
      Evercorn Biopolymer Japan Corn Starch Co. Ltd.
      Evergreen Amorphous PET JLianPing Evergreen Plastics Co, Ltd.
      Everlon SEBS Ever Polymer Co. Ltd.
      Evicom PVC Ineos Compounds
      Evilon PVC sheet Taihei Chemicals Ltd.
      Eviva PSU Solvay
      Evolite PA 6 Solvay Plastics
      Evolue m-LLDPE Prime Polymer Co. Ltd.
      Evoprene SEBS Alpha Gary
      Evosource ABS MBA Polymers
      Exact Metallocene plastomer ExxonMobil Chemical
      Exatec PC Exatec
      Exceed VLDPE ExxonMobil Chemical
      Excelink TPO, TPV JSR Corporation
      Excell Amorphous PET sheet Saehan Group
      Excellen VLDPE copolymer Sumitomo Chemical
      Excelloy ABS, PC/ABS, PA/ABS Techno Polymer Co. Ltd.
      Excelprene PVC S&E Specialty Polymers LLC
      Exceval PVA Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Exofol PVC film Renolit
      Expancel HIPS Akzo Nobel NV
      Exlore TPE powder Matrix Polymers
      Extem Polyimide Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Extima Graphene reinforced polymers Ovation Polymer
      Extir Expandable PS Versalis
      Extron PP Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
      ExtruPet PET La Seda De Barcelona
      Exxco mLLDPE ExxonMobil Chemical
      Exxpol Enhance mPP ExxonMobil Chemical
      Exxtral PP, TPE ExxonMobil Chemical
      4DUR PBT 4PLAS Ltd.
      4FLEX TPE 4PLAS Ltd.
      4LAC ABS 4PLAS Ltd.
      4LEX PC 4PLAS Ltd.
      4LOY PC/ABS 4PLAS Ltd.
      4MID PA 6, PA 66, PA 6/66 4PLAS Ltd.
      4PET PET 4PLAS Ltd.
      4PLEX PMMA 4PLAS Ltd.
      4POM POM 4PLAS Ltd.
      4PROP PP 4PLAS Ltd.
      4STYR PS 4PLAS Ltd.
      4VIN PVC 4PLAS Ltd.
      Fabback PMMA mirrorized sheet Plaskolite
      Factor PA, PP LNP
      Faradex ABS, ABS/PC FACT GmbH
      Farralloy ABS, PE, PP, PS O'Neil Color & Compounding
      Fawocell PP Fagerdala Automotive AG
      Fawolit PP foam Fagerdala Automotive AG
      Faworen PS foam Fagerdala Automotive AG
      Felprene  SBS TPR Felix Composites
      Fenochem Phenolic resin Chemiplastica S.p.A.
      Fermion Ionomer A. Schulman
      Ferrex High gloss PP A. Schulman
      Ferrocon Conductive PP A. Schulman
      Ferroflo ABS, PS A. Schulman
      Ferropak PP/PE alloy A. Schulman
      Ferrotron Various resins Polytron Kunststofftechnik
      FHR PP PP Flint Hills Resources, LP
      Fiablend PC/ABS MPF Trading Kunststoff Compounds
      Fialac ABS MPF Trading Kunststoff Compounds
      Fialen PP MPF Trading Kunststoff Compounds
      Fiamid PA 6, PA 66 MPF Trading Kunststoff Compounds
      Fiapren PP/EPDM MPF Trading Kunststoff Compounds
      FIB Glass reinforced PP Putsch Konststsoffe
      Fiberfil ABS, PP, PPS, PS, SAN A. Schulman
      Fiberloc PVC PolyOne
      Fiberod Long fiber reinforced resin Ticona
      Fibremod Reinforced PP Borealis AG
      Fibrolon PP FKur Kunststoff GmbH
      Fillen PP JSC Tomsk
      Fillma PP Polyrocks Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Filmore PA film, PET film Hyosung
      Filolen LDPE Chrostiki
      Filmore PA, PET films Hyosung
      Fimide PI film Shanghai Research Institute of Synthetic Resins
      Fina PS general purpose Total Petrochemicals
      Finacene mHDPE, mPP Total Petrochemicals
      Finaclear SBS Total Petrochemicals
      Finaflex SBS elastomer Total Petrochemicals
      Finaplas Syndiotactic PP (sPP) Total Petrochemicals
      Finaprene SBS elastomer Total Petrochemicals
      Finapro PP Total Petrochemicals
      Finathane HDPE Total Petrochemicals
      Fingerprint HDPE Dow Chemicals
      Finon PET Kolon Industries
      Fiolen PP, PE Chrostiki
      Firecon CPE Polyone
      Fireguard PVC Teknor Apex
      Firend PUR Eurofoam
      Firepel Polyester AOC LLC
      Firestone Nylon PA 6 Firestone Polymers
      Fitex PPS Kotec Corporation
      Flametec Flame retardant PP sheet CPG-Vycom
      Flex PLA alloys Guangzhou Kingfa Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
      Flexalloy TPE Teknor Apex
      Flexarene EVA Innospec Specialty Chemicals
      Flexathene Reactor TPO LyondellBasell Industries
      Flexbond TPE Guangzhou Kingfa Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
      Flexene TPE Martogg & Company
      Flexet PE AT Plastics
      FlexGel TPE PolyChem Alloy
      Flexiblend PP Colour Image Plastic Compound Sdn. Bhd.
      Flexirene LLDPE Versalis
      Flexloy Polyolefin PA alloy Sumitomo Chemical
      Flexocel PUR Baxenden Chemicals Ltd.
      Flex-O-Film PMMA film Flex-O-Glass
      Flexomer ULDPE Dow Chemical
      Flexovin PVC Vi Chem Corporation
      Flexplast TPE PolyChem Alloy
      FivePlus Filled PP Noble Polymers
      Flexprene TPE Teknor Apex
      Flexpvc PVC Georgia Gulf
      Flextuff TPO Noble Polymers
      Flexus LLDPE Braskem
      Flo-Thene PE Sumitomo Seika Chemical Co. Ltd.
      FlourPlast Biopolymer Rodenburg Biopolymers B.V.
      Fluon PTFE Asahi Glass Company Ltd.
      Fluorex ABS, PP film Soliant
      Fluorocomp Filled PTFE Asahi Glass Company Ltd.
      Fluoroflex Crosslinkable fluoroelastomer Zylon Polymers
      Fluorolink PTFE Solvay Solexis
      FluoroPro PFA, PCTFE Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Fluorosint Filled PTFE Quadrant EPP
      Fluran Fluoroelastomer tubing St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      Fluxtrol Various resins Polytron Kunststofftechnik
      Foamspan Thermoplastic foam A. Schulman
      Fomblin PTFE Solvay Solexis
      Foraflon PVDF Total Petrochemicals
      For-Tec-E TPE-O Kraiburg TPE GmbH & Co. KG
      Forflex TPE-O Celanese So.F.teR.
      Forgum Cross-linked PE Celanese So.F.teR.
      Forlink Cross-linked PE Celanese So.F.teR.
      Formalloy TPO sheet Spartech Corp.
      Formax POM Teknor Apex
      Formion Ionomer A. Schulman
      Formolene PP, PE Formosa Plastics
      Formolon PVC Formosa Plastics
      Formosacon POM Formosa Plastics
      Formotex PET Formosa Chemicals
      Formpoly ABS, PA, PBT, POM, PP, SAN Formulated Polymers
      Formula P-Comp PP Putsch Kunststoffe
      Formula P-Elan TPE Putsch Kunststoffe
      Formula P-Fib PP Putsch Kunststoffe
      Forprene TPE-V Celanese So.F.teR.
      Forsan ABS Kaukuc
      Forte Nanocomposite PP Noble Polymers
      Fortex High isotactic PP Martogg & Company
      Fortii PA4T DSM
      Fortiflex HDPE Ineos
      Fortilene PP Ineos
      Fortrel PET fiber Wellman
      Fortress PBT Martogg & Company
      Fortron PPS elanese Corporation
      Fostalink PA Foster Corporation
      Fostalon PA compounds Foster Corporation
      Fostathane PU Foster Corporation
      Fostashield Conductive compounds Foster Corporation
      Fosvynil PVC Forplas Plastik San. Tic. Ltd.
      Fozeas Biopolymer Advanced Plastics Compounds Co.
      FR-PET PET Wintech Polymer Ltd.
      Fragom Fire retardant EVA Cross Polimeri
      Franprene TPE-S Franplast s.r.l.
      FreeFlex PVC/POE alloy Teknor Apex
      Freshner PET Kuraray Co., Ltd.
      Frianyl PA 6, PA 66 Nilit Plastics
      Frianel HDPE Friatec AG
      Frila PVC Norsk Hydro ASA
      Ftorplast ETFE, FEP, PVDF HaloPolymer, OJSC
      Fultom POM/PTFE Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Funcster Long fiber reinforced resin Japan Polypropylene Corporation
      Funecon PE, PA 6 Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Fusion PET shrink film Mitsubishi Polyester Film Group
      Futerro PLA Futerro S.A.
      Fybrel Polyolefin synthetic pulp Mitsui Chemicals
      Gabs ABS Gema Polimer Plastik Urunleri San Ticaret AS
      Gafone PES, PSU, PPSU Gharda Chemicals
      Gaialene Biopolymer Roquette Group
      Galden LMW PFPE Solvay Solexis
      Galloo PP Galloo Plastics
      Gammaflex TPE Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Ganix TPE DZBH New Materials Corporation
      Gapek PEK Gharda Plastics
      Gapekk PEKK Gharda Plastics
      Gapex PP A. Schulman
      Garaflex TPE Alpha Gary
      Garathane PU Alpha Gary
      Garatone EVA Alpha Gary
      Gatone PEEK, PES, PSS, PSU, PPSU Gharda Chemicals
      Gazole PBI Gharda Plastics
      Gebabs ABS geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebablend PC/ASA, PC/PBT geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebadur PBT, PBT/ASA geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebafluor PFA geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebaform POM geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebalon PC geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebamid PA geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebaplast PLA geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebaplex PMMA geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebaran ASA geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebaryl PPO geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebasan SAN geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebason PES, PPS, PSU, PPSU geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebatech LCP, PEEK, PEI geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebatrell TPE geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gebatron PVDF geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Gecet EPS Flint Hills Resources
      Gedecell EPS Nova Chemicals
      Gelast TPE Guang Sung Plastics
      Gelon PA 6, PA 66 Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Geloy ASA, ASA+PC, ASA+PVC Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Gemapilen PP Gema Polimer Plastik Urunleri San Ticaret AS
      Gemapol PC Gema Polimer Plastik Urunleri San Ticaret AS
      Gematilen PE Gema Polimer Plastik Urunleri San Ticaret AS
      Gemastiren PS Gema Polimer Plastik Urunleri San Ticaret AS
      Genestar PA 9T Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Geniomer TPSE Wacker
      Genius PET Selenis
      Genlon PA Martogg & Company
      Geolast TPV ExxonMobil Chemical
      Geon PVC PolyOne
      Geon Fiberloc Glass filled PVC PolyOne
      Geon Polytrone Static dissipative PVC PolyOne
      Germadur PBT Kunststoff-Kontor-Hamburg GmbH
      Germaform POM Kunststoff-Kontor-Hamburg GmbH
      Germamid PA Kunststoff-Kontor-Hamburg GmbH
      Gesan ASA Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Getilan PE Cross Polimeri
      Gevacril PMMA Gevacril
      Giblend PC/ABS Gichem s.r.l.
      Gilac ABS Gichem s.r.l.
      Gilon PC Gichem s.r.l.
      Gimid PA Gichem s.r.l.
      Giplene PP Gichem s.r.l.
      Giprene TPE Gichem s.r.l.
      Glaskyd Alkyd Cytec Industries
      Glastic Thermoset resin A. Schulman
      G-Lene LLDPE GAIL (Gas Authority of India)
      G-Lex HDPE GAIL (Gas Authority of India)
      Global ABS, POM, etc Global Polymers Corporation
      Globalene PP Lee Chang Yung Chemical
      Globalprene SBS Lee Chang Yung Chemical
      Godiflex TPE-S Godiplast Kunststoff Rohstoffe GmbH
      Godigum PVC/NBR Godiplast Kunststoff Rohstoffe GmbH
      Godiplast PVC Godiplast Kunststoff Rohstoffe GmbH
      Godiprene TPU Godiplast Kunststoff Rohstoffe GmbH
      Gohsefimer Reactive PVOH Nippon Gohsei
      Gohsenol PVOH Nippon Gohsei
      Gohsenx PVOH Nippon Gohsei
      Goldadur PBT GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG
      Goldalon PC GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG
      Goldamid PP GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG
      Goldaprop PA GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG
      Goldthane TPU Sun Yang Global Co., Ltd.
      Gore-Tex Expanded PTFE W.L. Gore & Associates
      G-PAEK Polyaryl Ether Ketone) Gharda Chemicals Ltd.
      Grand Polpro PP UBE Industries
      Granite PMMA sheet Arkema Group
      Gravitec PA, PBT PolyOne
      Greco ABC, PC/ABS Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co. Ltd.
      Greenamid PA 6, PA 66 Plastigreen Compounds
      Greenflex EVA copolymer Versalis
      Greenform POM Plastigreen Compounds
      Greengran ABS, PC/ABS, PP GreenGran B.V.
      Greenlac ABS Plastigreen Compounds
      Greenloy PC/ABS Plastigreen Compounds
      Greenox PS Plastigreen Compounds
      Green PE Bio-polymer Braskem
      Greeplay TPE Franplast S.r.l.
      Greenylon PA6, PA66 Technical Polymers LLC
      Griflex TPE EMS Grivory
      Grilamid PA 12 EMS Grivory
      Grilon PA 6 EMS Grivory
      Grilpet PBT EMS Grivory
      Griltex PA EMS Grivory
      Grilux Polyester elastomer Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Griphen PETG sheet Arla Plast AB
      Griphtec PETG sheet Arla Plast AB
      Grivory PPA EMS Grivory
      Grodnamide PA 6 JSC "Grodno Khimvolokno"
      GRPlon PA 6 GRP Limited
      GRPtpe TPE GRP Limited
      Guardian Security BOPP film VTC Franceschetti Elastomeri
      Gujpol PMMA Polymers Enterprises
      Gumifran SEBS/PS Innovia Films
      Guopet PET MPI Polyester Industries
      GUR UHMW-PE Celanese Corporation
      Guron LDPE foam Koepp Schaum GmbH
      Gusspolyamid PA 6 BASF
      Gyftane PU Plastiques Gyf ltee
      HaKamid PA 6 Kunststoffhandel Holger Knuth
      Hailac ABS P.T. Halim Samudra Interutama
      Haipet PET P.T. Halim Samudra Interutama
      Haiplen PP Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Haipos PA, PC, Polyolefins, PS P.T. Halim Samudra Interutama
      Haiton TPE P.T. Halim Samudra Interutama
      Hakablend PC/ABS Kunststoffhandel Holger Knuth
      Hakalac ABS Kunststoffhandel Holger Knuth
      Hakalen PP Kunststoffhandel Holger Knuth
      Hakalon PC Kunststoffhandel Holger Knuth
      Hakamid PA 6, PA 66 Kunststoffhandel Holger Knuth
      Halar ECTFE Solvay Solexis
      Halene PP, HDPE, LLDPE Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.
      Hanalac ABS Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      Hanapor PS Korea Kumbo Petrochemical Ltd.
      Hanarene PS Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      Hanasan SAN Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      Hanit Recycled polymers Hahn Kunststoffe GmbH
      Hapflex PUR Hapco Inc.
      Hanwha LDPE, LLDPE Hanwha Chemical
      Haton PPS Sichuan Deyang Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
      Hauzer PBT Wintech Polymer Ltd.
      Hawiflex TPU Arthur Habermann GmbH & Co. KG
      Haysite Thermoset resin Haysite Reinforced Polymers
      Heatwave PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Helilac ABS Helistrom SND BHD
      Heracron Aramid Kolon Industries
      Heraflex TPS, TEEE Radici Plastics
      Heraform POM Radici Plastics
      Heramid PA 6, PA 66 Radici Plastics
      Herex Closed cell PVC foam Alcan Airex AG
      Herlene EPDM Unimers India Ltd.
      Hesalite PMMA sheet G-S Plastic Optics
      Hetron Thermoset resin Ashland
      Hexcel PE powder Gerbaldo Polimeri s.r.l.
      Hexcene LLDPE powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      HexWeb PP+PET/PA honeycomb core Hexcel Composites
      Hi-Aromafume Fragrant HDPE ESEL TechTra Inc.
      Hiblend PC/ABS P-Group GmbH
      HiCal PP Heritage Plastics
      Hicor Oriented PP film ExxonMobil Chemical
      HiD PE Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Hiethylene PE sheet Hitachi Chemical
      Hifax PP, TPE, TPO LyondellBasell Industries
      HiFill ABS, PA, PBT, PC, PET, PP TP Composites
      Hifor LLDPE Westlake Chemical
      Hiform PU VCM Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd.
      Highlac ABS, PS Hexa Chemical Ltd.
      Hi-Glass PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Higran PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Higreen PA66 Plasti Green
      Hiloy PA, PP, PBT, PC, PPO, ABS, PS A. Schulman
      HiLast TPE, TPV 3M Company
      Hilene PP Calco Poly Technik Private Ltd.
      Himilan Purge polymer DuPont
      Hi-Multi PA yarn Kolon Industries
      Hipersite PE Yuka Denshi Ltd.
      Hipertuf PET/PEN, PEN M & G Polymers
      HiPET PET 3M Company
      Hipex TPE Kraiburg TPE
      Hiplex HDPE HIP Petrohemija
      Hipolen PP Hipol A.D. Chemical Industry
      Hipolyene TPO Zylog Plastalloys
      Hipscon HIPS sheet  Lubrizol Corporation
      HipPUR PUR  3M Company
      Hipren SBR HIP Petrohemija
      Hi-Prene PP GS Caltex Corp
      Hiprolon PA HiPro Polymers Co. Ltd.
      Hipromide PA HiPro Polymers Co. Ltd.
      Hipten LDPE HIP Petrohemija
      Hirenol Phenolic resin Kolon Industries
      Hiroxy Epoxy resin Kolon Industries
      Hi-Selon PVOH film Kolon Industries
      Hishiplate PVC/PMMA, PP, PVC sheet Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Histat Electrically conductive resins United Composites BV
      Histif HDHMWPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Hitalex PET film Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Hi-Thane PU Songwon Industrial Company Ltd.
      Hitec HDPE sheet CPG-Vycom
      Hitex ABS Zylog Plastalloys
      HiVal HDPE Ashland
      Hivalloy PP alloy Chemtura Corporation
      Hivorex HDPE Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      HiWax LMWPE Mitsui Chemicals
      Hi-Zex HDPE Prime Polymer Co. Ltd.
      Hi-Zex Million UHMWPE Mitsui Chemicals
      HK Petro HIPS, PS Hong Kong Petrochemicals Ltd.
      HMS PP LyondellBasell Industries
      HolograPEEK PEEK Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Hopelen PP Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      Hopet PET Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      Hostacen mPP Ticona
      Hostacom Reinforced PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Hostaphan PET Film Mitsubishi Polyester Film Group
      Hostaform POM copolymer Celanese Corporation
      Hostaglas PET sheet Hagedorn AG
      Hostalen HDPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Hostalen-GUR UHMW PE Celanese Corporation
      Hostalen PP PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Hostalloy Polyolefin alloy Celanese Corporation
      HP Multipolymer sheet Cyro Industries
      HPloy PVC/ABS Guangzhou Kingfa Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
      Huabao EVA, PVA Beijing Organic Chemical Plant
      Huafon TPU Huafeng Group
      Hualon PET Hualon Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd
      Hushlloy ABS Techno Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Hybrar Styrene-isoprene copolymer Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Hybrid ABS/PC Ravago
      Hycail PLA Hycail bv
      Hycolene PP Luxus Ltd.
      HydCast Cast PA 6 Plastifab Industries
      Hydcor PVC rod Ensinger
      Hydel Static dissipative POM Ensinger
      Hydex PBT Ensinger
      Hydlar PA aramid fiber reinforced Ensinger
      Hydrex Low styrene vinyl ester Reichhold
      Hydrolar PU Coim Group
      Hydrolene PVOH Idroplax S.r.l.
      Hydromed PU AdvanSource Biomaterials
      Hydropel Vinyl ester resin AOC LLC
      Hydrothane TPU AdvanSource Biomaterials
      Hydrin ECO elastomer Zeon Chemicals
      Hyfil PP Hydro S & S Industries Ltd.
      Hyfill Polyester AOC LLC
      Hyflon PDVF Solvay Solexis
      Hylac ABS Ravago
      Hylar PVDF Solvay Solexis
      Hylene TPE DuPont
      Hylex PC Ravago
      Hylon PA 6, PA 66 Ravago
      Hylox PBT Ravago
      Hynsin PBT, PC Shinil Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
      Hypalon TPE DuPont
      Hypel PE Ravago
      Hyper ABS, PBT, PC/ABS, POM Plasticos Novacor
      Hyperite PET, PC/PET Kaneka
      Hyperkote PU Dow Hyperlast
      Hyperlast PU Dow Hyperlast
      Hyperlite PU Bayer MaterialScience
      Hypol PU Dow Chemical
      Hyprene TPE Hydro S & S Industries Ltd.
      Hypro PP Ravago
      Hyrene PS Ravago
      Hyril SAN Ravago
      Hyosung PP PP Ravago
      Hysun ASA Hyosung Corporation
      Hytemp Polyarylate elastomer Zeon Chemicals
      Hytex PC/ABS Zylog Plastalloys
      Hytrel TEEE DuPont
      Hy-Vin PVC Ineos
      Icofine PE, PEI rotational molding resin A. Schulman
      Icorene Rotational molding resins A. Schulman
      IPC PP PP International Polymers Corporation
      Idealis UHMWPE Braskem
      Idemitsu PPS PPS Idemitsu Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
      Igoform POM faigle Kunststoffe
      Igolon PA 66 faigle Kunststoffe
      Igopas PA 6 faigle Kunststoffe
      Igorex PA, PEEK, PP, PPS faigle Kunststoffe
      I-lon PA 6, PA 66 Hyundai Engineering Polymers
      Illuminex PC film Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Imact SEBS Ningbo Nengzhiguang New Materials Technology Co, Ltd.
      Imidex PI film Westlake Plastics Company
      Impact Recycled resins American Commodities
      Imperm N MXD6 PA nonocomposite Mitsubishi Gas Chemical
      Impet PET Celanese Corporation
      Impranil PUR Bayer MaterialScience
      Imuthane PU Coim Group
      Incolor Color masterbatches Infinity Compounding
      Index Ethylene styrene interpolymer Dow Chemical
      IndoPLA PLA SPC Biotech Private Ltd.
      Indothene LDPE, HDPE Reliance Industries Ltd
      Indovin PVC Reliance Industries Ltd
      Indure TPO LyondellBasell Advanced Polymers
      Inelec Conductive resins Infinity Compounding
      Inertec PP sheet Polymer Industries
      Infilon PA 6 GRP Limited
      Infinite PET Selenis Canada
      Infinity Recycled PA Honeywell Plastics
      Infino PA, PBT, PC, PC/ABS, PC/PMMA, mPPE Lotte Advanced Materials
      Inflex COC modified PE film NEX (New England Extrusion)
      Infuse Olefin block copolymer Dow Chemical
      Ingeo PLA NatureWorks LLC
      Inlube Lubricated resins Infinity Compounding
      Innoclear PU Innovative Polymers
      Innobatch LDPE, PP Inno Comp Kft
      Innokril ABS Izmir Makine Samayi Anonim Sirketi
      Innomid PA 6 Izmir Makine Samayi Anonim Sirketi
      Innonen TPU Austin Novel Materials Co. Ltd.
      InnoPE HDPE, LDPE, MDPE InnoPlastics AG
      Innoplen PP Izmir Makine Samayi Anonim Sirketi
      Innoplus HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE PTT Polymer Marketing Company Ltd
      Innopol PE, PP Inno Comp Kft
      InnoPS PS InnoPlastics AG
      Innotooling PU Innovative Polymers
      Innotuf PU Innovative Polymers
      Innova PS, HIPS Videolar Innova S/A
      Innovex LLDPE Ineos
      Inprima ABS/PVC Kaneka
      Inovyn PVC INOVYN ChlorVinyls Limited
      Inspire PP Trinseo
      Instex PVC Teknor Apex
      Instruc ABS, PA, PBT, PC, POM, PPA Infinity Compounding
      Instube PE Chevron Phillips Chemical
      Intact TPO LyondellBasell Advanced Polymers
      Intene BR Polimeri Europa
      Interion TPE Vi-Chem Corporation
      Internova PVC Novacke Chemicke Zavody
      Intex SBR, XSBR Polimeri Europa
      Intol E-SBR Polimeri Europa
      Intune Pe/PP alloy Dow Chemical
      Invision TPE, TPV A. Schulman
      Iotek Ionomer ExxonMobil Chemical
      IPE Conductive PA, PE, PMMA, PP, TPE IonPhasE Oy
      Ipethene LDPE Carmel Olefins
      Iplite PBT Intercontinental Polymers Ltd.
      Iplon PA 6, PA 66 Intercontinental Polymers Ltd.
      Ipther PPO Intercontinental Polymers Ltd.
      Ipylene PP Intercontinental Polymers Ltd.
      Iradur PBT Godiplast GmbH
      Irapol HDPE, LLDPE, PP ARAK Petrochemical Company
      Irocoat PUR Huntsman
      Irodur PUR Huntsman
      Irogran TPU Flint Hills Resources
      Irolite TPU Flint Hills Resources
      Irostic TPU adhesive Huntsman
      Irrathane TPU Zylon Polymers
      Isoblend ABS/PC Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isoclear PC Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isocor PA 610, PA 612 Shakespeare
      Isodur PBT/PET Suzhou Gaozheng Tech Materials Co., Ltd.
      Isoexter PUR Coim Group
      Isofil PP Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isoflex TPE Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isofoam PPR Baxenden Chemicals Ltd.
      Isoform POM Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isoglass PP Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isogrip Polyisoprene Karbochem (Pty) Ltd.
      IsoGuard PUR Foamex
      Isolac ABS Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Isolan TPU Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isolon EVA, PE foam Izhevsk Plastics Plant
      Isolast Perfluoroelastomer Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
      Isolex PC Suzhou Gaozheng Tech Materials Co., Ltd.
      Isolon PE, EVA foam Izhevsk Plastics Plant 
      Isomid PA 6, PA 66 Suzhou Gaozheng Tech Materials Co., Ltd.
      Isonate PUR Dow Chemical
      Isonyl PA 6, PA 66 Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isopak ABS, PC/ABS Great Eastern Resin Industrial Co.
      Isoplas PE rotational molding Stamford Products Limited
      Isoplast TPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Isoplen PP Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isoryl PPO/PPE Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isosan SAN Great Eastern Resin Industrial Co.
      Isostyr PS Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isotal POM Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Isothane TPU Great Eastern Resin Industrial Co.
      Isotene PE Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isoter ABS Sirmax S.p.A.
      Isplen PP Repsol-YPF
      Itamid PA 6, PA 66 Spoldzielnia Pracy Chemikow XENON
      Istrolen HDPE, LDPE, PP Istrochem o.z.
      Istrona PP Istrochem o.z.
      Iupec Polybutylenesuccinate/carbonate Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
      Iupiace mPPE Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
      Iupilon PC Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
      Iupital POM Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
      Iupon PC Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
      Ive-One PVC Takiron Co., Ltd.
      Ixan PVDC Ixan Diofan
      Ixef Polyarylamide Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Ixis PP Azdel
      Ixol Polyol Solvay Fluor
      Izotex Acrylic yarn ICEFS S.A. Savinesti
      Iztavil PVC Mexichem S.A.B. de C.V.
      Jackoboard EPS sheet Jackon
      Jackocell EPS Jackon
      Jackodur EPS sheet Jackon
      Jackofoam EPS Jackon
      Jackopor EPS Jackon
      Jade PET Jiangsu Xingye Plastics Co., Ltd
      Jalflex TPE Michael Ballance Plastics Limited
      Jampilen PP Jam Polypropylene Co.
      Jarid PA 6 Tanex Plasty
      Jazz Recycled PP Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
      Jea TPE, TPEE, TPU, TPV Dongguan Jea Plastic Co.,Ltd
      Jeffol PUR Huntsman
      Jelucel Wood polymer composite JELU-Werk J. Ehrler GmbH & Co.KG
      Jeluxyl Wood polymer composite JELU-Werk J. Ehrler GmbH & Co.KG
      Jertech HDPE, LDPE, PA, PP, PS Jer Envirotech
      Jiuhmelite PMMA sheet Jiuh Mei Enterprise Co. Ltd.
      JJ Blend PA 6, PP J. J. Packagers Private Limited
      J-Poval Polyvinyl alcohol Japan Vam & Poval Co. Ltd.
      J-Rex HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Mitsubishi Chemical
      Juner PA,PBT,PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PP Zhejiang Juner New Materials Co. Ltd
      Kadel Aromatic PK Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Kaifa PBT, PA 66, PPO Beijing Huateng Hightech Co., Ltd.
      Kajodur PBT Kajo Plastic GmbH
      Kajomid PA 46, 6, 66, 612, 11, 12 Kajo Plastic GmbH
      Kajo Spezial PA/PPA Kajo Plastic GmbH
      Kaladex PEN film DuPontTeijin Films
      Kalix High performance PA Solvay
      Kalloy TPR Fuzhou Kun Sheng Composite Plastic Co., Ltd.
      Kalrez Perfluoroelastomer DuPont
      Kamax PMMA Rohm and Haas
      Kane Ace ABS Kaneka
      Kaneka PVC Kaneka
      Kaneka Alphaloy ABS/PC Kaneka
      Kaneka Flux PA 6, PP Kaneka
      Kanelite PS foam Kaneka
      Kane Pearl PS Kaneka
      Kanevilack PVC/PMMA Kaneka
      Kanevinyl PVC Kaneka
      Kaofulex PS Kaofu Chemical Corporation
      Kapex PC Ginar Technology Co. Ltd.
      Kaprolon PA 6 Metafrax
      Kapstone High impact ABS sheet Spartech Corp.
      Kapton PI film DuPont
      Kaptrex PI film Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Karbolon PC Ansa Termoplastici S.r.l.
      Karelin PP, SBS Polygate Kunststoffe GmbH
      Kareline ABS, PLA, POM, PP, PS Kareline Natural Composites
      Karilen PP, SBS MCT Misch & Compoundier Technik GmbH
      Kawfoam XPS foam Al Kawther Steel & Building Factory
      Kaylan PU elastomer Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Ltd.
      Kebaflex TPE Barlog Plastics GmbH
      Kebaform POM Barlog Plastics GmbH
      Kebarex PC Barlog Plastics GmbH
      Kebaryl PPO Barlog Plastics GmbH
      Kebater PBT Barlog Plastics GmbH
      Kebatron PPS Barlog Plastics GmbH
      Keldax Ethylene copolymer DuPont
      Kelon A PA 66 mineral filled Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Kelon B PA 6 mineral filled Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Keltan EPDM Arlanxeo Holding B.V.
      Kematal POM copolymer Ticona
      Kemcor LDPE, HDPE Qenos Pty. Ltd.
      Kemlux PC/PET LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Kepamid PA 6, PA 66 Korea Engineering Plastics
      Kepex PBT Korea Engineering Plastics
      Kepital POM Korea Engineering Plastics
      Kepstan PEKK Arkema
      K-Prene SEBS Technovinyl Polymers Ltd.
      K-Prene Hyflex MPR Technovinyl Polymers Ltd.
      Kerdyn PET structural foam Gurit Holding AG
      Kerimid PI Huntsman
      Keripol Polyester Momentive
      Kestamid Cast PA Polikim A.S.
      Ketalloy PEEK Professional Plastics, Inc.
      KetaSpire PEEK Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Ketoprix Polyketone Esprix Technologies
      Ketron PEEK Quadrant EPP
      Kevlar p-Aramid fiber DuPont
      Keyflex TEEE LG Chemical
      K-Flex NBR, PVC, TPE Techno Vinyl Polymers India Ltd
      KF Polymer PVDF Kureha
      K-Grip TPE Techno Vinyl Polymers India Limited
      Khorram PVC Khorram Plastic Factory Group
      Kiamid PA 6  Wilhelm Kimmel Kunststoffe GmbH
      Kibisan SAN Chi Mei Corporation
      Kibiton SBS Chi Mei Corporation
      Kimilac ASA Chi Mei Corporation
      Kimpet PET Kimex SA de CV
      King Pearl EPS Loyal Group
      Kingreat TPE Guangdong Kingreat Hitech Co. Ltd.
      Klarez PS Monotez S.A.
      K-Link PE Techno Vinyl Polymers India Limited
      Kluberdur POM Kluber Lubrication Munchen KG
      Knorstan mPPE Technical Polymers LLC
      Koattro PP LyondellBasell
      Kobaloy PC Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Kobatron PA Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Koblend PS/PE, PC/ABS Versalis
      Kocetal POM copolymer Kolon Industries
      Kodapak PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Kodar PETG polyester Eastman Chemical Company
      Kodilen HDPE, LDPE, PP Istrochem o.z.
      Kohinor Vinyl Rimtec
      Kolefin PP Kolon Industries
      Komacel PVC foam sheet Kommerling Kunststoffe
      Komadur PVC sheet Kommerling Kunststoffe
      Komatex PVC sheet Kommerling Kunststoffe
      Kondex PS Plasti Green
      Konduit Thermally conductive resins Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Kony PU, TPU Kolon Industries
      Kopa PA 6, PA 66 Kolon Industries
      Koolymer Conductive PA, PP, PPS Polyalloy
      Kopel PET elastomer Kolon Industries
      Kopelen PP Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      Kopet PET Kolon Industries
      Kophos PC Kolon Industries
      Kopla PA, POM, PBT, PC, PP Kopla Co. Ltd.
      KoPPS PPS Kolon Industries
      Koplen EPS Sythos S.A.
      Korad PMMA film Spartech-PEP
      Koslen TPU Fuzhou Kun Sheng Composite Plastic Co., Ltd.
      Kostil SAN Versalis
      Kostrate Terpolymer Plastic Selection Group
      Kosyn SBS TPE Korea Kumbo Petrochemical Ltd.
      Kotex PC Kotec Corporation
      Koterm PP Isokon o.o.
      Koylene PP Reliance Industries Ltd
      K-Grip TPE Techno Vinyl Polymers India Limited
      K-Guard Flame retardant PVC Techno Vinyl Polymers India Limited
      Koolimer Conductive PA, PP, PPS Polyalloy Inc.
      K-PET PET K-Mac Plastics
      K-PP PP Techno Vinyl Polymers India Limited
      K-Prene SEBS, SBS, TPO, TPV Techno Vinyl Polymers India Limited
      K-PU PU Techno Vinyl Polymers India Limited
      Kralastic ABS Nippon A&L
      Kralex SBR Kaukuc
      Krasol PB polymer Sartomer
      Krasten PS, HIPS Kaukuc
      Kraton D SBC Kraton Polymers
      Kraton G SBS, SEBS Kraton Polymers
      Kreca Carbon fiber Kureha Chemical Industry Co.
      Krehalon PVDC film Kureha Chemical Industry Co.
      K-Resin SBC Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Kritilen LDPE Plastika Kritis S.A.
      Kritisan Recycled resins Plastika Kritis S.A.
      Kritisol LDPE, HDPE Plastika Kritis S.A.
      Krylene E-SBR Lanxess
      Krynac NBR Arlanxeo Holding B.V.
      Krynol E-SBR Lanxess
      Krystalflex PUR Huntsman
      Krystalgran PUR Huntsman
      Krystalguard PUR Huntsman
      Kunlun EPDM Jilin Chemical Group
      Kuralon PVA fiber Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Kuramiron TPU Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Kurarister PET Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Kurarity PMMA/PnBA Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Kurtyny PVC Boriszew S.A.
      KVC PVC Kadakia Plastics and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
      K-Vinyl PVC Techno Vinyl Polymers India Limited
      Kydex PMMA/PVC Kydex LLC
      Kynar PVDF Arkema Group
      Label-Lyte Oriented PP film ExxonMobil Chemical
      Lacea PLA (biodegradable polymer) Mitsui Chemicals
      Lactel PLA (biodegradable polymer) Durect Corporation
      Lacoflex SBS Cabopol Industria de Compostos, SA
      Lacovil PVC Cabopol Industria de Compostos, SA
      Lacovyl PVC copolymers Arkema Group
      Lacqrene HIPS Total Petrochemicals
      Lacqtene LDPE Total Petrochemicals
      Lactel Biodegradable polymers Birmingham Polymers
      Laestra SPS Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Lagomix PE Polinter
      Lagotene PE Polinter
      Lajaprene SBS Laja SA
      Lajavinyl PVC Laja SA
      Lamapet PET Mitsubishi Chemicals
      Lamdex LDPE foam Dow Chemical
      Lambdapor EPS Sunpor Kunststoff GmbH
      Lamide PA LAMPLAST di Aldo Redaelli e C. s.a.s.
      Lamigamid PA 12 G. Schwartz GmbH + Co KG
      Lanoform POM Godiplast GmbH
      Lanomid PA Godiplast GmbH
      Lanoprop PP Godiplast GmbH
      Lanufene HDPE Vebel S.r.l.
      Laperos LCP Polyplastics Company Ltd.
      Lapex A, B PES, PPSU Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Laprene SEBS (TPE-S) Celanese So.F.teR.
      Laramid PPA Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Laricol TPU COIM S.p.A.
      Larflex TPO Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Laril PPOm Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Laripur TPU COIM S.p.A.
      Larithane PU elastomer COIM S.p.A.
      Larpeek PEEK Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Larton PPS Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Lasenic ABS, HDPE, HIPS, PC/ABC, PMMA, PP, PS, PVC Shenzhen Quanda Plastic Co., Ltd.
      Laser + PET DAK Americas
      Lastane PUR Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Lastik Theromoplastic resin & alloys CAS Kunststoffe
      Lastil SAN Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Lastilac ABS, ABS/PC Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Lastirol PS Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Lasulf PSU Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latamid PA 6, PA 66, PA 68 Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latan POM Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latene HDPE, PP Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Later PBT Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Laticonther PP Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latigea PPA Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latigloss PLA Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latilon PC Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latilub Self lubricating PC Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latimass PA 66 Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latiohm PA, POM conductive resin Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latishield EMI shielding resin Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Latistat Antistatic resin Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Lauramid PA 12 Handtmann ELTEKA Kunststofftechnik
      Lavanta High-performance polyesters Solvay
      Lavirex EVA compound Finproject S.p.A.
      Laxtar LCP Lati Industria Termoplastici S.p.A.
      Lay PC/ABS Lucky Enpla Co. Ltd.
      Lecture PET Kuraray
      Legnovynil PVC Michael Ballance Plastics Limited
      Lemalloy mPPE Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Lemapet PBT Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Lennite UHMWPE, LDPE, HDPE Westlake Plastics
      Leomide PI film Kolon Industries
      Leona PA 66 Asahi Kasei
      Leostomer TPE-S Riken Technos
      Letian PPS Chengdu Letian Plastics Co.,Ltd.
      Levamelt HNBR Arlanxeo Holding B.V.
      Levapren HNBR Arlanxeo Holding B.V.
      Levirex EVA FinProject SpA
      Levblend PC/ABS Bayer MaterialScience
      Lexan PC Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Lexan SLX Amorphous PC copolymer Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Lexguard Bullet resistant PC Sabic Innovative Plastics
      LGExpol EPS LG Chemical
      LGF PC Lucky Enpla Co. Ltd.
      LGStrene PS LG Chemical
      Libolon PA 6 Lealea Group
      Lifobatch TPE The Hexpol Group
      Lifocork TPE The Hexpol Group
      Lifoflex TPE-S The Hexpol Group
      Lifolit Soft PVC The Hexpol Group
      Lifoprene TPU The Hexpol Group
      Lighter PET Equipolymers s.r.l.
      Lightlon LDPE foamed sheet Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.
      Lignogel PP J.Rettenmaier & Sö GmbH+Co.KG
      Lignoprop PP Bo-NaFaTec GmbH & Co. KG
      Lignostone Phenolic resin Roechling Engineering Plastics KG
      Limera SMA Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Linathene LLDPE USI Far East Corporation
      Linflon PTFE Shanghai Linflon Film Technology Co., Ltd.
      LinTech LLDPE Braskem
      Linthane TPU Teue Group
      Lipol PP Exopt
      Lionpol TPE, TPO, TPV Lion Polymers
      Litac-A SAN Nippon A&L
      Liten HDPE Unipetrol RPA
      Litepol PP Celanese So.F.teR.
      Litepol B PA 6 Celanese So.F.teR.
      LiveFresh Antibacterial PA filament yarn Toray Industries
      Lixon LCP Chisso Corporation
      Lomod TPE Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Longhua PC film Mianyang Longhua Film Co., Ltd.
      Longlite PBT, PBT/ABS, TPEE Chang Chun Group
      Lonoy PC/PET Guangzhou Kingfa Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
      Lottmer TPEV Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      Lotrene LDPE Qatar Petrochemical Company Ltd.
      Lotrene LLDPE Qatofin Company Ltd.
      Louie PVC PVC Louie Industrial Co. Ltd.
      Low E Poly TPO sheet Spartech
      Loxim PA 6, PA 66, PBT, PC, PEEK, PP, PPS Loxim Industries Ltd.
      LPC PC Lucky Enpla Co. Ltd.
      Luban PP Oman Polypropylene LLC
      Lubelac ABS Luben Plast
      Lubemid PA Luben Plast
      Lubemix PC/ABS Luben Plast
      Lubexan PC Luben Plast
      Lublene PP Luben Plast
      Lubmer UHMWPE Mitsui Chemicals
      Lubotene LDPE film Optatech
      Lubramid Cast PA Licharz GmbH
      Lubriblend Internally lubricated PA, POM TP Composites
      Lubricomp Wear resistant resin Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Lubrilon PA, PC A. Schulman
      Lubriloy Internally lubricated resins Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Lubri-Tech Internally lubricated resins PolyOne
      Lubrix PPS Plasti Green
      Lucalen Ethylene/acrylate copolymer LyondellBasell Industries
      Lucalor Chlorinated PVC Arkema Group
      Lucel POM LG Chemical
      Lucene TPO A. Schulman
      Lucent PP, TPO A. Schulman
      Lucet POM LG Chemical
      Lucite PMMA Lucite International
      Luckpor EPS LG Chemical
      Lucobatch PE Lucobit AG
      Lucobit PE/bitumen blend Lucobit AG
      Lucofin PE Lucobit AG
      Lucolit PE Lucobit AG
      Lucon ABS LG Chemical
      Lucopren TPE/PP Lucobit AG
      Lucalor Chlorinated PVC Arkema Group
      Lucryl PMMA BASF
      Luflexen mLLDPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Lukor HDPE Lukoil
      Lumation Light Emitting Polymer Dow Chemical
      Lumax ABS/PBT LG Chemical
      Lumenex PP Ferro
      Lumicene mPE, mPP Total
      Lumid PA LG Chemical
      Lumiflon FEVE Asahi Glass Company
      LumiLid PET film Toray Industries
      Lumiloy mPPE LG Chemical
      Luminy PLA Corbion
      Lumiplas ABS LG Chemical
      Lumirror PET film Toray Industries
      Lumitac LLDPE Tosoh
      Lupan SAN LG Chemical
      Lupet PET LG Chemical
      Lupol PP LG Chemical
      Lupolen LDPE, HDPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Lupolex LLDPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Lupon PA LG Chemical
      Lupos ABS, ABS/SAN LG Chemical
      Lupox PBT LG Chemical
      Lupoy PC, PBT, ABS/PC LG Chemical
      Lupranol Polyether polyols Elastogran
      Lupraphene Polyester polyols Elastogran
      Luran SAN, ASA Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Luran S ASA, ASA/PC Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Luranyl PPE/HIPS, PPE/PA Rowa Group
      Lurethane TPE Ludowici Platics Ltd.
      Lusep PPS, Syndiotactic PS LG Chemical
      Lustran ABS, SAN, ABS+PMMA Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Lutech POM Oiles Corp.
      Lutene PE LG Chemical
      Lutrel Flame retardant PBT LG Chemical
      Luvocom PA 66, PAEK, PEEK, PBT, PA 6, PC, POM, POM/PTFE Techmer Lehvoss LLC
      Luvogard PP Lehmann & Voss
      Luvopor TPE Lehmann & Voss
      Luvotech PA 6 Techmer Lehvoss LLC
      Luwax PE BASF
      Luxacryl PMMA TTV GmbH
      Luxamid PA 6, PA 66 Dilaplast
      Luxene PE M.P.B. S.r.l.
      Luxy Amorphous PA LG Chemical
      Luytex Polyester thermoset Trelleborg Sealing Systems
      Lycra Spandex fiber Invista
      Lytex Carbon reinforced epoxy Quantum Composites
      Mablex PC/ABS MP Compounds s.r.l.
      Macomass PP Macomass Verkaufs AG
      MacroCompPC PC Macro-M SA de CV
      MacroCompPP PP Macro-M SA de CV
      Macrolux PC sheet EMP S.A.
      Macromelt PA adhesive Henkel KG
      Mafill PP Ravago Group
      Magnablend PA 6 TP Composites
      Magnum ABS Trinseo
      Makadur PBT Maurer Kunststofftechnik
      Makaflex PC/ABS Maurer Kunststofftechnik
      Makaform POM Maurer Kunststofftechnik
      Makalest TPE Maurer Kunststofftechnik
      Makamid PA 6 Maurer Kunststofftechnik
      Makariell PA 6, PP Maurer Kunststofftechnik
      Makrilen PP Godiplast GmbH
      Makroblend PC/PET blend Bayer MaterialScience
      Makroclear PC sheet Arla Plast AB
      Makrolife PC sheet Arla Plast AB
      Makrotech PC sheet Arla Plast AB
      Makrovision PC sheet Arla Plast AB
      Makrofol PC film Bayer MaterialScience
      Makrolife PC sheet Arla Plast AB
      Makrolon PC Bayer MaterialScience
      Makromid PA Godiplast GmbH
      Makrotech PC sheet Arla Plast AB
      Malecca Heat resistant ABS Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
      Malen-E LDPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Malen-P PP PKN Orlen
      Manucast PP film Manuti Film S.p.A.
      Manucor PE,PP film Manuti Film S.p.A.
      Manunet LLDPE film Manuti Film S.p.A.
      Manustif LLDPE film Manuti Film S.p.A.
      Mapex PA 6, PA 66 Ginar Technology Co. Ltd.
      Marathone PTFE St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      MarFlex PE Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Marfran SEBS/Polyolefin alloy Vita Thermoplastic Compounds
      Margard PC sheet Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Markline ABS, PMMA film LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Marlex PE, PP Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Marlon PC sheet Polinter SA de CV
      Marvaloy Impact modified copolymer resin Marval Industries
      Marvyflo TPE CTS Cousin-Tessier
      Marvylan PVC Tessenderlo Group
      Marvylex TPE vinyl based CTS Cousin-Tessier
      Marvyloy PVC CTS Cousin-Tessier
      Mastertint PP, PE Chrostiki
      Mater-Bi Biopolymer Novamont S.p.A.
      Matrixx PA, PC, PE, PP The Matrixx Group
      Matrox UHMWPE Röing-Group
      Maxamid PA 6, PA 66 Pier One Polymers
      Maxbatch Mineral filled PP, PE PolyOne
      Maxelast TPE Nantong Polymax Elastomer Technology Co., Ltd.
      Maxiglas PMMA Shanhai Jing-Qi Polymer Science Co.
      Maxnite PET MCR Polymers
      Maxprene TPE, TPO Plasticos Novacor
      Maxtel PP, TPE MCR Polymers
      Maxithen PP, SAN Gabriel-Chemie Group
      Maxive Barrier epoxy resin Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co Ltd.
      MAX Series PEEK/PI blend Victrex plc
      Maxxam HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP PolyOne
      Mayloy PC/ABS Metro Wealth Polymer SND BHD
      Mayprene PP Metro Wealth Polymer SND BHD
      Mayrene PS Metro Wealth Polymer SND BHD
      Mayrex ABS Metro Wealth Polymer SND BHD
      Mayryl PPO Metro Wealth Polymer SND BHD
      Mayron PC Metro Wealth Polymer SND BHD
      Mazmid PA 6, PA 612 Mazzaferro Industria e Comercio de Polimeros e Fibras Ltda
      Mazpound PVC Mazda Plastic Factory Ltd.
      MCX-Q PA Mitsui Chemicals
      Mecian PVC Malayan Electro-Chemical Industry
      Medalist TPE Teknor Apex
      Mediele PET fiber Kuraray
      Mediflex TPE Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers
      Medipeek PEEK film Westkake Plastics
      Mediprene TPE The Hexpol Group
      Megacarb PC Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megadur PET MEG International Com S.R.L.
      Megafill PBT Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megafin PE, PP MEG International Com S.R.L.
      Megaflex TPE MEG International Com S.R.L.
      Megaform POM Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megalac ABS Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megalene PE, PP Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megalloy PC/ABS, PC/PBT Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megalon PC Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megamid PA 6, PA 66 MEG International Com S.R.L.
      Megaprene TPE Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megarad PC Trinseo
      Megasan ABS MEG International Com S.R.L.
      Megatal POM Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megatron PPS Mega Polymers Gruppe
      Megol SEBS API s.p.a.
      Megolon TPE Alpha Gary
      Melcam Melamine Elchi s.r.l.
      Meldin PI St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      Meliflex PVC Lion Polymers
      Meliflex TPE Melitek A/S
      Melinar PET DuPont
      Melinex PET film DuPontTeijin Films
      Melite mPE, mPP film Manuti Film S.p.A.
      Melochem Melamine molding compound Chemiplastica S.p.A.
      Melpet PET Meltem Kimya Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd.
      Melthene EVAC Tosoh Corporation
      Meplac ABS Mepol S.r.l.
      Meplen PP Mepol S.r.l.
      Meplene PE Mepol S.r.l.
      Mepron PS Mepol S.r.l.
      Meriplast Biopolymer Syral
      Mersalen Recycled LDPE, MDPE APK Aluminium und Kunststoffe AG
      Meryl PA fiber Nylstar
      Metalcap Heavy density PP Polyram
      Metallyte Oriented PP film ExxonMobil Chemical
      Metaloyal PI film Toray Industries
      Metamarble PC/PMMA alloy Teijin Chemicals Ltd.
      Metapol mLLDPE Rio Polimeros SA
      Metocene mPP LyondellBasell Industries
      Metton Olefinic thermoset resin Metton America
      Metzoplast ABS, PE, PP Metzeler Plastics GmbH
      Mevepur ABS, PA, PE, PP Clariant
      Meytel PA 6, PA 66 Mepol Srl
      Micagel PUR ABB
      Micares PUR ABB
      Micron PP Campco Pty
      Microbarat PP Campco Pty
      Microbond PP Campco Pty
      Microlen PE, EVA foams Thermoplastic Foam Industries
      Microlex PE powder Gerbaldo Polimeri s.r.l.
      Microlin PE Stamford Products Limited
      Microlink PE Stamford Products Limited
      Microntex PP Campco Pty
      Micropol PE Stamford Products Limited
      Microstat PE Stamford Products Limited
      Microstir PS powder Gerbaldo Polimeri s.r.l.
      Microthene Rotational molding HDPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Mictron Aramid film Toray Industries
      Midilena PP, LDPE Rompetrol Petrochemicals
      Mikrolen UHMWPE Mikro-Technik GmbH & Co. KG
      Mikroten HDPE film Granitol a.s.
      Milastomer TPE Mitsui Chemicals
      Milenium PC/ABS sheet Spartech
      Milex Phenolic resin Mitsui Chemicals
      Miliflex TPE, TPO Melitek A/S
      Millad Extrusion blow molded PP Milliken & Co.
      Mindel Modified PSU Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Mingafluor PFTE Minger Kunststofftechnik AG
      Mingalen PE Minger Kunststofftechnik AG
      Mingamid PA 11, PA 12 Minger Kunststofftechnik AG
      Mingaprop PP Minger Kunststofftechnik AG
      Mingel TEEE DZBH New Materials Corporation
      Minlon Mineral filled PA 66 DuPont
      Minocolor Various thermoplastics Minocha Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
      Mipelon UHMWPE powder Mitsui Chemicals
      Mipan PA yarn Hyosung
      Mirafoam PS JSP
      Miramat PE JSP
      Miramid PA 6, PA 66 BASF Leuna GmbH
      Miraplank PE JSP
      Mirapolyca PC JSP
      Mirastick EPS JSP
      Miraprene TPV A. Schulman
      Mirason LDPE Mitsui Chemicals
      Mirathane TPU Miracll Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Miravithen EVA Innospec Specialty Chemicals
      Mirel PHA Telles
      Mitsui B-Resin Polyester barrier resin Mitsui Chemicals
      Miravithen EVA copolymer Innospec Leuna GmbH
      Mixtene PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Mixtir PS AD Compound S.p.A.
      Moalloly ABS China XD Plastics Company Ltd.
      Moamioly Polymer alloys China XD Plastics Company Ltd.
      Modar PMMA Ashland
      Molamid PA Moeller Group
      Molblend PC/ABS, PC/PBT Moeller Group
      Moldex Polyolefin compounds Advanced Plastics Compounds Co.
      Moldflon PTFE ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH
      Molerit PVC Moeller Group
      Molflex SEBS Moeller Group
      Molesin TPE Moeller Group
      Molliprene TPE Verneos Ltd.
      Molpro PP Moeller Group
      Moltopren PUR Orsa Foam S.p.A.
      Monocast PA 6 rod, sheet DSM
      Monocell EPS Monotez SA
      Monoclear PET LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Monothane PU elastomer Dow Hyperlast
      Monprene TPE-S Teknor Apex
      Moplen PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Moretec LLDPE Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Mosten PP Chemopetrol
      Mowital PVB Kuraray Co., Ltd.
      mPact mLLDPE Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      MPC Specialty phenolic resins Rogers
      Mron PVC sheet Morino Kako Ltd.
      Multibatch PP Omya GmbH
      Multiclear PC sheet Arla Plast
      Multi-Flam Flame retardant compounds Multibase
      Multi-Flex TPE/TPO/TPR compounds Multibase
      Multiflex TPE Omya GmbH
      Multilate PET sheet Unitika
      Multilon PC/ABS Teijin Kasei America
      Multipet PET film Wipak GmbH
      Multipro PP Omya GmbH
      Multi-Pro Filled, reinforced PP Multibase
      Multirate PET multi layer sheet Unitika
      Muralen UHMWPE Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Murdopol PA 12 Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Murdotec PPS Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Murflor PTFE Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Murinyl PVDF Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Murpec PEEK Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Murylat PET Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Murylon PA 6, PA 66 Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Murytal POM Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co.
      Mvera PHA Telles
      MXD6 PA Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co Ltd.
      MXsten PE Westlake Chemical
      Mylar PET film DuPontTeijin Films
      Mylen PP Gantzkow & Mohr GmbH
      Mytex TPO Mytex Polymers
      Nafion PFSA (PerFluoroSulfonic Acid) Chemours Company
      NafiLean Hemp reinforced PP Automotive Performance Materials
      Nakan PVC flexible Arkema Group
      Nancar NBR Nantex Industry Co. Ltd.
      Nanoblend Nanoclay filled PP, PE PolyOne
      Nanotane PU Plastiques Gyf ltee
      Nantex NBR/SBR Nantex Industry Co. Ltd.
      Nan Ya PVC Tzon Shang Enterprise Co. Ltd.
      NAS SMMA acrylic Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Nativia PLA film Taghleef Industries L.L.C.
      Naturacell CA Rotuba
      Natureflex boPP film Innovia Films
      NatureWorks PLA (biopolymer) NatureWorks LLC
      Navalloy PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, PC, ABS Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Navapol HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE Nova Chemicals
      Naxaloy PC/ABS, PC/PET MRC Polymers
      Naxalloy PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET Custom Resins
      Naxel PC Polymeric Resources Corporation
      Naxell PC (recycled) MRC Polymers
      Nemcon Thermally conductive ABS, PC, PU Ovation Polymers
      Neodene BR Karbochem Pty. Ltd.
      Neoflex PI Mitsui Chemicals
      Neoflon ETFE, CTFE, FEP Daikin Industries Ltd.
      Neogol TPO API S.p.A.
      Neoplast TPE Zylog Plastalloys
      Neopolen Expanded PP BASF
      Neopor EPS BASF
      Neoprene Polychloroprene DuPont
      Neostar Copolyester ether elastomer Eastman Chemical Company
      Neo-Zex LLDPE Prime Polymer Co. Ltd.
      Nepol PP long glass fiber reinforcement Borealis AG
      Neralit PVC Spolana
      NeuSoft TPU Polyone
      Neuthane Polyester TPU Neu Specialty Engineered Materials
      Neviblend PMMA, SMMA, PC, PS, MABS, SAN Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Neviclear PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PA/ABS, PA/PP Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Neviel PA, PBT, PC, PP, PE, PC/ABS, ABS Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Neviester PBT, PET Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Neviflam PA, PBT, PC, PP, PE, PC/ABS, ABS Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Nevigum SBS, SEBS, TPV, TPU Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Nevilub PA, PBT, PC, PP, PE, PC/ABS, ABS Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Nevimid PA 6, PA 66 Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Nevishield PA, PBT, PC, PP, PE, PC/ABS, ABS Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Nevistat PA, PBT, PC, PP, PE, PC/ABS, ABS Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Nevisylon Silicone Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Nevistech PA46, PPA, TPE-E, PPS Nevicolor S.p.A.
      Newamide PA Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd.
      Newcab PP Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd.
      Newcell Expanded PS Videolar Innova S/A
      Newcon Reactor TPO Japan Polypropylene Corporation
      Newelast TPE Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd.
      Newfluro Fluoroelastomer Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd.
      Newfoamer High-melt strength PP Japan Polypropylene Corporation
      New-prene TPV Total Polymer Vision (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
      Newstren High-melt strength PP Japan Polypropylene Corporation
      Newthene PE Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd.
      NexPrene TPV LyondellBasell
      Nexalac ABS Next Resins
      Nexalon PC Next Resins
      Nexaloy PC/ABS Next Resins
      Nexamide PA 6, PA 66 Next Resins
      Nexatel POM Next Resins
      Nexgen XLPE Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd.
      Nexis HIPS Next Resins
      Neximid Polyimide Nexam Chemical Holding AB
      Nexlene PP Next Resins
      Nexol TPO Next Resins
      Nexrene TPE Next Resins
      Nexter PBT Next Resins
      Nexxstar EVA copolymer film ExxonMobil Chemical
      Nexylene PPS fibers EMS Group
      Nexylon PA fibers EMS Group
      NHU-PPA PPA Xincheng Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang NHU Co.Ltd
      NHU-PPS PPS Xincheng Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang NHU Co.Ltd
      Niblan PBT Soredi s.r.l.
      Niblend PC/ABS Soredi s.r.l.
      Niform POM Soredi s.r.l.
      Nilac ABS Soredi s.r.l.
      Nilamid A-B PA 6, PA 66 Euronil Thermoplastic Compounds
      Nilamod PA 6, PA 66 Euronil Thermoplastic Compounds
      Nilene PP Taro Plast S.P.A.
      Nilflex PP Taro Plast S.P.A.
      Nilitop PBT Nilit
      Niloy PC/PBT Soredi s.r.l.
      Nilsan ABS, ASA Taro Plast s.r.l.
      Nima Flame retardant PA, PC, PET, PP Ovation Polymers
      Niplene PP Soredi s.r.l.
      Nipoflex EVA Tosoh
      Nipol Nytrile elastomer Zeon Chemicals
      Nipolon LDPE, HDPE Tosoh
      Niretan PA 6 Soredi s.r.l.
      Nirion PC Soredi s.r.l.
      Nissen PP, PE Nissen Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd.
      Nistil SAN Soredi s.r.l.
      Nitoflon Fluoropolymer Nitto Denko
      Nitriclean NBR Nitriflex SA
      Nitrilast SBR JSC Voronezhsynthezkauchuk
      Nitrovin TPV Vi-Chem Corporation
      Nivic PVC Supermix G. Nikolakopoulos AVEEP
      Nivionplast PA 6, PA 66 Celanese So.F.teR.
      Niximid EBPA, EPA, MEPA, PEPA, PETA Nexam Chemical
      Noblen PP Sumitomo Chemical
      Nomex m-Aramid fiber DuPont
      Nopla PEN Kolon Industries
      Nordcel PVC Nordchem
      Nordel Thermoset elastomer Dow Chemical
      Nord HT PVC Nordchem
      Nordvil PVC Nordchem
      Norex PVC Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
      Norfor PPOm Celanese So.F.teR.
      Norpex PPE Polymeric Resources Corporation
      Norprene TPE St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      Norslid PTFE St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      Norsocryl PMMA Arkema
      Norsorex Polynorbornene elastomer Zeon Chemicals
      Norvic PVC Braskem
      Norvinyl PVC Inovyn ChlorVinyls Ltd
      Noryal PPO RP Industries
      Noryl Modified PPO Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Noryl GTX PPO/PA alloy Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Noryl PPX PPO/PP alloy Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Norylux Modified PPO Westlake Plastics
      Notio mTPE Mitsui Chemicals
      Notran Barrier resin SK Chemicals
      Novablend PC/ABS Novalca s.r.l.
      Novaccurate LCP Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Novaduran PBT Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Novadyn PA Invista
      Novakral ABS Novalca s.r.l.
      Novakril SAN Novalca s.r.l.
      Novalar ABS, PVC Nova Polymers
      Novalast TPV Nova Polymers
      Novalene PE, PP Nova Polymers
      Novalloy PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, PC/ABS Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Novalux PC Novalca s.r.l.
      Novamate PC Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Novamid PA 6 Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Novamid PA 6 Nurel SA
      Novamide PA 6, PA 66 Novalca s.r.l.
      Novanyl PA 6, PA 66 Plasticos Novacor
      Novapet PET Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Novapet PET Nurel SA
      Novaplen PP Novalca s.r.l.
      Novapol LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE Nova Chemicals
      Novapps PPS Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Novaprene TPE-S Schaefer Polymer GmbH
      Novarex PC Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Novaryl PPO Novalca s.r.l.
      Novastir PS Novalca s.r.l.
      Novatec LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA Japan Polychem Corporation
      Novex LDPE, EVA film Ineos
      Novocarb PC Godiplast GmbH
      Novodur ABS Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Novolac Phenolic resin Vyncolit
      Novolatex PUR Orsa Foam S.p.A.
      Novolen PP Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V
      Novolene PP Tomskneftekhim LLC
      Novolux ABS LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Nowobax PA, PP film Nowofol Kunststoffprodukte GmbH & Co.KG
      Nowoflon ETFE film Nowofol Kunststoffprodukte GmbH & Co.KG
      Nowosilk PP film Nowofol Kunststoffprodukte GmbH & Co.KG
      NPCX HDPE PTT Chemical Plc
      Nubelan Polyester elastomer Teijin Chemicals Ltd.
      NUC EVA film Nippon Unicar
      Nucrel Ethylene acid copolymer DuPont
      Nuralen PP Plastmassy
      Nuramid PA 6, PA 66 Plastmassy
      Nycal PA Technical Polymers LLC
      Nycast Cast PA Cast Nylons Ltd.
      Nycoa PA 6 Nylon Corporation of America
      Nycolastic TPE Nylon Corporation of America
      NycoPoly PA6/P66 Nylon Corporation of America
      NycoTrans Transparent PA Nylon Corporation of America
      Nydur PA 6 Bayer MaterialScience
      Nyflex TPE Nytex Composites
      NylaForce PA 6, PA 66 LEIS Polytechnik GmbH
      Nylamide PA KMI Group
      Nylapro PA Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Nylasint PA Polytron Kunststofftechnik
      Nylatron PA 66 DSM
      Nylem PA 6, PA 66 EMAS Plastik Sanayive Ticaret AS
      Nylene PA 6, PA 66 Polymeric Resources Corporation
      Nylex PP/PA alloy Multibase
      Nylfor PA 6, PA 66 Celanese So.F.teR.
      Nylind PA 66 DuPont
      Nyloil Cast PA Cast Nylons Ltd.
      Nyloy PA 66, PC/ABS, PP Nytex Composites Co., Ltd.
      Nymax PA 6, PA 66, amorphous PA PolyOne
      Nypel recycled PA 6 BASF
      Nyrim PA Brünn Gruppe
      Nysyn Nitrile elastomer Zeon Chemicals
      Nytron ABS, PA 66, PC Nytex Composites
      Oasis PI film DuPont
      Ocalio Cellulose acetate biopolymer Solvay
      Ocean Enplex ABS/PVC Ocean Plastics Ltd.
      Octa LCP Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Octal PET Octal Petrochemicals
      Oekuflex TPE Oekutec GmbH
      Oekustiff Wood filled PE, PP, PVC Oekutec GmbH
      Oflorine PVDF Shanghai Ofluorine Chemical Technology Co. Ltd.
      Oilamid Cast PA Licharz GmbH
      Oilon Cast PA Nylacast
      Okirol-EF EPS Dioki Organska Petrokemija
      Okiten LDPE Dioki Organska Petrokemija
      Okulen UHMWPE, HMWPE Dioki Organska Petrokemija
      Olaprene PUR Philippine Technische Kunststoffe KG
      Olefista TPO Mitsubishi Chemical
      Oleflex TPO Riken Technos
      Oleform PP Chisso
      Olehard PP Chisso
      Olen Recycled PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Olesafe PP Chisso
      Oltpur PUR Oltchim SA
      Oltvil S-PVC Oltchim SA
      Omay PC film, PC sheet Suzhou Omay Optical Material Ltd.
      Omercon PAni Ormecon GmbH
      Omikron PP Tecnopol s.p.a.
      OmniCarb PC Celanese
      OmniLon PA Celanese
      OmniPro PP Celanese
      OmniTech ABS, PBR, PE Celanese
      Omsky SBR Omsk
      Omyafoam PUR Omya AG
      Omycarb PVC Omya AG
      Omyalene PP Omya AG
      Omyalite PVC Omya AG
      OnFlex-V TPE-V PolyOne
      OnForce-V Long fiber reinforced PA, PP PolyOne
      Ongro CPE Borsodchem RT
      Ongronat PU, PVC Borsodchem RT
      Ongrovil PVC Borsodchem RT
      Onlymide PAI Kolon Industries
      OPL PVOH film Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
      Opnyl PA 6, PA 66 Ovation Polymers
      Oppanol IBS TPE BASF
      OPPalyte Oriented PP film ExxonMobil Chemical
      Optamid PA G. Schwartz GmbH + Co KG
      Optema EMA copolymer ExxonMobil Chemical
      OpteSTAT Nanocarbon filled PA, PC, POM, PP Ovation Polymers
      Optic Biaxially oriented PP film Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
      Optiflex Clear TPE Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers
      Optim PA, PP PLUSS Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd.
      Optimax PC Polymer Options LLC
      Optimide LCP Optatech
      Optimum Copolyester Rauh Polymers
      Optistyle CA LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Optix PMMA Plaskolite
      Optim PA, PP PLUSS Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd.
      Optinyl Biopolymers Rodenburg Biopolymers B.V.
      Optrene PE, PP, TPO Ovation Polymers
      Optum PP alloy Ferro
      Orbilan UHMWPE Orbilan Kunststoffwerk GmbH
      Orel PET DuPont
      Orevac Grafted PP, PE Arkema Group
      Orgalloy PA alloys Arkema Group
      Orgasol PA Arkema Group
      Orientene PP Oriental Petrochemicals Company
      Orkot Polyester thermoset Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
      Orlon Acrylic fiber DuPont
      Ormecon PAni Ormecon GmbH
      Oroglas PMMA Arkema Group
      Oromid PA Rhodia
      Orsoft Polyethers Orsa Foam S.p.A.
      Orthtek PEEK Greene, Tweed & Co.
      Osakryl Vinyl Synthos SA
      Osstyrol ABS, ASA, HDPE, PP sheet Hagedorn AG
      Othene LDPE Oswal Group
      Overflex TPE Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers
      Owipian EPS Synthos SA
      Owispol PS Synthos SA
      OxiShield EVOH film Honeywell Specialty Films
      Oxnilon PA 6, PA 66 Oxford Polymers
      Oxpekk Polyketone Oxford Performance Materials
      Oxy Vinyl Occidental
      Oxyblend Vinyl Occidental
      Oxyclear PET barrier resin Invista
      OxyVinyl PVC Occidental
      Pacrel TPE Optatech
      PadERMID PA 66 TKC Kunststoffe e.K.
      Padmex HDPE Petroleos Mexicanos
      Paklite PC, PE, PMMA, PP, PVC Paklite fzc
      Palblend PC/ABS Pal Plast
      Palapreg Premium Sheet Molding Compound DSM Composite Resins
      Palclear PVC sheet Palram Industries
      Paldoor PVC sheet Palram Industries
      Paldur PBT Pal Plast
      Palflex TPE, TPU Pal Plast
      Palform POM Pal Plast
      Palgard PC sheet Palram Industries Ltd
      Palglas PMMA Pal Plast
      Palight PVC sheet Palram Industries
      Palmid PA Pal Plast
      Palopaque PVC sheet Palram Industries
      Palpet PET Pal Plast
      Palprop PP Pal Plast
      Palran ABS Pal Plast
      Palruf PVC sheet Palram Industries
      Palsafe PC Pal Plast
      Palsan SAN Pal Plast
      Palsun PC sheet Palram Industries Ltd
      Palstyrol PS Pal Plast
      Palthene PE Pal Plast
      Paltile PC sheet Palram Industries Ltd
      Palvinyl PVC Pal Plast
      PanaABS ABS Panacea Polymers
      PanaBlend PC/ABS Panacea Polymers
      PanaCarb PC Panacea Polymers
      PanaCryl PMMA Panacea Polymers
      PanaMid PA 6, PA 66 Panacea Polymers
      PanaPP PP Panacea Polymers
      Pandex TPU Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Panglas PMMA sheet Pan Asia Industrial Co., Ltd.
      Panipol Conductive polymers Panipol
      Panlite PC Teijin Kasei America
      Papet PET KP Chemical
      Papi PUR Dow Chemical
      Paraclear NBR INSA
      Paracril NBR INSA
      Paracril Nitrile rubber Chemtura
      Paracril OZO PVC-NBR alloy Chemtura
      Paraglas PMMA Evonik Industries
      Paragon Biopolymer Avebe Group
      Paraloid PMMA Rohm & Haas
      Paramighty PC sheet Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Parapan PMMA Evonik Industries
      Parapet PMMA sheet Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Parapreg Cellulose based thermoset DSM
      Parastar PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Paroizol PP yarn Sibur-Geotekstil LLC
      Paryl PES. PPSU, PSU UJU New Materials Co. Ltd.
      PatioGlass PMMA Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Paxon HDPE powder ExxonMobil Chemical
      Paxothene LDPE USI Far East Corporation
      Pax-Plus Impact modified HDPE ExxonMobil Chemical
      P-Blend ABS/PC alloy Putsch Kunststoffe
      PC IQ Industrial PC MP Compounds s.r.l.
      PCLight PC sheet Policarbonatos do Brasil SA
      Pearlbond TPU adhesive Lubrizol
      Pearlstick TPU Lubrizol
      Pearlthane TPU Merquinsa
      Pearlthane TPU Lubrizol
      Pebax PEBA TPE Arkema Group
      Pebax Rnew Biobased PEBA TPE Arkema Group
      Pebolen HDPE, LDPE Pebo S.p.A.
      PEEK Polyaryletherketone Victrex
      PEEK-Classix Polyaryletherketone Invibio Biomaterial Solutions
      PEEK-Optima Polyaryletherketone Invibio Biomaterial Solutions
      Pellethane TPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Pellicule PPE sheet Chiyoda Integre Ltd.
      Pelprene TPE Toyobo Company Ltd
      Pel-Urethane PUR Pelnox
      Pemtex Thermoset compound Premix OY
      Pennite PA 6 sheet Ensinger PennFibre
      Pentaloy PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, PBT/ASA Pentac Polymer GmbH
      Pentamid PA 6, PA 66, PA 46, PA 12 Pentac Polymer GmbH
      Pentester PBT, PET Pentac Polymer GmbH
      Pentex PUR Huttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH
      Pentfoam EPS Thai Petrochemical
      Peranyl PPE/HIPS Godiplast GmbH
      Perblend PC/ABS Pier One Polymers
      Perbunan NBR Arlanxeo Holding B.V.
      Perclax PMMA Clax Italia
      Percom PP A. Schulman
      Peref PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Performa PET film Invista
      Perform ABS, ABS/PC, PC CCC Plastics
      Performance PET Indorama Polymers Co. Ltd.
      Perlas PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Perler PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Perlex PC Perrite
      Peripor EPS BASF
      Perlac ABS, ASA, SAN Vita Thermoplastics Compounds
      Perlas PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Perlene PE Vita Thermoplastics Compounds
      Perler PP AD Compound S.p.A.
      Perlex PC Vita Thermoplastics Compounds
      Perlon PET Lanxess
      Perlox PBT A. Schulman
      Perloy PC/ABS Vita Thermoplastics Compounds
      PermaClear PET Wellman
      Permaflex TPE-E Rauh Polymers
      PermaStat Various RTP Company
      Perspex PMMA sheet Lucite International
      Perstir PS AD Compound S.p.A.
      Perstyr PS Vita Thermoplastics Compounds
      Pertal POM A. Schulman
      Pertil PE AD Compound S.p.A.
      Petal PET Tekno Polimer AS
      Petcoal PPS Tosoh
      Petilen LDPE, HDPE Petkim Petrokimya AS
      Petlon PBT Albis
      Petol PP Oltchim SA
      Petoplen PP Petkim Petrokimya AS
      Petra PET BASF
      Petroflex NBR, SBR Petroflex North America
      Petromont PE Petromont SEC
      Petrothene LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Petvinil PVC Petkim Petrokimya AS
      Pevikon PVC Inovyn ChlorVinyls Ltd
      Pexidan PE Padanaplast USA
      Pexloy PBT, PC/PET Pier One Polymers
      Pextin PBT Pier One Polymers
      P-Flex ABS Putsch Kunststoffe
      P-Flex i TPE American Commodities
      Pfluon PEEK Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd.
      Pharma PVC AC Folien GmbH
      Pharmalene PE Versalis
      Pharmed TPE Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
      Philan PUR Philippine Technische Kunststoffe KG
      Phoenix SBC, SEBS, TPE Phon Tech Industrial Co.
      Phoenoprene TPE Phoenix AG
      Pibiflex TPE P-Group GmbH
      Pibifor PBT Celanese So.F.teR.
      Pibiter PBT, PBT/PC Celanese So.F.teR.
      Piccolastic Hydrocarbon resin (styrene based) Eastman Chemical Company
      Piccotac Hydrocarbon resin Eastman Chemical Company
      Piccotex Hydrocarbon resin Eastman Chemical Company
      Pilex PA, Phenolic Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Piocelan EPS Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.
      Piolen PP Pio Kunststoffe GmbH
      Pipelon PA DuPont
      Placorn Biopolymer Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., Ltd.
      Planac PBT Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Planeloy MS Nippon A&L
      Planext Bio-PC Teijin
      Planolen Recycled PE Rethmann Plano GmbH
      Planomid PA Rethmann Plano GmbH
      Planopet PET Rethmann Plano GmbH
      Plaslube Internally lubricated resins Tehmer Lehvoss Compounds
      Plasmer TPE-V Hyundai Engineering Plastics Co. Ltd.
      Plasmerit PVC Merit Plastik Kaç Ins. San. Tic. A.S.
      Plaspet PET Plastinord S.r.l.
      Plastamid PA 6, PA 66, PP, TPE-O Plastamid Engineering Polymers
      Plastazote PE sheet Zotefoams plc
      Plastene HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      Plaster PET powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      Plastiblend PA/ABS, PA/PP, PC/ABS  TP Composites
      Plasticyl Nanotubes reinforced polymers nanocyl
      Plastiloid Cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli
      Plastil SAN powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      Plastilene PP powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      Plastilon PA powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      Plastimid PA 6, PA 66 Plastinord S.r.l.
      Plastirene PS powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      Plastolac ABS powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      Plastolon PC powder Poliplast S.p.A.
      Plastolyn Hydrocarbon resin Eastman Chemical Company
      Plastomer PU elastomer VCM Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd.
      Plastron Long glass reinforced PA 6, PA 66, PP, PPS, TPU Daicel Polymer Ltd.
      Platamid Rnew Biobased adhesive Arkema Group
      Platon Platable TPO LyondellBasell Industries
      Plazcarb PC sheet Plazit 2001
      Plazcryl PMMA sheet Plazit 2001
      Plazglass PS sheet Plazit 2001
      Plaztyrene HIPS sheet Plazit 2001
      Plenco Thermoset resin Plastics Engineering Company
      Plene PP KLJ Plasticizers Ltd.
      Plexalloy PMMA/ABS Evonik Industries
      Plexar HDPE adhesive LyondellBasell Industries
      Plexcon PE Plastrade Group of Companies
      Plexiglas PMMA Arkema Group
      Pleximer Halloysite nanotubes polymer NaturalNano
      Pleximid PMMI Evonik Industries
      Plexlene PE Plastrade Group of Companies
      Plexlink PE Plastrade Group of Companies
      Plexloy PC/PET Pier One Polymers
      Pluracol PUR BASF
      Pluris LLDPE Braskem
      Plustek PA 66, PA 12, PBT Polyram
      Plytron Unidirectional reinforced PP Gurit Holding AG
      Pobux PBT Polimersan Ltd
      Pobux PBT SPS(Guangzhou)Ltd
      Pocalon PC film Dr. Dietrich Mueller GmbH
      Pocan PBT Lanxess
      Pofex TPE Polimersan Ltd
      Pofex PE SPS(Guangzhou)Ltd
      Poflex PVC Polimersan Ltd
      Pokalon PC film Lofo High Tech Film GmbH
      Poketone PK Hyosung
      Polanvil-S PVC Anwil S.A.
      Polene EVA, LDPE IRPC Public Co. Ltd.
      Poler PA 6, PA 66 Ansa Termoplastici S.r.l.
      Polgpammr PA China XD Plastics Company Ltd.
      Polibeck EPS Polibeck S.P.A.
      Polibloc CA LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Polibrasil PP Nova Petroquimica
      Policell TPE Celloplastica
      Policril PMMA sheet Grupo Irpen
      Polidan Cross-linkable PE Solvay
      Polidesa PS Grupo Idesa Petroquimica
      Polidiemme Cross-linkable EPR Solvay
      Polifil PP Plastics Group
      Polifor PP Celanese So.F.teR.
      Poliform POM Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Poligom EPDM Crosspolimeri S.p.A.
      Polikes Cast PA 6 Polimersan
      Polilux PC LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Polimaxx PE, PP, PS IRPC Public Co., Ltd.
      Polinter LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE Pequiven S.A.
      Polipa PA 6 Polimersan
      Polipol Polyester Poliya
      Polipolen PE Polimersan
      Polipom POM Polimersan
      Poliproblen PP Polimersan
      Poliprotect PET M&G Polimeri S.p.A.
      Poliran HDPE, PP, SBR Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company
      PoliSAN ABS, PA, PC, PC/ABS, PP Niche Polymer
      Polital POM Polikim Polimer ve Kimya Sanayii A.S.
      Politef PTFE Polimersan
      Polive Vinylester Poliya
      PoliXL ABS, PA, PC, PC/ABS, PP Niche Polymer
      Pollite PC Polimersan Ltd
      Polo BOPP Polo Films
      POLYabs ABS Polykemi AB
      POLYasa ASA Polykemi AB
      Polyaxis LLDPE A. Schulman
      POLYblend PC/ABS Polykemi AB
      PolyCal HDPE, LDPE sheet Heritage Plastics
      Polycast PMMA sheet San Diego Plastics
      Polyceres Biopolymer FuturaMat
      Polychim PP Polychim Industrie SAS
      Polyclear PET Invista
      Polycom PES, PP Polyplast Muller GmbH
      Polycomp PP colored compounds Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
      Polycompound PP A. Westensee und Partner Rohstoff GmbH
      Polydet PET reinforced Optiplan Kunststoffe GmbH
      Polydux Conductive olefin Teknor Apex
      POLYelast SEBS/SBS/EPDM Polykemi AB
      Polyfabs ABS A. Schulman
      Polyfast ASA MP Compounds s.r.l.
      Polyfibra PP wood filled FuturaMat
      POLYfill Reinforced PP Polykemi AB
      Polyflam Flame retardant compounds A. Schulman
      Polyflon PTFE Daikin Industries Ltd.
      POLYform POM Polykemi AB
      Polyfort PP, PE, EVA A. Schulman
      Polygal PC, PP sheet Polygal
      Poly-HN PP CF s.r.l.
      Polyking ABS, ABS/PMMA, PA, PBT, PC, PET Sinoplast Ltd.
      Polylac ABS Chi Mei Corporation
      Polylan TPU PolyTherm GmbH & Co.
      Poly-Lite PC LianPing Evergreen Plastics Co, Ltd.
      Polylou PVC Louie Industrial Co., Ltd.
      POLYlux PC/PBT Polykemi AB
      Polymaise Biopolymer Injection Moulded Plastics Industries Ltd.
      Polyman ABS, ASA, PC, PMMA, SAN alloys A. Schulman
      Polymax PBT/PET/PC alloy Polymer Options LLC
      Polymax TPE TPE Nantong Polymax Elastomer Technology Co. Ltd.
      PolyMed TPO Spartech
      Polymer-e LDPE, EVA Asia Polymer Corporation
      Polymetal Tungsten power filled resin PolyOne
      Polymid PA 6, PA 66, PA 12 Poliblend S.p.A.
      Polymist PTFE Solvay
      Polymix PP First In Colors Inc.
      Polynil PA 6/66 Nilit
      POLYplex PMMA Polykemi AB
      Polypro PP Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Polypur PUR A. Schulman
      PolyRex PS Chi Mei Corporation
      POLYsan SAN Polykemi AB
      Polysar SBR Bayer MaterialScience
      POLYshield PET Invista
      POLYshine PBT Polykemi AB
      Polyslider PA Asahi Polysider Co. Ltd.
      Polyslick UHMWPE sheet Polymer Industries
      Polystone PP, HDPE, UHMWPE Roechling Engineering Plastics KG
      Polystirol PS OMSK Chemical Company
      Polystone UHMWPE Roechling Engineering Plastics KG
      Polystyrol PS Styrolution Group GmbH
      Polytan PU elastomer Polytan GmbH
      Polytac Amorphous PP Crowley Chemical
      Polytron Long glass filled PA, PP Polyram
      Polytrope TPO A. Schulman
      PolyT-V PVC Shriram PolyTech
      Polyvin Flexible PVC A. Schulman
      Polyviol PVAL Wacker-Chemie GmbH
      Polywood PA, PE, PP Wacker-Chemie GmbH
      Pomalloy POM Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Pomalux POM Westlake Plastics
      Pomfor POM So.F.Ter S.p.A.
      Ponacom ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PS Ponachem AG
      Ponalen PP Pongs & Zahn
      Ponalin ABS Ponachem AG
      Ponalon PC Ponachem AG
      Ponamid PA Pongs & Zahn
      Ponoflex Styrenic TPE Pongs & Zahn
      Ponyl PA Polimersan Ltd
      Ponyl PA SPS(Guangzhou)Ltd
      Popelen PP Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      Poptree PE SPS(Guangzhou)Ltd
      Porene ABS, PS, SAN IRPC Public Co., Ltd.
      Poret PU foam EMW-Betriebe Emmerling & Weyl GmbH +Co. KG
      Poron PU Rogers
      Poullit PC SPS(Guangzhou)Ltd
      Pouloy PC/ABS SPS(Guangzhou)Ltd
      Poval PVA Kuraray Co., Ltd.
      Powerene SBR Apar Industries Ltd.
      Powerpor EPS Sunpor Kunststoff GmbH
      PP303 composites Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Preadd HDPE, LDPE, PP Premix OY
      Precite PBT, PBT/ASA, PET, PBT/PET Akro-Plastic GmbH
      Pre-Elec Conductive resin Premix OY
      Preformance PET Indorama Polymers Co. Ltd.
      Premium PP AKG Polymers
      Pre-Perm High frequency resin Premix OY
      PrePylen PP Gantzkow & Mohr GmbH
      Preseal Conductive TPE Premix OY
      Perspex PMMA sheet Lucite International
      Pretech PPE Premix OY
      Prestin ABS, PA, PC/PBT, PP Polymer-Compound GmbH
      Pretherm Thermally conductive TPE Premix OY
      Prevail ABS/PU Dow Chemical
      Prevex PPE Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Priex HDPE, LDPE, PP, Addcomp Holland BV
      Primacor EAA copolymer Dow Chemical
      Primalloy TPEE Misubishi Chemical
      Primef PPS Solvay Advanced Polymers
      Prime Polypro PP Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Prime TPO TPO Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Primex PVC Mexichem S.A.B. de C.V.
      Primi-glas BMC A. Schulman
      Primi-ject BMC A. Schulman
      PrimoFlo TPE KMI Group
      PrimoPrene TPV KMI Group
      PrimoSpire Self reinforced polyphenylene Solvay
      PrimoTuff Rigid TPO KMI Group
      Prisma PP Braskem
      Prismex PMMA sheet Lucite International
      Pristene mPP LyondellBasell
      Prixene HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP Polimero y Materias Primas International SA de CV
      Procoat PP M.P.B. S.r.l.
      Pro-Comp PA, PP Southland Polymers
      Pro-Fax PP, PE LyondellBasell Industries
      Pro-Flow Fluoropolymer Tubing Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Pro-Glaze PMMA Glazing Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Pro-Guard PC Glazing Sheet Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Pro-Shrink Polyolefin shrink tube Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Pro-Tect Abrasion-Resistant PC, PMMA Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Pro-Wear Bearing materials Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Profine PPS Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Proflex TPE Celloplastica
      ProLam Laminated Phenolics Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Prolamid PA Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Prolene PE Plastrade Group of Companies
      ProLens PC - aircraft Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Proniva Self reinforced polyphenylene Solvay
      Prop PP Putsch Kunststoffe
      Propafilm BOPP film Innovia Films
      Propafoil BOPP film Innovia Films
      Propafresh BOPP film Innovia Films
      Propak PP Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
      Propaloy PP Sumitomo Chemical
      Propalloy PP/PS, PP/PMMA, PP/PA Guangzhou Kingfa Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
      Propamid PA JSC Grodno Kkhimvolokno
      Propaream BOPP film Innovia Films
      Propathene PP Akzo Nobel
      Propel ULDPP foam Dow Chemical
      Propelinas PP Petronas
      Prop-Ex PP Martogg & Company
      Propilco PP Propilco
      Propilven PP Pequiven S.A.
      Propital POM Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Propylplus PP Fainplast S.r.l.
      Propylux PP sheet Westlake Plastics
      Protec PP sheet CPG-Vycom
      Proteus PP Quadrant EPP
      Protomid PI Professional Plastics, Inc.
      ProtoPEEK PEEK Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Protozote PP foam Zotefoams plc
      Provalin TPE Actega DS GmbH
      Provamed TPE, TPV Actega DS GmbH
      Provista Polyester Eastman Chemical Company
      Pryltex Long glass filled PA 6, 66, PP FACT GmbH
      Pulse PC/ABS Trinseo
      Pultru PET AOC, LLC
      Puralact PLA Purac
      Puratan Polyester SK Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      Purell PE, PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Purenit PUR Puren GmbH
      Purex PET film Teijin Ltd.
      Purity PET Teijin Ltd.
      Purpolen PP, PE mtm plastics GmbH
      Pursil PUR DSM
      Pylen OPP Toyobo Co. Ltd.
      Pyramid PAEK, PEKK, PEI, PPS Polymics Ltd.
      Pyrofil PPS Mitsubishi Rayon
      Pyropel PAI Albany International
      QR ABS, ASA, PA, PC, PET Citadel Plastics
      Qualbio HDPE, LDPE Qualchem RT
      Qualinyl PA 6, PA 66 Qualchem RT
      Qualiprop PP Qualchem RT
      Quarite PMMA sheet Aristech Acrylics
      Quash LDPE/ESI custom blend Dow Chemical
      Qualistyr PS Qualchem RT
      Queo PE elastomer Borealis
      Questra Syndiotactic PS Dow Chemical
      Questorn Adhesive polymers LyondellBasell Industries
      QuickForm Composite thermoplastic resin Toyobo Company Ltd
      QuickSilver HDPE Quadrant EPP
      Quinn HIPS, PC, PMMA, PS, SAN Quinn Plastics
      Quinn Cast PMMA Quinn Plastics
      Quinnate PUR Flint Hills Resources
      Qunsail POM Shenzhen Quanda Plastic Co., Ltd.
      Qurain PP Petrochemical Industries Company K.S.C.
      Rabalon TPE-S Mitsubishi Chemical
      Radel A PES Solvay
      Radel R PPSU Solvay
      Radiblend PC/ABS Radici Plastics
      Radiflam PA FR Radici Plastics
      Radilene PE Radici Plastics
      Radilon PA 6 Radici Plastics
      Radilon XTreme High temperature PA Radici Plastics
      Radipol PA Radici Plastics
      Radistrong Reinforced PA 6, PA66 Radici Plastics
      Raditer PBT Radici Plastics
      Raflite PS Mitsui Chemicals
      Rail-Lite PC Azdel
      Rajamide PA 6, PA 66 Rajiv Plastics
      Raku-Pur PUR RAMPF Giessharze GmbH & Co. KG
      Ramofin PP Polyram
      Ramapet PET Indorama Polymers Co. Ltd.
      Ramex UHMWPE Sheet/Rod Symplastics Ltd
      Ramlloy PA/PP, ASA/PBT, PC/PBT Polyram
      Ramofin PP Polyram
      Ramshine ABS, PS, SAN, ASA Polyram
      Ramster PET, PBT Polyram
      Ramtal POM Polyram
      Ramtough PC Polyram
      Ranpelen PP Honam Petrochemical Corporation
      RapidCast PUR Innovative Polymers
      RapidRoto MDPE Rapid Coat
      RapidVac PUR Innovative Polymers
      Raplan SBS API S.p.A.
      Ropoten LDPE LukOil
      Raprex HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE Sterigenics
      Ratem PI Shanghai Research Institute of Synthetic Resins
      Ravamid PA 6, PA 66 Ravago Plastic GmbH
      Rayoface BOPP film Innovia Films
      Rayfan PA film Toray Industries
      Rayofoil BOPP film Innovia Films
      Rayophane Cellulose film Innovia Films
      Rayoweb BOPP film Innovia Films
      Read Flame retardent PS Resirene
      Reblend PC/ABS Celanese So.F.teR.
      Recalon PA 6, PA 66 Shenzhen Quanda Plastic Co., Ltd.
      Reclair LLDPE Reliance Industries Ltd.
      Reclear PC powder Matrix Polimers
      Reconyl Recycled PA Frisetta Polymer
      Recron PET yarn Reliance Industries Ltd.
      Recstat PUR Eurofoam
      Refax PP recycled LyondellBasell Industries
      Refine Hemp reinforced ABS, PE, PP, PS, PVC Automotive Performance Materials
      Regalite Hydrocarbon resin Eastman Chemical Company
      Regalite PVC O├éΓÇ™Sullivan Films
      Regalrez Hydrocarbon resin Eastman Chemical Company
      Regan PA, PP Polikompozit
      Regis Rigid TPO Noble Polymers
      ReinForce Polyolefin resins Polyone
      Reinforced PP sheet Spartech
      Relamid PA 6, PA 66, PA 610 ICEFS S.A. Savinesti
      Relene HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE Reliance Industries Ltd.
      Relon PA 6, PA 66 FB Tecnopolimeri S.r.l.
      Relpet PET Reliance Industries Ltd.
      Reluxan HDPE, PP Relux Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG
      Remafin HDPE, PP Clariant
      Remas PE Polyrocks Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Remat PP Polyrocks Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Remex ABS, PC, PPO  Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Remid PA 6, PA 66 FB Tecnopolimeri S.r.l.
      Remix PC/ABS FB Tecnopolimeri S.r.l.
      ReNEW Biopolymers Danimer Scientific
      Renoblend PC/ABS Reno Kunststoffprodukte GmbH
      Renodur PVC Solvay Plastics
      Renofort PVC Solvay Plastics
      Renol ABS, PC, PA, PET Clariant
      Renolac ABS Reno Kunststoffprodukte GmbH
      Renolen HDPE, LDPE Reno Kunststoffprodukte GmbH
      Renolon PC Reno Kunststoffprodukte GmbH
      Renomid PA6, PA66 Reno Kunststoffprodukte GmbH
      Renoprop PP Reno Kunststoffprodukte GmbH
      Renostyr PS Reno Kunststoffprodukte GmbH
      Renpim PUR Huntsman
      Renshape PUR Huntsman
      Reny PA 6 MXD Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co.
      Reon PVC Reliance Industries Ltd.
      Repet Recycled PET Libolon
      Repete Recycled PET M&G Polymers
      Replay PS Flint Hills Resources
      Replicast EPS Styrochem Finland Oy
      Replofon PTFE Mikro-Technik GmbH & Co. KG
      Repol PP Reliance Industries Ltd.
      Revax EVA Celloplastica
      Reverte Biopolymer Well Plastics Ltd.
      Revil TPE LAMPLAST di Aldo Redaelli e C. s.a.s.
      Revision Recycled PP AKG Polymers
      Revode PLA Zhejianng Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd.
      Revolve PE powder Matrix Polymers
      REXell LLDPE Flint Hills Resources, LP
      Rexene PP Flint Hills Resources
      Rexflex Flexible polyolefin Flint Hills Resources
      Rexirene PS Grupo Girsa
      Rexolite Cross linked PS C-LEC Plastics
      REXtac Amorphous polyalpha olefins Flint Hills Resources
      R-Flam HIPS, PE, PP Areton International Plastics
      Rhelon PA Rhetech
      Rhetech PP PP Rhetech
      Riablend PC/ABS, PA/ABS, PBT/PC Ria Polymers GmbH
      Riadur ABS Ria Polymers GmbH
      Rialene PP+SGF Ria Polymers GmbH
      Rialox PBT, PBT+PET Ria Polymers GmbH
      Rialfill PP Rialti Srl
      Rialflame PP Rialti Srl
      Rialglass PP Rialti Srl
      Rialtech PP Rialti Srl
      Riblene LDPE Versalis
      Rifraform POM Rifra Masterbatches
      Riframid PA Rifra Masterbatches
      Rifraprene TPE Rifra Masterbatches
      Rifrasan ABS, SAN Rifra Masterbatches
      Rifrastir PS Rifra Masterbatches
      Rifratan PU Rifra Masterbatches
      Rifratek PC Rifra Masterbatches
      Rifratene PE, PP Rifra Masterbatches
      Rifravinil EVA Rifra Masterbatches
      Rigan PA 6, PA 66 Polycompozit
      Rigidex HDPE Ineos Polyolefins
      Rigipore PS Ineos Polyolefins
      Rigitron PC, PET Ovation Polymers
      Rigurprene TPE Verneos Ltd
      Rilperm Multilayer polymers Arkema Group
      Rilsan PA 11, PA 12 Arkema Group
      Rimflex TPE Synthetic Rubber Technologies
      Rimfil Engineering thermoplastic Synthetic Rubber Technologies
      Rimline PUR sheet Flint Hills Resources
      Rimtec PVC Rimtec
      Rimvin PVC Synthetic Rubber Technologies
      Riopol HDPE, LDPE, MDPE Rio Polimeros SA
      Ripet PET Artenius
      Riteflex Polyester elastomer Celanese Corporation
      Rithane PU Teue Group
      R-Mer EPS Huntsman
      R-Mod HIPS, PE, PP Areton International Plastics
      Rnew PMMA/PLA alloy Unitika
      Rodrun LCP Arkema Group
      Rohacell PMAI foam Evonik Industries
      Rohaglas PMMA Cyro Industries
      Rohware PA6, PA66 TKC Kunststoffe
      Roilon PA6, PA66 Zhongshan Roilon Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
      Rolen HDPE, LDPE Exfolmo ul
      Romiloy PC/ABS, PC/ASA, PA/ABS Rowa Group
      Ronalen PE, PP Roonamid
      Ronfalin ABS, ASA, PC/ABS A. Schulman
      Rooflite Corrugated PC sheet EMP S.A.
      Ropoten LDPE Lukoil Bulgaria Ltd
      Rotakote PU rotomolding Dow Hyperlast
      Rotec ABS, AES, SAN, ASA  Rowa Group
      Rotodax Rotational molding PE Dax Resinas Ltda.
      Rotoflame Rotational molding PE Rototron Corporation
      Rotolon PTFE Greene Tweed & Co.
      Rotothon Rotational molding PP Rototron Corporation
      Rototuff PE powder Micropellets Pty. Ltd.
      Rotowood Rotational molding PP PHK - Polymertechnik GmbH
      Rovilux PET Grupo Irpen
      Rowalid PP Rowa GmbH
      RowTec PC film Rowland Technologies
      Royaledge EPDM polymers Chemtura Corporation
      Royalene EPDM elastomer Chemtura Corporation
      Royalite ABS/PVC Spartech Corp.
      Royaltherm Silicone modified EPDM Chemtura Corporation
      RR Advantage ABS, PC Resin Resource
      RT/Duroid PTFE with microfiber glass Rogers
      Rubiflex PUR Huntsman
      Rubinate PUR Huntsman
      Rulon PTFE St.-Gobain Performance Plastics
      RX Phenolic thermoset resin Rogers
      Rxloy PP alloy Ferro
      Rynite PET, PBT DuPont
      Ryton PPS Solvay Plastics
      Ryulex SMA Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Ryulex-C PPS Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Ryupearl EPS Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
      Ryuron PVC Tosoh
      Sabic LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PET, PP, PS, PVC Saudi Basic Industries Corp.
      Sabiprop PP Moeller Group
      Sabre PC/PET Dow Chemical
      SafetyGlas Anti-Ballsitic PMMA Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Saflex PVB Solutia
      Saknohol PVA Denka Kagaku Kogyo Kabushik
      Samat PP Polyrocks Chemical Co., Ltd.
      Samat PP SPS(Guangzhou)Ltd.
      Samoblen PC/ABS, PP Samwoo Chemicals Ltd.
      Samoflex HIPS, PC/ABS, PP Samwoo Chemicals Ltd.
      Samoprene TPE Samwoo Chemicals Ltd.
      Samovynil PVC Samwoo Chemicals Ltd.
      Samtech Various polymers Samhwa Corporation
      Sanalite PP, PE Quadrant EPP
      Sanatec HDPE sheet CPG-Vycom
      Sanfor SAN Celanese So.F.teR.
      Sangel SAN Bayer MaterialScience
      Sanoy ASA Hughes Processing
      Sanplaz SAN sheet Plazit 2001
      Sanren PP, PE, EVA Shanghai Petrochemical Company
      Sanrex SAN Techno Polymer Co. Ltd.
      Santac ABS Nippon A&L
      Santoprene TPV ExxonMobil Chemical
      SANtron SAN Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd.
      Saphir PC sheet Arla Plast A B
      Saplast PVC CTS Cousin-Tessier
      Saran PVDC film Dow Chemical
      Sarlink TPV DSM
      SatinFlex PVC Alpha Gary
      SatinFlo PVC Vi Chem Corporation
      Satran ABS MRC Polymers
      Savilen EVA Orgsynthes
      Saxadur PBT Sax Polymers
      Saxaform POM Sax Polymers
      Saxalac ABS Sax Polymers
      Saxalen PP Sax Polymers
      Saxalon PC Sax Polymers
      Saxaloy PBT/ABS, PA/ABS, PC/ABS Sax Polymers
      Saxamid PA 6 Sax Polymers
      Saxasan SAN Sax Polymers
      Saxatec AES, ASA Sax Polymers
      Saxene PP Polyplast Compound Werk GmbH
      Saxomer TPE Polyplast Compound Werk GmbH
      Scanamid PA 6, PA 66, PA6/66, PA 11, PA 12 Polykemi AB
      Scanblend PC/ABS, PC/ASA, PBT/ASA Polykemi AB
      Scancomp PP Polykemi AB
      Scanlon PA/ABS Polykemi AB
      Scanrex PPS Polykemi AB
      Scantec PC Polykemi AB
      Schulablend ABS/PA, ABS/PA, PA/PC A. Schulman
      Schuladur PBT A. Schulman
      Schulaflex Flexible elastomers A. Schulman
      Schulaketone PK A. Schulman
      Schulamid PA 6, PA 66 A. Schulman
      Schularene PLA powder A. Schulman
      Schulasint PP, PPS powder A. Schulman
      Schulatec PPS, sPS A. Schulman
      Schulink HDPE A. Schulman
      Sclair VLDPE, LLDPE, HDPE Nova Chemicals
      Scolefin PE, PP RP Compounds GmbH
      Sconablend TPE Resin Express
      SD Polyca PC Sumitomo Dow Ltd.
      Seblex TPE Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
      Sebimid PA 66 Sebi s.r.l.
      Secco HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PS Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
      Seculene PP BSB Recycling GmbH
      Sedapet PET La Seda de Barcelona
      Seetec PP, PE Lotte Daesan Petrochemical Corp.
      Segregate Flame retardant PA 6, PBT DSM
      Selar PA, PET barrier resin DuPont
      Selectogal PC sheet Polygal Plastic Industries
      Sellex PC Koros Group
      Selon PC Soredi s.r.l.
      Semitron Static dissipative resin Quadrant EPP
      Semolar UHMWPE Shenzhen Quanda Plastic Co., Ltd.
      SenFlex mPP foam Sentinel Foam
      Senosan ABS, PMMA, PS/PE, PS/PET Senoplast
      Senpet PET Elque Polyester Ltd.
      Sepaz LCP, PPA, PPS E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Sepaz Con PA E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Sepaz HT mPPO E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Sepaz LUB PPS E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Seprene SEEPS TPE Felix Composites
      Septon TPE-S Kuraray Co., Ltd.
      Sequel TPO LyondellBasell
      Seracarb PC Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Seracril ABS Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Seracrilon ABS/PA Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Seralon PA 6, PA 66 Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Seramax HDPE+PTFE Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Serapet PET Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Seraplen PP glass reinforced Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Serapol PPO Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Seratal POM Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Seratec PBT Serraino Tecnopolimeri
      Serfene PVDC Dow Chemical
      Sertene Recycled HDPE Societa Europea Rigenerazione s.r.l.
      Setilithe Cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli
      Sevrene SEBS Vi-Chem Corporation
      Sevrite SBS Vi-Chem Corporation
      Sewon Glas PC, PMMA sheet Bayer Sewon Ltd.
      Seyang LCP Seyang Polymer, Ltd.
      Shapemate PS Dow Chemical
      Sheentane TPU Taiwan Sheen Soon Cp., Ltd.
      Shenma PA 6, PA 66 Zhongping Energy Chemical Group
      Shinapol EPS Shin-Ho Petrochemical Ltd.
      Shincon Conductive polymers Shinil Chemical Industry Co, Ltd
      Shinflame Flame retardant polymers Shinil Chemical Industry Co, Ltd
      Shinko-lac ABS UMG ABS Ltd.
      Shinite PA, PBT, PET, PP Shinkong
      Shinkolite PMMA, PC Mitsubishi Rayon
      Shinlon PET Shinkong
      Shinnano Nanocomposite polymers Shinil Chemical Industry Co, Ltd
      Shinpet PET Shinkong
      Shinstat Electrostatic control polymers Shinil Chemical Industry Co, Ltd
      Shinstra Structural polymers Shinil Chemical Industry Co, Ltd
      Shoprene CR Showa Denko K.K.
      Shuang Li PS, HIPS Jilin Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd.
      Sialyte Inorganic resin Cornerstone Research Group
      Siamvil PVC Vinythai Public Co. Ltd.
      Sibvinyl PVC JSC Sayanskchimplast
      Sibstar TPV Kaneka N.V.
      Sicaflex SEBS Cabopol Industria de Compostos, SA
      Sicaplus PP Cabopol Industria de Compostos, SA
      Sicoflex ABS MP Compounds s.r.l.
      Sicoklar PC MP Compounds s.r.l.
      Sicoran SAN MP Compounds s.r.l.
      Sicostirolo PS MP Compounds s.r.l.
      Sicoter PPO MP Compounds s.r.l.
      Siflat PVC S.I.F.R.A. EST S.p.a.
      Siflex PVC S.I.F.R.A. EST S.p.a.
      Siftube PVC S.I.F.R.A. EST S.p.a.
      Signature PC Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Silamid PA 6, PA 66 Roonamid
      Silastic Silicone/fluorosilicone rubber Dow Corning
      SiLK Dielectric resin Dow Chemical
      Silopren Silicone rubber Momentive Performance Materials
      Siltem Siloxane PEI Block Copolymer Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Silver ABS, PA, PC, PP, TPE Guangdong Silver Age Sci & Tech. Co., Ltd
      Silver Plus PTFE Zhejiang Pfluon Technology Co., Ltd
      Simona PP, PVC sheet Simona AG
      Sinelec Conductive PP, PS Singapore Polymer Pte Ltd
      Singaprene SBS Singapore Polymer Pte Ltd
      Sinkral ABS Versalis
      Sinofon FEVE Asambly Chemical Co. Ltd.
      Sinok PVDF Asambly Chemical Co. Ltd.
      Sinpolene HDPE, MDPE, PP Singapore Polymer Pte Ltd
      Sintimid PAI, PI Ensinger GmbH
      Sinvet PC Bayer MaterialScience
      Sinvicomp PVC Singapore Polymer Pte Ltd
      Sinvoprene PVC Singapore Polymer Pte Ltd
      Sirales PET Sir Industriale SpA
      Sircel EPS Sir Industriale SpA
      Sirester Polyester Sir Industriale SpA
      Sitracon PC/PBT Sitraplas GmbH
      Sitradur PBT Sitraplas GmbH
      Sitralac ABS Sitraplas GmbH
      Sitralon PC Sitraplas GmbH
      Sitraloy PC/ABS Sitraplas GmbH
      Sitramac PMMA Sitraplas GmbH
      Sitraroy PC/ASA Sitraplas GmbH
      Sitrasac ASA Sitraplas GmbH
      Sitrasan SAN Sitraplas GmbH
      Sivalene PP JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd
      Sivamide PA 6 JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd
      Sivathene PS JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd
      Siveras LCP Toray Industries
      Sivik NBR/PVC SIDIAC
      Sivilene LLDPE, mLLDPE, HDPE Sivipol
      Sivin PVC Sankhla Industries
      SK-blend PC/ABS Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-com PPV Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-dur PBT Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-flex TPE Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-form POM Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      Skai PVC Konrad Hornschuch AG
      SK-lac ABS Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-len PE Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-lit PVC Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-lon PC Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-mid PA Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-prop PP Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      SK-styr PS Schmidt Kunststoff GmbH
      Skyflex Carbon fiber prepregs SK Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      SkyGreen mPET SK Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      Skypel TPEE SK Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      Skypet PET SK Chemicals Co., Ltd.
      Skyprene CR Tosoh
      Skythane TPU SK Chemicals
      Skyviva Polyester sheet SK Chemicals
      Slovalen PP Plastcom
      Slovamid PA 6, PA 66 Plastcom
      Slovamyl PVA Novacke Chemicke Zavody
      Slovaster PBT Plastcom
      Slovin PVC Inovyn ChlorVinyls Limited
      Slovinyl PVC Novacke Chemicke Zavody
      Slovilax PVA Novacke Chemicke Zavody
      Sloviol PVA Novacke Chemicke Zavody
      Sloviplast PVC Novacke Chemicke Zavody
      SMA Resins SMA copolymer Sartomer
      Smokeguard PVC Alpha Gary
      Sniamid PA 6, PA 66 Rhodia
      Sniatal POM copolymer Rhodia
      Soarblen EVA Nippon Gohsei
      Soarlite EVA Nippon Gohsei
      Soarnol EVOH Nippon Gohsei
      Soaresin EVAC Nippon Gohsei
      Socarex LDPE Solvay Plastics
      S.O.E. TPO Asahi Kasei
      Sofprene-T SBS Celanese So.F.teR.
      Softell PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Softaplas TPU Ovation Polymers
      Softflex TPE A. Schulman
      Sogreen PHA Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co., Ltd.
      Solacryl PMMA sheet Spartech Corp.
      Solanyl PLA Rodenburg Biopolymers B.V.
      Solaplast EVA, PE, PLA, PP, PS Algix
      Solar E-con mPPO Dongbu HiTek
      Solarene mPPO Dongbu HiTek
      Solarion SEBS Astra Polimer Sanayi ve Ticaret AS
      Solarkote PMMA Arkema Group
      Solaroy PS/PP Dongbu HiTek
      Solarpol EPS Dongbu HiTek
      SolaTuf PMMA film Rowland Technologies
      Solef PVDF Solvay
      Solen SBS Elastron Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret AS
      Solkaflam Fluorocarbon Solvay Fluor
      Sollx PC film Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Solmed PVC Renolit
      Solplax PVA Millennium Plastics
      Solplaat SBS, SEBS, SEEPS Uteksol D.o.o.
      Solprene SSBR Dynasol
      Soltex PA, PP, TPE, TPV, Soltex Petro Products Ltd.
      Solupor Super HMWPE film DSM
      Solvera Perfluoropolyether Solvay
      Solvin PVC Solvay
      Solviva Biopolymer Solvay
      Songstomer TPU Songwon Industrial Company Ltd.
      Sonophan PEI film Dr. Dietrich Mueller GmbH
      Sophista EVOH Kuraray
      Sorona 3GT (Poly Trimethylene Teraphthalate) DuPont
      Sorvyl PVC Polymer-Chemie GmbH
      SoyMatrix PUR Urethane Soy Systems Company
      Soyol PUR Urethane Soy Systems Company
      Sparlite HDPE sheet Spartech
      Specfil PUR Dow Chemical
      Specflex PUR Dow Chemical
      Specialmid PA 6, PA 66 Aquafil Technopolymers S.p.A.
      Spectar Polyester copolymer Eastman Chemical Company
      Spectra UHMWPE fiber Honeywell
      Spectra TPO Vi-Chem Corporation
      Spectrim PUR Dow Chemical
      Spectron ABS, PBT, PC, PP Ngai Hing Hong Co. Ltd.
      Spelloy PC/ABS, PC/PBT Kolon Industries
      Sperene SBS, SEBS, TPO, PA, ABS Sperry Plast Ltd.
      Spesin PBT Kolon Industries
      Spherilen LLDPE, HDPE LyondellBasell Industries
      Spherisil PE Silon
      Spidax Polyolefin compounds Advanced Plastics Compounds Co.
      Spirolite HDPE Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Spolen PP Shinil Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
      Spylon PA Shinil Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.
      Stabamid PA Rhodia
      Stamax PP Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Stamylan PP Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Stamylex LLDPE DSM
      Stamyroid PP Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Stamytec PP Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Stanyl PA 46 DSM
      Stanylenka PA 46 Polyamide High Performance GmbH
      Stapron ABS/PA, PC/ABS, PC/PET DSM
      Star X PA 66 Eurostar Engineering Plastics
      Staramide PA 6, PA 66 Eurostar Engineering Plastics
      Starbond TPE Star Thermoplastics
      Starclear TPE Star Thermoplastics
      Starcom PVC Eurocompound SPA
      Staren PC, PBT Cheil Industries
      Starex ABS, ABS/PET, SAN, EPS Lotte Advanced Materials
      Starflam Flame retardant PA Eurostar Engineering Plastics
      Starflex TPE Star Thermoplastics
      Starglas PE Eurostar Engineering Plastics
      Stargrip TPE Star Thermoplastics
      Stargum Polyolefin Eurocompound SPA
      Staril Rigid PVC Eurocompound SPA
      Starlex PVC, TPE, TPO, TPV Eurocompound SPA
      Starlink PE, EPDM/PP Eurocompound SPA
      Starmed PVC Eurocompound SPA
      Starmediflex TPE Star Thermoplastic
      Starmix ASA Eurocompound SPA
      Staron PMMA mineral filled Cheil Industries
      Staroy ABS/PC Cheil Industries
      Starpan Acrylic yarn ICEFS S.A. Savinesti
      Starprene SEBS Star Thermoplastics
      Starpylen PP Eurostar Engineering Plastics
      Starsen PPS Cheil Industries
      Startex Acrylic yarn ICEFS S.A. Savinesti
      StarTherm Conductive & flame retardent polymers EPIC Polymers Ltd.
      Startuf TPE Star Thermoplastics
      Startwist PP film Innovia Films
      StarXtrude TPE Star Thermoplastics
      Statiblend Antistatic PP TP Composites
      Statix ABS Plasti Green srl
      Stat-Kon Conductive/dissipative resin Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Stat-Loy Static dissipative resin Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Stat-Rite Static control ABS, PMMA, PP Lubrizol Corporation
      Stat-Tech Electrically conductive resins PolyOne
      Stavrolen HDPE Lukoil Chemical
      Stella PC sheet Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Stereon SB/SBS copolymer Firestone Polymers
      Sterocol PMMA BASF
      Stilgum NBR modified PVC Cross Polimeri
      Stirofor High impact PS Celanese So.F.teR.
      Stirolan PS Soredi s.r.l.
      Styrosun HIPS Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Strandfoam Low density PP foam Dow Chemical
      Strator PA 66, PBT, PP, PPA EPIC Polymers Ltd
      Stravolen PE, PP LUKoil-Neftekhim
      Stretchene PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Stronex PC AZ Group
      Stylac ABS, ASA Asahi Kasei
      Stylbloc CA LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Stypol Thermoset resin Cook Composites
      Styrafil Filled styrene DSM
      Styralin HIPS Perrite
      Styralya ABS Polymeres S.A.
      Styrenpaper PS foam JSP
      Styrex EPS Synbra Technology bv
      Styroblend PS alloy BASF
      StyroCal PS sheet Heritage Plastics
      Styrocell EPS Nova Chemicals
      Styrochem EPS Styrochem Finland Oy
      Styrodia EPS JSP
      Styrodur Rigid PS foam BASF
      Styrofan SB BASF
      Styroflex SB copolymer Styrolution
      Styrofoam PS foam Dow Chemical
      Styrol PS Toyo Styrene Co., Ltd.
      Styrolen PS BASF
      Styrolux SBC Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Styron HIPS Trinseo
      Styronal SB BASF
      Styron A-Tech HIPS, PS Trinseo
      Styropor EPS BASF
      Styrosun PS Styrolution
      Styrovit PS Styrovit Saint-Petersburg Ltd.
      Styrylic SMMA Deltech Corporation
      Subiplon HDPE Suminco S.A.
      Sufoner PEEK, PEI, PPS, PSU Shenzhen Quanda Plastic Co., Ltd.
      Sukano PC, PET, PLA Sukano Polymers
      Sulfron Aramid Teijin Aramid Ltd.
      Sumiflex TPE-S Advanced Plastics Compounds Co.
      Sumikaexcel PES Sumitomo Chemical
      Sumikasuper LCP Sumitomo Chemical
      Sumikathene LDPE, LLDPE Sumitomo Chemical
      Sumikon Thermoset resins Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd.
      Sumilite Epoxy resin Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd.
      Sumipex PMMA Sumitomo Chemical
      Sumiplene LDPE Suminco S.A.
      Sumistran PPP Sumitomo Chemical
      SUN PA, PC/ABS Suzhou City Kechuang Polymer Co., Ltd.
      SUNadur PBT Poly-Beek Kunststoffe GmbH
      SUNamid PA Poly-Beek Kunststoffe GmbH
      Sunduren PMMA film Kaneka N.V.
      Sunfrost PVC A. Schulman
      Sun Kechung PA, PC/ABS, PP KeChuang Plastics Compounding Co., Ltd.
      Sunfine PE Asahi Kasei
      Sunfrost PVC Mitsubishi Chemical
      Sungal PC corrugated sheet Polygal
      Sunglas PMMA sheet Palram Industries Ltd
      Sunigum Acrylate terpolymer Eliokem
      Sunilon PA Formosa Chemicals
      Sunlet PP Mitsui Chemicals
      Sunlite PC sheet Palram Industries Ltd.
      Sun Kechuang PC/ABS, PP KeChuang Plastics Compounding Co., Ltd.
      Sunloid PC sheet P.T. Tsutsunaka Plastic Indonesia
      Sunmap UHMWPE Nitto Denko
      Sunmide PA Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
      Sunpor EPS Sunpor Kunststoff GmbH
      Sunprene PVC elastomer Mitsubishi Chemical
      Sunprene TPEE Sunshine Plastics Co., Ltd
      Sunprene PVC A. Schulman
      SunPro Marine Board Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Suntec PE film Asahi Kasei
      Suntox BOPP Tokuyama Corporation
      Suntra PPS SK Chemicals
      Suntuf PC sheet Palram Industries Ltd.
      SUNvynil PVC Poly-Beek Kunststoffe GmbH
      Sunylon PA 6 Formosa Chemicals
      Supazote PUR Eurofoam
      Supec PEI/PPS, PPS Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Supen PPS Hyundai Engineering Polymers
      Supercopo XLPE Borealis
      Supercure XLPE Borealis
      Superkleen PVC Alpha Gary
      Superio-UT PEI film Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Superoy PC/ABS, PC/PBT Hyundai Engineering Polymers
      SuperLite PP Azdel
      Supersmooth PE Borealis
      Supertex TPE nantex Industry Co. Ltd.
      SuperTR PE Borealis
      Supet PBT, PET, PBT/PET Hyundai Engineering Polymers
      Suplen PP Suminco S.A.
      Suplex PE Braskem
      Supplex PA fibers DuPont
      Supol Biopolymers supol GmbH
      Supradel PPSU Solvay Plastics
      Suprasec PUR Huntsman
      Suprel PET/PE fabric DuPont
      Suprem PEEK composite Gurit Holding AG
      Supreme PS, HIPS Supreme Petrochem Ltd.
      Suprene PS Martogg & Company
      Supriva PA 66 Invista
      Surene PPE/PA, PPE/PS Azdel
      Surepol LDPE/MDPE Suminco S.A.
      Surkofilm PUR BIP Ltd.
      Surkopac PUR BIP Ltd.
      Surlyn Ionomer DuPont
      Surpass PE Nova Chemicals
      Susablend PC/ABS Susa s.r.l.
      Susaform POM Susa s.r.l.
      Susaglas PMMA Susa s.r.l.
      Susalac ABS Susa s.r.l.
      Susalene PE, PP Susa s.r.l.
      Susalon PC Susa s.r.l.
      Susalox PBT, PET Susa s.r.l.
      Susamid PA 6, PA 66 Susa s.r.l.
      Susaryl PPO/PPE Susa s.r.l.
      Susastyr PS Susa s.r.l.
      Susavyl PVC Susa s.r.l.
      Sustaabs ABS Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustadur PBT, PET Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustakon PK Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustamid PA 6, PA 66, PA 12 Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustanat PC Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustapeek PEEK Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustapei PEI Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustappe PPE Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustarin POM Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustason PES, PPSU, PSU Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustatron PPS Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Sustavacu PA Roechling Sustaplast KG
      Susteel PPS Tosoh
      Sutulene HDPE, LDPE, MDPE,  Suminco S.A.
      Suvyl Rigid PVC film Supreme Industries Ltd.
      Sweepex PUR Eurofoam
      Sybex ABS Ginar Technology Co. Ltd.
      Sylvin PVC Sylvin Technologies
      Symalit PVDF film Quadrant
      Symalit PP film Quadrant
      Symar TPE National Rubber Technologies
      Symbios PP film Braskem
      Symsheet HDPE sheet Symplastics Ltd
      Syncure Crosslinked PE PolyOne
      Synlon PA 6, PA 66 A. Schulman
      Synofin PP Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd.
      Synol POM Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd.
      Synolac ABS Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd.
      Synolate PBT Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd.
      Synonate PC Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd.
      Synprene TPE PolyOne
      Synoprene TPO Synoprene Polymers Pvt Ltd
      Synrez LDPE, HDPE First In Colors Inc.
      Synsan SAN Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd.
      Syntegra PUR Dow Chemical
      Syntegum PP LAMPLAST di Aldo Redaelli e C. s.a.s.
      Syntera EPS Synbra Technology bv
      Sypex ABS Ginar Technology Co. Ltd.
      Systalen Recycled polymers Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG
      Sytron ABS, PBT, PC, PA Seyang Polymer, Ltd.
      Tabond LLDPE Silon
      Taboradd LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE Silon
      Taboren Modified PP Silon
      Taborex HDPE Silon
      Tabs ABS Tekno Polimer AS
      Tacphan CTA Dr. Dietrich Mueller GmbH
      Tactel PA 66 yarn Sherng Yii Co., Ltd.
      Taffen PP sheet ExxonMobil Chemical
      Tafmer Ethylene/alpha olefin copolymer Mitsui Chemicals
      Tafthren Amorphous PP Sumitomo Chemical
      Taiclear PMMA sheet Tahei Chemicals
      Taipol TPE, SBS, SEBS Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corp.
      Tairilac ABS, ABS/PC, ABS/SAN, ABS/PMMA, ASA Formosa Chemicals
      Tairilin PET film Formosa Chemicals
      Tairilite PC Formosa Chemicals
      Tairiloy PC/ABS Formosa Chemicals
      Tairipro PP Formosa Chemicals
      Tairirex PS Formosa Chemicals
      Tairisan SAN Formosa Chemicals
      Taisox EVA Formosa Plastics corporation
      Taitacell EPS Taita Chemical Company Ltd.
      Taitalac ABS Taita Chemical Company Ltd.
      Taitarex HIPS Taita Chemical Company Ltd.
      Taktene Butadiene rubber Lanxess
      Talcoprene PP talc filled Celanese So.F.teR.
      Talene PP Tasnee Inc.
      Talpa PEK, PES Mitsui Chemicals
      Tana PA 6, PA 66, PP PKF Ltd. TANA
      Tanagin PA 6, PA 66 Takayasu Co., Ltd.
      Tanegum PU/PET modified PVC Cross Polimeri
      Tansome Carbon fiber Hyosung
      Tarflen PTFE Zaklady Azotowe
      Tarflon PC, PC/PS Idemitsu Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
      Tarnodur PBT Grupa Azoty S.A.
      Tarnamid PA 6, PA 66 Grupa Azoty S.A.
      Tarnoform POM Grupa Azoty S.A.
      Tarnoprop PPC, PPH Grupa Azoty S.A.
      Taroblend PC/ABS blends Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Tarodur ABS Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Taroform POM Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Tarolon PC Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Tarolox PBT Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Taroloy PC/PBT, PC/PET Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Taromid PA 6, PA 66 Grupa Azoty S.A.
      Taronyl PPO/PS alloy Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Taroplene TPV Taro Plast S.p.A.
      Tasnee HDPE, LDPE, PP The National Industrialization Company
      Tatren PP Slovnaft a.s.
      T-blend SBS, SEBS Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Corp.
      Tecacryl PMMP Ensinger GmbH
      Tecadur PBT, PET Ensinger GmbH
      Tecafine HMWPE, UHMWPE, PP, PMP Ensinger GmbH
      Tecaflon PTFE, TFM, PVDF Ensinger GmbH
      Tecaform POM Ensinger GmbH
      Tecaglide Cast PA Ensinger GmbH
      Tecam PA Ensinger GmbH
      Tecamid PA 6, PA 46, PA 6/6T, PA 66, PA 11 Ensinger GmbH
      Tecanat PC Ensinger GmbH
      Tecanyl PPE Ensinger GmbH
      Tecapeek PEEK Ensinger GmbH
      Tecapei PEI Ensinger GmbH
      Tecapet PET Ensinger GmbH
      Tecapro PP, SAN Ensinger GmbH
      Tecaran ABS Ensinger GmbH
      Tecarim PA Ensinger GmbH
      Tecasint PI Ensinger GmbH
      Tecason PSU, PPSU, PESU Ensinger GmbH
      Tecast Cast PA Ensinger GmbH
      Tecatron PPS Ensinger GmbH
      Tecavinyl PVC Ensinger GmbH
      Tecdur PBT, PBT/ASA LEIS Polytechnik GmbH
      Tecnoflon Fluoropolymer Solvay Solexis
      Tecnoprene PP P-Group GmbH
      Technacet POM Polyplastic-Technopol
      Technamation PP Technamation Technical Europe GmbH
      Technamid PA 6, PA 66 Polyplastic-Technopol
      Techniace ABS/PC Nippon A & L
      Techno ABS Techno Polymer Co., Ltd.
      Technodur PBT TechnoCompound GmbH
      Technoelast TPE TechnoCompound GmbH
      Technoether PBT Polyplastic-Technopol
      Technofin PP TechnoCompound GmbH
      Technofiber Reinforced resins TechnoCompound GmbH
      Technolen PE, PP ICEFS S.A. Savinesti
      Technoline PP Domo
      Technomid PA 6 TechnoCompound GmbH
      Technopet PET TechnoCompound GmbH
      Technora Aramid fiber Teijin Chemicals
      Technyl PA 6, PA 66, PA 6/66 Solvay
      Technyl One High Temperature PA Solvay
      Technyl XCell PA 6, PA 66 Solvay
      Technyl eXten PA 610 Solvay
      Technystar PA Solvay
      Techster PBT Solvay
      Techtron PPS Quadrant EPP
      Techno ABS, AES Techno Polymer Co. Ltd.
      Tecnoflon Fluoroelastomer Solvay
      Tecnoline PP Domo
      Tecnoprene PP glass reinforced Celanese So.F.teR.
      Tecnothane PU Teue Group
      Tecodur PBT Eurotec Muhendislik Plastikleri
      Tecoflex TPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Tecomid PA 6, PA 66 Eurotec Muhendislik Plastikleri
      Tecopet PET Eurotec Muhendislik Plastikleri
      Tecophilic TUP Lubrizol Corporation
      Tecoplast TPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Tecotek PC Eurotec Muhendislik Plastikleri
      Tecothane TPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Tectron TPV Tectron Systems Pte Ltd
      Tedimon PUR Dow Chemical
      Tedlar Polyvinyl fluoride film DuPont
      Tedur PPS Albis Plastic GmbH
      Tefabloc TPE - SBS, SEBS based CTS Cousin-Tessier
      Tefanyl PVC CTS Cousin-Tessier
      Tefaprene TR CTS Cousin-Tessier
      Teflex PET film Teijin
      Teflon Fluoropolymer Chemours Company
      Tefzel PE-TFE fluoropolymer DuPont
      Tegnol PC/ABS Trans Engineering Group Ltd.
      Tegris PP Milliken & Co.
      Tehnamid PA POLYPLASTIC Group
      Tehnolen PE, PP ICEFS S.A. Savinesti
      Tehnoter PBT POLYPLASTIC Group
      Teijinconex m-Aramid fiber Teijin Chemicals
      Tekafin PP E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Tekaloy PA/ABS, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Tekamid PA 6, PA 66 E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Tekanate PC E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      TekaPPO Modified PPO/PPE E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Tekaster PBT, PET E-Polymers Company Ltd.
      Tekbond SEBS Teknor Apex
      Teklamid PA 6, PA 66 Tekno Polimer AS
      Teknoplen PP Tekno Polimer AS
      Teknoster PBT Tekno Polimer AS
      Tekron Styrene block copolymer Teknor Apex
      Tek-sphere PVC Teknor Apex
      Tekucom PP Tekuma Kunststsoff
      Tekudur PBT Tekuma Kunststsoff
      Tekuform POM Tekuma Kunststsoff
      Tekulac ABS Tekuma Kunststsoff
      Tekulon PC Tekuma Kunststsoff
      Tekumid PA 6, PA 66 Tekuma Kunststsoff
      Tekusan SAN Tekuma Kunststsoff
      Telcar TPO Teknor Apex
      Teldene PP National Petrochemical Industrial Co.
      Telene RIM Dicyclopentadine Telene SAS
      Temaglas PMMA Temakrom srl
      Temamid PA 6, PA 66 Temakrom srl
      Temarene PE, PP Temakrom srl
      Temasan ABS Temakrom srl
      Temas PET Temakrom srl
      Temastir PS Temakrom srl
      Tempalloy High temperature resin A. Schulman
      Tempalux Conductive PEI film Westlake Plastics
      TempRite CPVC Lubrizol Corporation
      Tenac POM Asahi Kasei
      Tenaiace Alloy resin Nippon A&L
      Tenite CA, CAB, CAP, PE Eastman Chemical Company
      Teonex PEN film Teijin Chemicals Ltd.
      Tepcon POM Polyplastics Taiwan Ltd.
      Tepeo TPO Benecke-Kaliko AG
      Tepex Reinforced PA Lanxess
      Teplagum NBR LAMPLAST di Aldo Redaelli e C. s.a.s.
      Terate Polyol Invista
      Terathane Polyol Invista
      Teratron PBT/PET Polytron Kunststofftechnik
      Terblend N ABS/PA Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Tercarol PUR Dow Chemical
      Terez ABS, PA, PC, PMMA, POM, PP, SAN Ter Hell Plastic GmbH
      Terlac SBS block copolymer Silac
      Terluran ABS Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Terlux MABS Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Termalux PSU film Westlake Plastics
      Thermoflex SEBS/SEPS Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Termopren PUR Orsa Foam S.p.A.
      Thermoprene TPE-V Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Termplast PVC Termo Kimya
      Tero TPO ACI Plastics
      Terpol ABS EMAS Plastik Sanayive Ticaret AS
      TerraCel Cellulose fibers Rayonier
      Terralene Bio-PE FKuR Kunststoff GmbH
      Terraloy TPS/PBAT alloy Teknor Apex
      Terramac Biopolymer sheet Unitika
      Terrapor PUR Sunpor Kunststoff GmbH
      Terryl PA Cathay Industrial Biotech
      Tesil PET fiber Silon s.r.o
      Teslin PE sheet PPG Industries Inc.
      Tetoron PET film DuPontTeijin Films
      Tetradur BMC Bulk Molding Compounds
      Tetralon PTFE CoorsTek
      Texalan TPU Austin Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.
      Texalan TPU Teue Group
      Texallent Casting PU Austin Novel Materials Co.,Ltd.
      Texalon PA PolyOne
      Texapol - - - PolyOne
      Texin PU Covestro
      Texlon PET yarn Tongkook
      Texpet PET Tongkook
      TForce PA Rhodia, a Solvay Group company
      Thai-Zex HDPE PTT Polymer Marketing Co. Ltd.
      The-Comp ABS, PP Themix Plastics
      The-Con ABS, PP Themix Plastics
      The-Dens ABS, PP Themix Plastics
      The-Flam PA, PBT, PP Themix Plastics
      The-Lube ABS, PP Themix Plastics
      Therban HNBR Arlanxeo Holding B.V.
      Thermalloy PC/ABS Martogg & Company
      Thermalux PS film Westlake Plastics
      Therma-Tech Thermally conductive resins PolyOne
      Thermedics TPU Lubrizol Corporation
      Thermex Heat dissipative materials A. Schulman
      Thermoclear PC sheet Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Thermocomp Fiber reinforced resins Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Thermodet ABS, PMMA/ABS, ASA/ABS, TPU/ABS, HIPS Mitras Materials GmbH
      Thermoflex TPE PTS Marketing GmbH
      Thermogal PC sheet Polygal Plastic Industries
      Thermoglass PBT LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
      Thermogoal PCV Arkema
      Thermolast TPE Kraiburg
      Thermolen PP, PE Chrostiki
      Thermorun TPO Misubishi Chemical
      Thermotech PET Shinkong Synthetic Fibers
      Thermotuf ABS, PA, PBT Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Thermx PCT polyester, PET Celanese Corporation
      Thermylene PP Asahi Kasei Plastics North America
      Thermylon PA 6, PA 66 Asahi Kasei Plastics North America
      The-Therm ABS, PP Themix Plastics
      Thoran NBR Petroflex North America
      Thorax LCP/PE Optatech
      Thritheva EVA Dax Resinas Ltda.
      Thrive Cellulose filled ABS, PE, PP, PVC Weyerhaeuser NR Company
      TiGlaze Polyester copolymer Eastman Chemical Company
      Tilen Recycled PE AD Compound S.p.A.
      Timbercel PVC Doeflex-Vitapol
      Tipcolene PE Tipco Industries Ltd.
      Tipelin HDPE, MDPE MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.
      Tiplene PP Tipco Industries Ltd.
      Tipolen LDPE MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.
      TI Polymer Aromatic PI Toray Industries
      Tipplen PP MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.
      Tips HIPS Tekno Polimer AS
      Tipwood PP Tipco Industries Ltd.
      Tisakril ABS Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tisapom POM Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tisarbon PC Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tisblend PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, PC/ABS Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tisester PBT Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tisetilen HDPE, LDPE Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tislamid PA 6, PA 66 Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tismoset Polyester Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tisoplen PP Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Tissan SAN Tisan Engineering Plastics
      Titacon POM Titan Plastics Compounds Ltd.
      Titalon PA, PC, PP, PPS Titan Plastics Compounds Ltd.
      Titan LCP DuPont
      Titanex HDPE, LLDPE Titan Chemicals Corp. Bhd.
      Titanlene LDPE Titan Chemicals Corp. Bhd.
      Titanpro PP Titan Chemicals Corp. Bhd.
      Titanvene HDPE, LLDPE PT. TITAN Petrokimia Nusantara
      Titanzex HDPE Titan Chemicals Corp. Bhd.
      Tivar UHMW-PE Quadrant EPP
      Tivilon TPE-V API S.p.A.
      Togliattikauchuk SBR Togliattikauchuk Ltd.
      Tomax ABS Shanghai Tops Industrial Co. Ltd.
      Tonen - - - ExxonMobil Chemical
      Topalloy - - - ExxonMobil Chemical
      Topas Cyclo olefin copolymer Topas Advanced Polymers GmbH
      Topilene PP Hyosung
      Toplast PC/ABS Pharm-Plast Trade House
      Toplen PP Pharm-Plast Trade House
      Toplon PA yarn Hyosung
      Topolymer TPE Dongguan Top Polymer Enterprise Ltd
      Toporex PS Mitsui Chemicals
      Toppyl PB LyondellBasell
      Toraycon PBT Toray Industries
      Torayfan PP Toray Industries
      Toraypef Polyolefin foam Toray Industries
      Torelina PPS Toray Industries
      Torlen PET Elana
      Toretec PE film Toray Industries
      Torlon PAI Solvay
      Torzen PA 66 Invista
      Toughblend PPE Colour Image Plastic Compound Sdn. Bhd.
      Toyobo Nylon PA 6, PA 66 Toyobo Company Ltd
      Toyoflon Fluorine film Toray Industries
      Toyolac ABS Toray Industries
      Toyolacparel ABS Toray Industries
      Toyopearl OPP Toyobo Co. Ltd.
      TPC PVC Thai Plastic & Chemicals Co. Ltd.
      TPETEX TPE Dongguan Top Polymer Enterprise Ltd
      TPSiV Thermoplastic silicone vulcanizate Multibase
      TPX Polymethylpentene copolymer Mitsui Chemicals
      Tracel PE Tramaco GmbH
      Tracolen PP, PE Trading Company Rotterdam
      Transphan PA film LOFO High Tech Film GmbH
      Transmare PP Transmare Trading & Compounding
      Trapur PUR Tramaco GmbH
      Trapylen PP Tramaco GmbH
      Trelgum PET modified PVC Cross Polimeri
      Treofan BOPP film Trespaphan
      Trevira PET Trevira GmbH
      Trexfil TPO Comtrex LLC
      Trexflex TPE Comtrex LLC
      Trexprene TPE Comtrex LLC
      Trextuf TPO Comtrex LLC
      Triax ABS/PA Styrolution Group GmbH
      Tribit PBT Samyang
      Tribocomp PA 66 EPIC Polymers Ltd
      TriboForce PA, PEEK, PPS Leis Polytechnik GmbH
      Triel TPEE Samyang
      Trilac ABS Polymer Technology & Services LLC
      Trilene PP Tri Polyta Indonesia Tbk
      Trilliant TPE PolyOne
      Triloy PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET Samyang
      Trimid PA 6, PA 66 Polymer Technology & Services LLC
      Trinity TPE Riken Technos
      Tripet PET Samyang
      Trirex PC Samyang
      Tristar PC, PPE Polymer Technology & Services LLC
      Tritan Copolyester Eastman
      Trithene HDPE Petroquimica Triunfo
      Tritheva EVA Petroquimica Triunfo
      Trivex ADC (Allyl Diglycol Carbonate) PPG Industries
      Trivin Alloy resin Vi-Chem Corporation
      Trizin PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET Ovation Polymers
      Trol Polyolefin Filtec W Hermanns GmbH
      Trocal PVC profiles HT-Troplast AG
      Trogamid PA Evonik Industries
      Trolac ABS Godiplast GmbH
      Trosifol PBV Kuraray Co., Ltd.
      Trovicel PVC Roechling Engineering Plastics KG
      Trovidur PVC Roechling Engineering Plastics KG
      Trovitex PVC Roechling Engineering Plastics KG
      Trycite PS film Dow Chemical
      Tubex PE powder Gerbaldo Polimeri s.r.l.
      Tufbet PBT SRF Polymers Ltd.
      Tufcote PUR E-A-R Specialty Composites
      Tufdene BR Asahi Kasei
      Tuffak PC Sheet Arkema Group
      Tuflin LLDPE Dow Chemical
      Tuflon PA 66 SRF Polymers Ltd.
      Tufnyl PA 6, PA 66 SRF Polymers Ltd.
      Tufpet PBT/PET films Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
      Tufset PUR Tufnol Ltd.
      Tufprene TPE-S Asahi Kasei
      Tuf-Stif PVC Georgia Gulf Corporation
      Tuftec SEBS Asahi Kasei
      Tufyarn PA 66 yarn SRF Polymers Ltd.
      Tulamid PA 6 United Chemical Company Shchekinoazot
      Tunhe PET Xinjiang Blueridge Tunhe Chemical Industry Co Ltd.
      Turcalloy POM-PTFE Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Turcite PTFE Trelleborg
      Turcon PTFE Trelleborg
      Turkmenplen PP Transchem
      Tverpet PET Sibur-PETF JSC
      Twaron Aramid fiber Teijin Twaron B.V.
      Twinamid PA 12 A. Handtmann Elteka GmbH & Co. KG
      Twintex Glass filled PP concentrate St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      TXP HDPE, HIPS, PS Texchem Polymers Sdn Bhd
      Tygon PVC tubing St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      Tygothane PUR St. Gobain Performance Plastics
      Tylon PA 6, PA 66 Tyne Plastics
      Tymax LLDPE Westlake Chemical
      Tynab ABS Tyne Plastics
      Tynec PC Tyne Plastics
      Tynep PBT, PET Tyne Plastics
      Tynex PA filament DuPont
      Typar PP DuPont
      Tyrfil PUR Chemical Innovations Ltd.
      Tyril SAN Trinseo
      Tyrin Clorinated PE elastomer Dow Chemical
      Tyvek HDPE fibers DuPont
      Ube - - - Ube Industries
      Ubeloy ABS/PC Ube Industries
      Ubepol Elastomers Ube Industries
      Ubesta PA 12 Ube Industries
      Ucar SBR Dow Chemical
      UclAxs ABS Ube Industries
      Udel PSU Solvay
      Ulpolen UHMWPE Polikim A.S.
      Ultem PEI Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Ultra III UHMWPE Plastic Specialties
      Ultracomps Reinforced resin alloys Pepasa Plasticos de Engenharia
      Ultradur PBT BASF
      Ultraflex PU Zylon Polymers
      Ultraform POM BASF
      Ultrafresh PVC Doeflex-Vitapol
      Ultralam PTFE with woven glass Rogers
      Ultralas PA 6 BASF
      Ultralex TPE Alpha Gary
      Ultralite PVC O├éΓÇ™Sullivan Films
      Ultralloy Engineering resin alloys BASF
      Ultralloys Engineering resin alloys Pepasa Plasticos de Engenharia
      Ultramid PA BASF
      Ultramid Balance PA 610 BASF
      Ultrapek PAEK BASF
      UltraPro UHMW Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Ultrason - E PES BASF
      Ultrason - S PSU BASF
      Ultrathene EVA copolymer LyondellBasell Industries
      Ultratuf PET sheet Spartech Corp.
      UltraWear PE, PP Polytron Kunststofftechnik
      Ultros Skid resistant PE Spartech Corp.
      Ultron PA Ascend Performance Materials
      Ultzex m-LLDPE Prime Polymer Co. Ltd.
      Umerit mLLDPE Ube Industries
      UMG alloy Resin alloys UMG ABS Ltd.
      Unibrite AES, ASA Nippon A&L
      Unic ABS, HIPS, PC, ABS/PC Unic Technology Co., Ltd.
      Uniclear PS Petrobras
      Uniflex Polyester elastomer Gharda Chemicals
      Uniflex-E TPE-E Plastic Technilogy Service Ltd.
      Uniglas PMMA sheet Malaysia Plastics Sdn Bhd
      Uniguard PE copolymer Dow Chemical
      Unilate PET Unitika
      Unilene HDPE Unigel Plasticos
      Unilex LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, mLLDPE United Polychem
      Unimax PET Gabriel-Chemie Group
      Unipa PA Nytef Plastics
      Uniprene TPV Teknor Apex
      Unital POM Nytef Plastics
      Unitem PEI Nytef Plastics
      Unithene HDPE USI Far East Corporation
      Unitrex PEEK Nytef Plastics
      Unival HDPE Dow Chemical
      Upamid PA 6, PA 66 Ultra Polymers Group NV
      Upes PE/PS Nova Chemicals
      Upilex PI film Ube Industries
      Upimol PI shapes and powder Ube Industries
      U-Polymer PAR Unitika
      Uravin TPE, TPU Vi-Chem Corporation
      Urepan PU Bayer MaterialScience
      Urex PUR Nihon Gosei Kako Co. Ltd.
      Urexter PUR COIM Group
      Urochem Urea molding compound Chemiplastica S.p.A.
      UTTAP LCP, PPS, PEEK Ovation Polymers
      Utec UHMWPE Braskem
      Utechllan TPU Bayer-Uretech Ltd.
      Valmax PP PolyOne
      Valox Polyester (PBT, PET, PCT) Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Valtec PP LyondellBasell Industries
      Valtra PS Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Valurene Rotational molding resin ICO Polymers
      Vamac Ethylene/acrylic elastomer DuPont
      Vampalloy Flame retardant PC/ABS Vamptech
      Vampamid Flame retardant PA 6, PA 66 Vamptech
      Vampcarb Flame retardant PC Vamptech
      Vamplem Flame retardant PP Vamptech
      Vamporan Flame retardant PPO Vamptech
      Vampsab Flame retardant ABS Vamptech
      Vampson Flame retardant PSU Vamptech
      Vampstyr Flame retardant HIPS Vamptech
      Vampsulf Flame retardant PSU Vamptech
      Vampter Flame retardant PBT Vamptech
      Vanceva PVB Solutia
      Vandar PBT Celanese Corporation
      Vapladur UHMWPE sheet Vapla SA
      Vaplasol UHMWPE sheet Vapla SA
      Vaplatec HMWPE, PP sheet Vapla SA
      Vasco PUR Vita Group
      Vatpol LLDPE Raiex
      Vaycron TPE Ineos
      Vebel PP Vebel S.r.l.
      Vecrus LCP Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Vecry LCP Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Vecstar LCP film Kuraray Co. Ltd.
      Vector SBS, SIS Dexco Polymers
      Vectra LCP Celanese Corporation
      Vectran Polyarylate fiber Kuraray Co., Ltd.
      Veepreene TPE, TPR Vikas Global One Ltd.
      Vegeflex Biopolymers Vegeplast S.A.S.
      Vegemat Biopolymers Vegeplast S.A.S.
      Vekaplan PVC Veka AG
      Vekton Cast PA Ensinger GmbH
      Velothene PE Plaasteka
      Velublend PC/ABS MW Compounds GmbH
      Veluform POM MW Compounds GmbH
      Velucan PBT MW Compounds GmbH
      Velumid PA 6, PA 66 MW Compounds GmbH
      Veluran ABS MW Compounds GmbH
      Veluxan PC MW Compounds GmbH
      Velvex Reinforced ABS, PA/ABS, PP Trinseo
      Venelene LDPE, PE, HDPE Polinter
      Venyl PA 6/66 AD Majoris
      Veradel PESU Solvay
      Verex PS Nova Chemicals
      Veriflex Shape memory polymer Cornerstone Research Group
      Verilyte Syntatic foam Cornerstone Research Group
      Veritex Shape memory composite Cornerstone Research Group
      Veriva PPSU Solvay
      Verolite PC Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Verolloy PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, PC/ABS PlastxWorld
      Verplen PP Cortiplast MP-K
      Veroplas ABS, PS, SAN PlastxWorld
      Versadamp PUR E-A-R Specialty Composites
      Versaflex TPE GLS, a PolyOne company
      Versalloy TPV GLS, a PolyOne company
      Versatray PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Versify PP/PE copolymers Dow Chemical
      Version PU Resin Systems Inc.
      Versollan TPE GLS, a PolyOne company
      Verton Long fiber reinforced resin Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Vespel PI DuPont
      Vespro PI Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Vestakeep PEEK Evonik Industries
      Vestamid PA 612, PA 12, PA 12G Evonik Industries
      Vestenamer Semicrystalline rubber Evonik Industries
      Vestocell PP foam Fagerdala Automotive AG
      Vestodur PBT Evonik Industries
      Vestolen HDPE Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Vestolit PVC Vestolit GmbH
      Vestoplast PE, PP Evonik Industries
      Vestoran PPE Evonik Industries
      Vestosint PA 12 Evonik Industries
      Vestowax PE Evonik Industries
      Vestyron PS Evonik Industries
      Vetacril PMMA Ansa Termoplastici S.r.l.
      Vetronite PI Von Roll Holding Ltd
      Vexel PBT, PET Polymeric Resources Corporation
      Viacryl PMMA Cytec Industries
      Vibatan PA 6, PC, PP, PS Viba Group S.p.A.
      Vibrathane Solid PU elastomers Chemtura Corporation
      Vibrin Polyester resin AOC LLC
      Vical PMMA sheet Vical SA
      Vicast Cast polyester AOC LLC
      Vickylen LDPE Exfolmo ul
      Vicote PEEK Victrex
      Victrex PEEK Victrex
      Vidux Conductive vinyl Teknor Apex
      ViForm PE film Vitasheet Group
      Vikalloy PMMA/PVC Viking Polymers
      Vikoflex PVC Vikas Global One Ltd.
      Vikolene EVA Vikas Global One Ltd.
      Vikuiti PC/PET film 3M Corp.
      Vinakon PVC PolyOne
      Vinidur PVC BASF
      Vinika PVC Mitsubishi Chemical
      Vinika PVC A. Schulman
      Vinilen PVC Plasticos Petroquimica, C.A.
      Vinnolit PVC Vinnolit GmbH
      Vinoflex PVC BASF
      Vinoplast NBR/PVC Puneet Polymers Ltd
      Vinoprene NBR/PVC Puneet Polymers Ltd
      Vintec PVC sheet CPG-Vycom
      Vinuran PVC BASF
      Vinycel PVC Cydsa S.A. de C.V.
      Vinychlon PVC Mitsui Chemicals
      Vinyfoil PVC sheet Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Vinylec PVC Chisso
      Vinyloid PVC First In Colors Inc.
      Vinyloop PVC Solvay
      Vipavil PVC Vipa srl
      Vipel Epoxy Vinyl Ester AOC LLC
      Viprene TPV Alliance Polymers & Services
      ViPrint PE sheet Vitasheet Group
      Virantage PESU Solvay
      Virelon PP Istrochem o.z.
      Vision PP AKG Polymers
      Visiloy PC alloys Technical Polymers LLC
      ViSpec PE Vitasheet Group
      Visituf PC Technical Polymers LLC
      VistaFlex TPO ExxonMobil Chemical
      Vistalon EPDM rubber ExxonMobil Chemical
      Vistamaxx Metallocene TPE ExxonMobil Chemical
      Vistel PVC Georgia Gulf
      VisualFX Special effects ABS, PC Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Vitamide PA 6, PA 66, PA 6/66 A. Schulman
      Vitane TPU geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH
      Vitaprene TPE Vita Thermoplastic Compounds
      Vitel Copolyester resin Bostik Findley
      Vitiva PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Viton Fluoroelastomer Chemours Company
      Vitroflex PMMA sheet Gerundense de Plasticos, S.A.
      Vivak PET G sheet Bayer MaterialScience
      Vizilon Thermoplastic composite E.I. Dupont de Nemours
      Volgamid PA 6 Kuibyshevazot JSC
      VolcaLite PP Azdel
      Voloy PA 6, PA 66, PBT, PP A. Schulman
      Voltalef PCTFE Arkema Group
      Voltiga Carbon nanotubes filled resins Nissei Plastic industrial Co., Ltd.
      Voracor PUR Dow Chemical
      Voranol Voractiv Polyols Dow Chemical
      Vorcalor PET Eastman Chemical Company
      Voridian Hifor LLDPE film Eastman Chemical Company
      V-PET PET Vikas Global One Ltd.
      Vulkollan PU Bayer MaterialScience
      VulSport EVA copolymer foam Vulcan International Corporation
      VulTech PVC + nitrile rubber copolymer Vulcan International Corporation
      Vulton TPV Technical Polymers LLC
      VultraCell PE foams Vulcan International Corporation
      Vydyne PA 6/66, PA 66 Ascend Performance Materials
      Vylene PP Le Groupe Lavergne
      Vyloecol APLA Toyobo Company Ltd
      Vylomax PAI Toyobo Company Ltd
      Vylon Copolyester resin Toyobo Company Ltd
      Vylonal Copolyester resin Toyobo Company Ltd
      Vylopet PET Toyobo Company Ltd
      Vyon Porous HDPE, PP sheet Porvair plc
      Vynite PVC Alpha Gary
      Vynoflex PVC tubing First In Colors Inc.
      Vynosol PVC First In Colors Inc.
      Vyntec Phenolic compounds Vyncolit
      Vypet PET Le Groupe Lavergne
      Vyram EPTR ExxonMobil Chemical
      Vystyrene PS Le Groupe Lavergne
      Vytal POM ENCOR Pty Ltd
      Vyteen PC Le Groupe Lavergne
      Vytek LLDPE Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      Vythene PVC+PUR Alpha Gary
      Wannate TPU Yantai Wanhua Polyurethanes Co., Ltd.
      Wanhua TPU Yantai Wanhua Polyurethanes Co., Ltd.
      Waylam PA, PBT, PC/ABS, PP Wheeling Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
      Wekamid PA 6, PA 66 Weber Kunststoffe GmbH
      Welnex mTPO Japan Polyprolypene Corporation
      Wellamid PA 6, PA 66 CP-Polymer Technik GmbH
      Wellamid PA Wellman Engineering Resins
      Wellamid Ecolon Recycled PA Wellman Engineering Resins
      WellPET PET Wellman Engineering Resins
      Wenterra PSAC Wentus Kunststoff GmbH
      Wentodur PE Wentus Kunststoff GmbH
      Wentofan PP Wentus Kunststoff GmbH
      Wentotwist PP Wentus Kunststoff GmbH
      Wepuran PUR Lackwerke Peters GmbH
      Weroblend PC/ABS WMK Plastics GmbH
      Weroform POM WMK Plastics GmbH
      Werolon PC WMK Plastics GmbH
      Weromid PA 46, PA 6, PA 66, PA 11, PA 13  WMK Plastics GmbH
      Werotherm ABS, PBT WMK Plastics GmbH
      Wezafil ASA, ASA/ABS Ube Industries
      Winacet PVA Synthos SA
      WinPro PC Professional Plastics, Inc.
      Wintec mPP Japan Polypropylene Corporation
      Wolton ABS, HIPS, PA 6, PA 66, PBT, PC, PP Wote Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
      Wondel ABS, PA 6, PA 66, PBT, PC, PP Nanjing Julong Engineering Plastics Ltd.
      Wonderlite PC Chi Mei Corporation
      Wonderloy ABS/PC Chi Mei Corporation
      Wood-Stock PP sheet Renolit
      Wopavin PVC Gurit Holding AG
      Wotlon PA, PP Shenzhen Wote Advanced Materials Co. Ltd.
      WPP PP Washington Penn
      WT**ANC TPE Super Asia Polyblend Co. Ltd.
      Xantar PC, PC/ABS, PC/PET Mitsubishi Engineering Polymers
      Xarec sPS Idemitsu Petrochemical Co. Ltd.
      Xavan PP film DuPont
      Xearam Aramid reinforced polymers Xenia Srl
      Xecarb Carbon reinforced polymers Xenia Srl
      Xelox Cellulose acetate Mazzucchelli
      Xenalac PMMA Baxenden Chemicals Co. Ltd.
      Xenopren PP Spoldzielnia Pracy Chemikow XENON
      Xenoy PC/polyester Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Xiran SMA Polyscope Polymers BV
      Xmod Reinforced PP Borealis AG
      Xpro Recycled resins Composite Technologies
      Xpure PET Invista
      Xtel PPS alloy Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
      XTI PA fiber DuPont
      XT-Polymer PMMA Cyro Industries
      Xycomp FEP Greene Tweed & Co.
      Xydar LCP Solvay
      Xyfluor LCP Greene Tweed & Co.
      Xylex PC/polyester alloys Sabic Innovative Plastics
      Xyron Modified PPE Asahi Kasei
      Xytron PPS DSM Engineering Plastics
      Yansan SAN DZBH New Materials Corporation
      Yellowstripe PE Chevron Phillips Chemical
      Yom PVC Benecke-Kaliko AG
      Yparex PE DSM
      Yuclair LLDPE SK Chem
      Yuhwa Hiden HDPE Korea Petrochemical Ind. Co. Ltd.
      Yuhwa Polypro PP Korea Petrochemical Ind. Co. Ltd.
      Yukalon LDPE Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
      Yulex PC Yujin R Ltd
      Yuncon POM YunNan YunTianHua Co., Ltd.
      Yungsox PP Formosa Plastics Corporation
      Yuntianhua POM YunNan YunTianHua Co.,Ltd
      Yuplene PP SK Chem
      Yuzex HDPE SK Chem
      Zahablend PC/ABS, PC/PBT Zaha Kunststoffe GmbH
      Zahaform POM Zaha Kunststoffe GmbH
      Zahalon PC Zaha Kunststoffe GmbH
      Zahamid PA 6, PA 66 Zaha Kunststoffe GmbH
      Zahanyl ABS, PPO Zaha Kunststoffe GmbH
      Zahoprene SEB, SEPS Zahotero Virgili S.L.
      Zalac Perfluoroelastomer DuPont
      Zelamid PA, PEI, POM, PPS Zell-Metall GmbH
      Zelas TPO Mitsubishi Chemical
      Zelux PC Westlake Plastics Company
      Zemid PE, HDPE DuPont
      Zenite LCP Celanese Corporation
      Zeniva PEEK Solvay
      Zeonex Polymethylpentene (PMP) Zeon Chemicals
      Zeonor Olefin homopolymer Zeon Chemicals
      Zeorora Fluoropolymer Zeon Chemicals
      Zeotherm TPV Zeon Chemicals
      Zetpol Hydrogenated nitrile elastomer Zeon Chemicals
      Zexlon PAN Mitsui Chemicals
      Zhutrex TPO Ovation Polymers
      Ziablend PC/ABS MKV Kunststoff
      Ziabre PC MKV Kunststoff
      Ziadur PBT MKV Kunststoff
      Ziaform POM MKV Kunststoff
      Zialan ABS MKV Kunststoff
      Ziamid PA 6, PA 66 MKV Kunststoff
      Zianyl PPO MKV Kunststoff
      Zilite PBT Calco Poly Technik Private Ltd.
      Zisamide PA 6 Zig Sheng Industrial Co. Ltd.
      Zislloy PA 66, PP Zig Sheng Industrial Co. Ltd.
      Zonyl PTFE DuPont
      Zotec PVDF foam Zotefoams plc
      Zurcon PU Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
      Zylar MBS acrylic Ineos Styrolution Group GmbH
      Zylon PBO fiber Toyobo Company Ltd
      Zyntar HIPS Nova Chemicals
      Zypeek PEEK Jilin Zhongyan High Performance Plastic Co., Ltd.
      Zytar PU Biomer Technology
      Zytel PA DuPont
      Zythane TPU Alliance Polymers & Services

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